Legendary Armor Samurai Trooper: Dream Arc

Chapter 2

By: Mia Yagyu

Disclaimer: Don't own the boys or any of the other characters that originally aired on Samurai Troopers. I do own the concept of all the other characters, except Mariko (she belongs to Summoner Hirelena)

Warnings: Mild Language

A/N: This is in the Samurai Trooper world, not Ronin Warriors. This story is a remake of In a Dream, originally posted by me.


Alana jumped in her seat, breaking her daydream. She had not been able to focus on anything during the day due to the events that happened during lunch. Several different things had been racing through her mind and she had somehow grabbed the orb out of her purse without thinking, keeping it within her grasp. Alana almost dropped it when Kusanagi-sensei called her out, her fingers quickly wrapping tighter around it to keep it from dropping, "Y-Yes sir?" She stuttered, sending a wave of snickers through the class.

Kusanagi-sensei looked like a typical teacher. He was tall, shaggy brown hair, and square framed glasses. Even though he wore a boring suit, he still held a very intimidating presence. A very thin eyebrow above those square framed glasses twitched, "I would like for you to read the poem."

"Uh..." Alana looked back down at her textbook, but the words became blurry. She shook her head, "Is it Firefly in the Garden?"

Kusanagi-sensei clicked his tongue and turned his back on her, "If you were paying attention, Morimiea-san, you would be on the correct page. Now, please read the poem we have been discussing for the past half hour."

Alana looked over to see Mariko, who sat two seats over, pointing to the poem, The Oft-Repeated Dream. Alana slipped the orb in her pocket, flipped to the page and rose to her feet:

"She had no saying dark enough
For the dark pine that kept
Forever trying the window latch
Of the room where they slept.

The tireless but ineffectual hands
That with every futile pass
Made the great tree seem as a littlebird
Before the mystery of glass!

It never had been inside the room,
And only one of the two
Was afraid in an oft-repeated dream
Of what the tree might do."*

Suddenly, a wave of nausea hit Alana, '…Was afraid in an oft-repeated dream…' She gripped the edge of her desk, trying to stand up while her knees threatened to collapse. Two hands quickly gripped her shoulders, and a flash of silver shined in her vision, "Mariko," Alana breathed before her knees finally buckled and she lost consciousness.

Mariko had been following along with Alana's voice, but when she noticed Alana's voice seem to waver, she looked down to notice the slight purple glow in the pocket of her skirt. When Mariko looked up, Alana swayed and she had a death grip on the desk. The silver haired DJ jumped up from her desk and reached her blonde friend just in time before she hit the floor, "Alana," She shook her shoulders, "Alana!" Their classmates stood still, looking at each other with unsure glances. Mariko grumbled, "Someone go and get the nurse!" Mariko called out, looking around the class until someone finally left the classroom.

Alana's temperature was quickly dropping and her breathing was slow and shallow. Mariko wrapped her arms around Alana, hoping that the warmth would keep her friend alive. Then a thought popped into her head, "Someone go get Mori Shin from class 3-A," She shouted.

"But, why him?"

"Don't question it, just do it!" Mariko demanded as another set of footsteps bolted out of the room. If anyone would know how to handle this, somehow Mariko figured that Mori-kun or one of his friends would know. Her mind went back to Alana, whose body had relaxed against hers, laying almost creepily still. She shook Alana, "Come on, 'Lana. You can't quit now." What had been in that poem that would have done this to her? Mariko reflected on the poem, and then realized the line that started all of this, "…Was afraid in an oft-repeated dream…" She repeated, her mind trying to wrap itself around that phrase. A shiver wracked through Alana's body, "Is it a dream?" Mariko whispered, tightening her hold on Alana.

Mariko was so lost in thought that she did not hear anybody come back until a gentle hand placed itself on her arm. She looked up to see Mori-kun, his blonde friend, and his dark haired friend in front of her, "It's okay, you can let her go, Camui-san," Mori-kun gave her a small smile. Mariko nodded, letting her grasp release on Alana. The black haired friend leaned in and picked Alana up, her head resting on his shoulder. Mori-kun looked over at Mariko, "We would like for you to come too, Camui-san." Mariko nodded and quietly followed as the group of them left the room.

