Author's Note: So I was trying not to make the ending too cheesy, but more realistic and true to the show. Hope you like it! Please, please let me know what you think! Also, if anyone has any ideas for another fic, feel free to let me know! Thank you all for your support!

Thursday – 2355 hours – Kate's Apartment




The word seemed to be echoing throughout Gibbs' mind, as he had never been so completely stunned in his life. Another long bout of silence settled between the pair as Gibbs tried to comprehend what just happened and Kate looked out onto the moonlit street below her apartment.

Gibbs moved away from the window and took a seat on the couch, resting his head in his hands. This is exactly what you wanted Gibbs he thought to himself. But, as much as he wanted this, as badly as he wanted this, he knew the consequences just as well as Kate. He understood what would happen at work, he understood the giant age gap between them. He didn't want to hurt her like he had the others.

Kate craned her neck around to watch Gibbs, not moving away from her post at the window. Based on the silence, she wasn't sure if she was going to regret what she had just done or get to enjoy every moment from here on out with the man she loved. There was a huge possibility that she just spilled her guts to a man who wasn't even remotely attracted to her. And even if he was, they both knew the issues with a potential relationship. She knew what he was thinking as he sat on the couch, and frankly, she didn't want to talk about any of it. She had already thought about it all many times before, and those reasons were mainly why none of this had come out before.

Kate was the first to break their silence.

"So how exactly do I go about making plans to get those two things?" she said quietly, "Can I even have those two things at once?"

Once again, Gibbs felt pain in her words. He could feel in his heart how badly she wanted both things. And the irony was that he felt the same.

Maybe it was the room. Maybe his mind had given up in the war it waged with his heart. Maybe it was her pain combined with his desire. But whatever it was, within an instant, Gibbs' instinct told him he needed her. It told him that this would work, despite the problems that rolled around endlessly in his mind. And that famous gut of his, well he decided it was gonna work for him again.

Kate saw Gibbs lift his head out of hands. And without another move, he responded:

"You already have both."

She looked back towards the window. It took a few seconds for her to register what was said, but before she knew it, she was smiling and tears were streaming down her face again. She turned her body around towards him, only to see him moving towards her. They met in the middle of the dark room, Gibbs wrapping his arms around her body and holding her as close as he could. He felt her relax as she rested her head against his body.

For the first time in her life, Kate felt completely happy. Neither one of them planned on letting the other go anytime soon, and so they stood holding each other in the silent darkened apartment, cherishing the moment and forgetting the rest.