Legendary Samurai Troopers: Dream Arc – Prologue

(Originally In a Dream)

By: Mia Yagyu

Disclaimers and Notes on Chapter 1


'Looking on everything we went through, I don't regret any of it. I will always keep all the memories we shared together like all the battles that we fought side-by-side, all the good and the bad times, and all the moments we spent growing closer together….

'That is why I must do this. I have to protect that fiery passion in your heart. You must understand that the one true desire in my heart is to see you happy and well. A smile from you was all it took to grab my attention, now it is the only thing that will make what I am about to do worth it….

'Please, have faith in me. I will put an end to this madness once and for all so you and the others will never have to suffer ever again. You have talked before on how nice it would be to be able to live a normal life after Arago, and I want you to live that life. I hate seeing a tired and worn expression on your face. Hopefully, when you wake up, you will never have to wear that expression anymore….

'Just remember one thing, my beloved, I love you. When this battle is over, I'll always be right in your heart….'

~*~End Prologue~*~