An oft-repeated dream….

Alana woke up in the middle of a white void, "Am I dead?" She questioned as she slowly rose to her feet. Where was she? There was nothing but white fields and a gray sky surrounding her. Slowly, Alana began walking, unsure of where she was going; her feet seemed to have a mind of their own. As she continued on, she encountered several armored samurai, their bodies frozen in time. Questions continued to form in her mind as she passed these frozen warriors.

Suddenly, Alana forced herself to stop. Five samurai stood in front of her, their various colored armors glistening through the ice that surrounded them. She sucked in air when she began recognizing the faces inside of those armors. Alana walked over to the red armor, putting her hand on the ice, "What happened here?"

"This is what you can be capable of."

Alana turned around to see a woman, clothed in a long white dress with an elegant purple armor waistband wrapped sitting right above her hips along with matching shoulder armor. She held a long scythe in her right hand, two swords belted sitting on her hip on the right side, and a purple orb was glowing in her left hand. The woman had long blonde hair, pale skin, and piercing amber eyes. Alana stepped back, keeping her guard up and taking a fighter's stance against her, "Who are you? And what did you mean by that?"

A smile graced the woman's mouth, "I am the guardian of the Inferno armor."

"Inferno Armor?"

That haunting smile remained on the woman's face, "You will learn more as long as you stay around these five," She motioned over towards the frozen five warriors, "But, remember, stay on their side. Fight on the side of justice and peace," Her hand reached out, and before Alana could react, she broke through the girl's guard, placing that pale hand on Alana's shoulder, "I am you. Just believe in your heart."

Mariko watched from a distance as a brunette woman hovered over her friend who was laying on a cot in the middle of a living room. She was also trying not to pay attention to the fact the Mori-kun was standing next to her. If Mariko made herself more aware of that fact, she feared her heart would pound louder than the bass on her speakers. There were several of questions she wanted to ask, but something told Mariko to just remain quiet and listen. She looked over towards the black haired boy, who was standing right beside the brunette woman, his light blue eyes focused on Alana. A smirk formed on Mariko's lips when she recognized that look, Lucky Girl…

But, Mariko was thrown from her thoughts when a hand lightly touched her shoulder. She fought the blush that wanted to form on her face when she realized that hand belonged to Mori-kun. He smiled at her, quickly melting her resolve to keep her composure, "Can I talk to you on the balcony, Camui-san?" He asked, his voice soft.

Mariko thought she was going to faint, but she resisted the urge and returned the smile, "Sure," She responded before turning to the black haired boy, "Can you let me know if Alana wakes up?" Her question was met with a quick nod from the boy. Satisfied, Mariko turned back around and followed Mori-kun out onto the balcony.

When she walked out, Mori-kun slid the glass door shut behind her. Mariko's heart picked up speed, her curiosity rising. Why had he wanted her to come out here? Did he suspect her of something? Or was he going to confess his quiet feelings for her? That thought alone sent made her heart beat even faster. But, it quickly dropped when she saw the intense look on her face. Something told her that confessing undying and passionate feelings was not his intention.

"Can you tell me something, Camui-san?" Mori-kun began, his blue eyes looking square into her golden eyes, "I need to know what exactly happened with Morimiea-san today."

Mariko stood there for a moment, unable to break the penetrating gaze from Mori-kun. When she was able to, she broke the stare and shook her head, her silver pigtails dancing around her head, "I honestly don't know. One second, Alana was reading a poem in English Literature, the next she was falling to the floor. I caught her before she could hurt herself," Did she dare tell him of the purple glow from that orb? Especially since she had one of those orbs herself.

She noticed Mori-kun eyeing her, almost like he could read that she was keeping a secret, "Is there something bothering you, Camui-san?"

