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Tuesday - 1400 hours – NCIS headquarters

"Now, you understand how this is going to happen, Commander?" Gibbs asked.

Less than 24 hours had passed since Commander Willis had arrived at his home to find his door broken in, his house in shambles, and his family gone. Four years prior, the Commander had been permanently assigned to work with a major Weapons manufacturer which held multiple U.S. government contracts and secrets. Now, his family had been kidnapped, most likely by a terrorist cell, and was being held for ransom, that being for the blueprints to the government's newest weapon designs. Gibbs and his team had been working vigorously since 1930 hours yesterday to try and save Commander Willis' family before it was too late and capture some of the members of the cell.

"We're not putting a wire on you, because the first thing they'll do is check you when you walk in," Kate stated as she walked over to the Commander with the fake blueprints in a metallic briefcase.

"Make sure you stay calm, don't let them rattle you. Our team will be surrounding the building along with SWAT and FBI agents. We'll be listening in, and as soon as we are certain of your family's safety, we'll end it," she assured him with a smile.

"Yeah, everything will be fine," Tony chimed in to reassure the very nervous Commander.

"Boss, I just got off the phone with Fornell, he said the team's waiting outside," McGee yelled to Gibbs as he hurried into the bullpen.

"Alright, thanks McGee," Gibbs replied.

"You ready?" he turned to the Commander.

"Yeah, let's get this over with, I just wanna see my family," He said as he stood up and they walked towards the elevator.

1530 hours – Abandoned warehouse outside of D.C.

"Did you bring the papers?" Gibbs, Fornell, and the team heard the man say to the Commander through the equipment McGee had set up a couple hundred yards away.

"Yes, now can I please have my family back?" the Commander pleaded.

"No, I have to see the prints first," the man replied.

"Gibbs, I don't trust this," Kate turned to him, "Something doesn't sound right"

"Do we have a visual yet Fornell?" Gibbs asked.

"Yeah we have a visual on the family. No one next to them, but two goons blocking the entrances with guns. The leader is in the middle of the room, armed, examining the plans" Fornell replied.

"Gibbs, if we don't get in there now, this isn't going to end well," Kate warned.

"It's too risky, Kate," he replied.

"He's gonna end up shooting everyone in that room if this isn't intercepted now!" She cried, "Order them in!"

Gibbs wasn't one to doubt intuition, especially Kate's. "Call them in," Gibbs told Fornell as he, Kate, and Tony ran towards the metal structure.

Within seconds, the SWAT team and FBI agents had taken out the guards at the entrances and chaos had erupted. But the chaos had just made the leader nervous, and he swiftly turned on his foot and blew three bullets out towards the family. Kate, being the fastest, ran and jumped in front of the family, just as she had been taught to do in the Secret Service. All three bullets hit her, two in the vest and one in the leg. As she fell to the floor, four men tackled the leader of the cell to the ground and ceased his weapon.

Kate heard the Commander's wife bust into tears and grab her children before running towards her husband and embracing him. But Kate felt like she had just gotten hit by a truck. She felt Gibbs run to her side and put his hand under her neck before she lost consciousness…

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