Mariko let out a sigh. Telling him could turn him away from her. He would probably dismiss her as a weirdo; but for some reason, she felt the urge to tell him, "A couple of years ago, my heart felt like it was going to burst, dreams of samurai from the feudal era attacking me constantly were always haunting my dreams. During that time, Sora, Haven, Yolei, Alana, and I went overseas on a vacation, but due to the complications, we could not get back until later," Here was the worst part, "Once we were able to get back, we were immediately kidnapped into the darkness. Those same samurai from my dreams had somehow realized that we had something unique about us; they captured and brutally tortured all of us. But, as far as I know, only Haven and I remember what happened. The other girls seemed to have forgotten," She looked over at Mori-kun, who now was leaning on his elbows that were rested against the railing. Mariko swallowed hard, the knot of nervousness forming in the pit of her stomach. She lightly laughed, "I'm crazy, aren't I?"

To her surprise, Mori-kun shook his head, "Not in the least bit," He reached in his pocket to pull out a small orb. Mariko's eyes widened as the sun shone through the orb, the kanji of truth reflecting from the orb onto the balcony. He looked back at her before it hit her that she had similar orb in her own bag. Mariko pulled out a pouch in her bag and unwrapped the orb that was hidden inside of it. It was glowing with a brilliant pale blue light, the same kanji showing through. She looked up to see Mori-kun's eyes wide, "Where did you get that?"

"I'm not exactly sure," Mariko shrugged, "It appeared on my vanity one morning and it seemed to emanate some sort of strange aura, so I kept it with me at all times," Then she remembered something that made her shudder, "One time, I was walking by the Tokyo docks, and a purse snatcher grabbed my bag with this in it. The water seemed to come alive and grab this guy, dragging him underwater. The bag washed up a few minutes later and nothing was missing."

Mori-kun listened to her story, nodding, "The orb was protecting itself. Tell me something, Camui-san-"

"Please, call me Mariko. 'Camui-san' makes me feel old," Mariko interrupted, lightly laughing.

He joined in with her laughter, the mood seemed to lighten, "Alright, Mariko-san, have you tried pulling the power out from the orb?" Mori-kun asked her, walking over to her. Mariko shook her head, not really knowing how to answer the question. This was not how she pictured things playing out between them and she was not prepared for it. Honestly, the orb scared her; it seemed to hold a power equal to those old samurai that captured her and her friends.

Mori-kun put his hand on hers, covering the orb. The action caught Mariko off guard and her face turned a bright red, "I don't understand what's going on, but I feel like you and Morimiea-san are going to be highly influential in battling whatever is to come," He told her, "I need to talk to Naste and the other guys about this," He began to turn away from her.

Her heart dropped and she reacted by putting her other hand on top of his. Mori-kun stopped, looking back at Mariko, shocked to see tears streaming out of her eyes, "Please don't tell them all of that. I…" She trailed off, shaking her head, "I haven't told anyone else besides Haven those things before telling you, Mori-kun."

A smile formed on his lips, as he reached over and wiped the tears streaming from her right eye away, "I will leave that up to you then, Mariko-san. But, on one condition," Mori-kun held up his forefinger. Mariko sniffed, nodding. He wiped the tears falling from her other eye, "Call me Shin," He winked, handing her a handkerchief.

Mariko's eyes widened, letting go of his hand and accepting the handkerchief with a nod. He turned to walk away from her, about to open the door, "Oh wait, Shin-kun," She cried out, remembering something, "There was a purple glow coming from Alana's pocket right before she passed out."

Shin nodded, "Thank you, Mariko-san," He responded, pulling back the door. Shin stepped back and let Mariko enter back in first.

"Sheesh Shin, what did you do? I never expected you to make a girl cry!" The purple haired boy stated, putting his hands on his hips.

Mariko shook her head, "Shin-kun did nothing wrong," She responded to the other boy. Then her eyes drifted to her friend, still lying on the cot. The sound of bickering in the background rose in the background, but Mariko ended up tuning it out. Her eyes remained locked on Alana, seemingly becoming entranced. Something in her latched onto her best friend and it was just a matter of time before Mariko found that she could not move.

When Shin had realized that Mariko had not moved, he quickly moved over towards her. But, as he put his hands on her shoulders, an electric shock swept over the silver haired girl. He recognized the fear that lit her golden eyes when they moved over to look at him. Suddenly, a pale blue light and then a wall of water surrounded her. When the water evaporated, it revealed that Mariko was gone. Everyone in the room stood still, none of them knowing exactly what had just happened. Shin looked over at Alana and it was then that he remembered Mariko's recollection of the war, "We need to get to Morimiea-san's friends – Yoshidani-san, Jouji-san, and Tokiji -san."

Shu tilted his head, giving Shin a look of confusion, "How are those three involved?"

"Don't ask questions right now," Shin growled, determined to keep his promise to Mariko, "I think that if we don't hurry, something's out of our control is going to happen."

Just then, a loud, bass heavy ringtone cut through the air. All eyes went to Mariko's bag and then drifted over to Nastè. She clicked her tongue in agitation and walked over to reach into Mariko's bag. When she found the phone, Nastè gasped, "It's Jouji-san," She mouthed before answering the phone, "Hello?"

A long pause, "Is this Camui-san? If it is, there has been major trouble. Jouji-san has disappeared, and we've heard that Yoshidani-san and Tokiji-san have also disappeared from their practices. Do you know what's going on, Camui-san?"

"Well," Nastè started, collecting her thoughts, "We're trying to get to the bottom of this. Can you tell me what happened before Jouji-san disappeared?"

Another long pause followed by some chattering in the background, "You're not Camui-san, are you?"

"No, I'm not. I'm actually part of a team that's working on saving Jouji-san and everyone else," Nastè supplied, "The quicker you tell me what happened, the faster I can find them."

The person at the other end of the phone let out a long sigh, "We were cooking, perfecting a recipe for the major cooking tournament coming up next week, when all of a sudden, a bright orange light radiated through the room followed by the loud clang of Jouji-san's pan hitting the ground startled all of us," Someone interrupted the person at the other end of the phone, "Apparently, similar things happened to Yoshidani-san and Tokiji-san."

Shin's hands clenched by his sides; he was unable to hide his impatience any longer and wanted to go find Mariko. He was becoming worried that something would happen to her, "I'm going," He simply said before turning around and walking towards the balcony.

Shu started towards Shin, calling after him, but was blocked by Ryo's outstretched arm, "Shin knows something that we don't. I think Camui-san revealed something to him that he hasn't told us yet," He remarked, watching as Shin jumped over the balcony.

Toma sighed, "Let's follow him. He might end up taking us towards the other girls. Ryo…"

"I'll stay here," Ryo nodded, dropping his arm so Shu could walk past him. He wished he could follow them as he watched as they jumped off the side of the balcony. When he back down at Alana, he saw that her body was wrapped in a white glow. Without thinking about it, Ryo wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him, "I'm not sure what's going on, but I have a feeling you know. If you disappear, we'll never find your friends."

As soon as Shin's feet hit the ground, he ran towards the small lake in the forest that surrounded Nastè's home. A strong aura swept through the forest, causing him to lose his footing at the edge of ridge and sliding down its muddy, rocky side. Somehow Shin regained his footing and managed to land on his feet, lessening the impact with the ground. He looked up and saw a girl with long black hair dressed in a long green dress, a sword similar to Seiji's hilted on her side. When he blinked, the girl was facing him, her eyes glowing white, and the sword rose above her head. Before Shin could register what was going on, Seiji appeared in front of him, dressed in his sub armor, his own sword summed and blocking the attack, "Go!" Seiji told Shin, "Toma and Shu are right behind you."

Shin nodded, "Thanks, Seiji," He said before disappearing further into the forest. He regretted leaving Seiji, but to get to Mariko, Shin did not have any time to spare. Plus, if things were going the way he suspected, Seiji was the best one to handle Yoshidani-san.

Seiji pulled out his orb and transformed into his sub armor, "So, you're Yoshidani Haven-san?" He remarked as he fell into stance. He watched her expression flinch, but for the most part, it remained blank. Instead of responding to him, Yoshidani pulled out a smaller and thinner version of his sword from the hilt on her side, "If you're not Yoshidani-san, then just who are you?"

The girl clicked her tongue, "I am known as the guardian of the Korin armor," She stated, her guard remaining up, "If you are going to stop Inferno's guardian from resurrecting, you are part of the problem. Prepare yourself!" She charged towards him, keeping the perfect form of a high skilled kendoka.

Seiji dodged the strike just in time and quickly summoned his armor. He was not taking any chances, especially someone with as much skill as Yoshidani did. Seiji pulled out his sword and blocked another attack, "Wake up, Yoshidani-san!" He cried out, keeping his defense up against her onslaughts.

"You heard me, we will protect her!" Yoshidani responded, her sword aiming straight at Seiji's torso.

Seiji was just barely able to block the strike. He kept one hand on his sword while his other hand reached to her throat. The kanji of Grace appeared on his forehead, allowing Seiji to rely on it to stop this battle. The attack suddenly stopped and the glow faded from Yoshidani's eyes, "What's happened?" She looked up, her green eyes widening when she spotted Seiji, "What's going on? I was in practice when I froze and then a beam of green light surrounded me. Now, I'm here and wearing this," She turned around, the long pale green skirt flaring out around her long, slender legs, exposing up to her knees. Seiji had to quickly look away to avoid her seeing the surprised look on his face. She looked back up at Seiji, "What's going on? And what are you doing here, Date-san? Why in the world are you wearing that?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure what's going on," Seiji admitted, looking back at her after he was sure that he had regained his composure, "Everything's been crazy since Morimiea-san appeared. Camui-san had similar experience, and we have not found the other two."

Haven's eyes wondered, looking through the woods. Then, she remembered something. She grabbed Seiji's arm, "We have to get to the lake. I think I remember something big going to be happening down there that could affect everything!" She admitted, running as fast as she could in her bare feet, which was not very fast.

Seiji knew they could run faster, so he quickly scooped her up and picked up speed, heading towards the lake, "Do you remember what is going on down there?" He asked Haven, briefly looking down at her.

"No, unfortunately. Everything is a complete blur; all I remember is that I'm a guardian of some sort and that I'm supposed to lend my power to help resurrect this other, more powerful guardian," Haven's dark green eyes narrowed, "Now, do you want to tell me what you think is going on?"

Seiji shook his head, lifting his eyes back up to watch the path in front of them, "I wish I knew enough to tell you. Yagyu Nastè, our researcher and landlady, knows a lot about things dealing with these armors. I imagine that she's looking for information on what is exactly going on as we speak. I do know that Morimiea-san is up there with her and Ryo as well."

"Alana?" Haven looked away, ashamed of the long forgotten memories that she had been able to put out of her mind suddenly coming back. She and Mariko were the only two out of the five girls who remembered the events that had transpired a couple of years ago. The fact that maybe those soldiers were correct in assuming that there was some mystical power that remained dormant in all five girls ate at Haven's pride.

But, before Haven could continue to blame herself for ignoring the inevitable, the two of them had reached the lake. Three other armors lay broken and battered on the shores of the lake while three haunting figures hovered over the watery surface. Seiji almost dropped Haven in order to cover his ears to block the eerie chant that seemed to fill the air around them, "Date-san…" She breathed as she reached over to touch his forehead. The kanji of Grace appeared and, along with the notes from the chant, Haven's conscience was quickly overwhelmed. She turned and walked towards the figures, her feet just barely hovering over the lake.

The features of the other three figures turned into Camui Mariko, Jouji Yolei, and Tokiji Sora as Haven walked closer to them. She found her voice joining in with the mysterious chant as she locked hands with to complete the circle they had formed. The volume of their chant rose, calling out for the one they desired to appear amongst them. Seiji watched from his almost paralyzed state on the sand. He was able to turn his head just enough to see a brilliant white beam shooting up to the sky. It was then that Seiji realized that the light was coming from Nastè's house.

"Wh-what is going on?" Seiji managed, "Ryo…"

~*~End of Chapter 2~*~

* The Oft-Repeated Dream by Robert Frost.