Hey people! New story!!! Ok so, I got a review saying to do a Edward/Jacob. But my friends that help me with ideas, said that was too common. So, this story is a ...*drum roll*...

Paul/Embry!!! I know, it's weird, and stuff, but just read it, and give it a chance!!! I wanna keep Embry's Shy and Sensitive personality if that's alright. It's just that I have always pictured him that way, ya know? And I LOVE Embry!!! He deserves some lovin!!! And Paul needs someone to help him calm down a bit. So hot tempered loving shy and sensitive, see how it goes!!!

Enjoy My Loves!!!

(Paul POV)

"Jared!!!" I growled.

"Calm down, Paul. I will make more." said Emily.

Ok, so maybe I was overreacting. Well, Jared took the last of Emily's muffins, and I was hungry. But, Hey, if you had her muffins, you would understand. I sank down in the couch, and waited till Emily made more food. I stared at the TV. The Patriots were losing to the Dolphins. The Dolphins. Seriously! Whatever, I started to stare off into space. I saw Sam and Emily getting all cuddly. Made me wanna gag.

So maybe I was a bit jealous too. I wanted someone to love. An imprint. Sam imprinted. Jared imprinted. I'm the only one loveless. Sucks, right?

Our pack is pretty small. But Embry Call is close to joining us. I never actually met him, just heard about him through Sam's thoughts. For some weird reason, I took interest in him. Don't know why, I never met him. Eh, maybe I'm just getting tired of the same people in the pack. Probably doesn't mean anything. We need extra people in the pack. Just one night or morning off of patrolling would be amazing.

I heard Sam whispering in Emily's ear and she giggled. I gagged loudly.

"Shut up Paul" snapped Emily.

"Whatever" I muttered. I couldn't watch this anymore.

"I'm going for a run." I said. I stood up and walked out the back door. I tied my shorts to my ankle and phased. I took off, not really paying attention to where I was going. It was rush, running in this form. The wind ruffled my grey fur. I breathed deeply and inhaled the scent of the wilderness. I kept running until I was out of breath. When I was, I flopped on the ground and tried to catch my breath

I looked up in the sky. I felt so, so... lonely. I wanted someone to hold. To love. An imprint. I am the most volatile of the pack. The one with the highest temper of them all. The one with control issues. Maybe if I had someone, I wouldn't be so out of control. To have a reason to keep calm. That's what I needed.

A reason.

I really didn't have reason. I want what Sam and Jared have. I was jealous at times when I have to watch the have them have their moments.

There's gotta be somebody out their for me. I mean, am I really gonna have to watch my brothers make out with their imprints for the rest of my life? I couldn't handle that. Maybe it wouldn't be safe for me to have an imprint. I was too ill tempered. I could hurt my imprint. I could kill... No! If I ever imprinted, I would never hurt her. Ever. Jared and I learned from Sam. We know what happened. It's not a pretty story.

If I imprinted, I would never let that happen. Sam had depressing thoughts for weeks. That would NOT be ME! I would worry about that stuff when or if the time ever comes. Which I hope is soon. All this loneliness is getting depressing. I hide it when My and my brothers are phased. But the probably already know though. They just thankfully don't bring it up.

If I were to imprint, who would it be? I've already went out with half the girls at school. I've seen the rest of them. So who the hell could be my imprint? It's not like I'll imprint on a dude. Though it's not impossible and there are legends. When that happens, I guess it means you don't need to continue the bloodline for the wolf gene or some crap like that. Ok so I haven't seen all the men on the res, but I'm not gay.

Eh. Anyone in this place could be my imprint. Maybe I just need to wait longer.

(Embry POV)

Ugh. Jake has been drooling at this Bella girl for the past 20 minutes. I just sat back and watched him work on the bikes. He's a multitasker. Drooling like a lovesick puppy and doing bike repairs at the same time. Well I am impressed.

Quil and I were sitting in his garage while he's trying to bring antique motorcycles back from the dead. Quil and I are making a bet on it. I bet he'll finish, Quil bets he'll fail epically. It's a 100 bucks wager. I could use some money. I'm better at motorcycles, so far he's got everything down.

He occasionally gets distracted with Bella. I guess she's pretty. I mean, if I wasn't so shy I would ask her out. But not only am I shy, but Jake has got his eye on her, so...
But that won't stop Quil. He's been Mr. Flirt since he got here. I'm now where near as much of a flirt as him. So I've been just sitting back watching Quil make a fool of himself in front of Bella.

Bella seemed to like Jake though. I have to say I was a bit jealous. Not about Bella, but the way they look at each other. I guess I wanted something like that. Someone to care for and love. And feel the same way about me.

I decided to leave. I was tired, and I wanted to gag at the goo goo eyes Jake was making at Bella. I made my way out of the garage and headed down the street. As I walked I thought about what it would be like to have someone to love me. To love someone. To have someone care for you. I bet it felt amazing. I just wish I could experience it, instead of imagining it.

Maybe I would just have to wait a little bit longer. Maybe I just needed to have patience, and I would find the right one for me, as cheesy at it may sound. I looked up in the sky. I hope I'm not destined to be alone forever. O well. I guess I can wait. Good things come to those who wait I guess.

When I made it to my house I had a burning headache. My muscles and joints were soar. I tried going up the stairs but it hurt too much. I barley manged to make it to the couch. I laid down. I started having a coughing fit. I rubbed my temples with two fingers. I turned the TV off, since it only added to my headache. What the hell was wrong with me?

I slipped of my shoes and grabbed a blanket. I was freezing, even though I'm pretty sure my mom left the heat on high when she left. I curled up and wrapped the blanket tight around me. I have never been sick like this. It was really scaring me. I usually don't get sick. And when I did, it was only a cold or something small. I sank back into the couch. My head was burning it actually caused a few tears to slip from my eyes. I groaned. I couldn't even get up to get medicine because my muscles decided to shut down.

I bit my lip trying tune out all the pain but I couldn't. I just couldn't. After a few hours I eventually fell in a dreamless sleep.

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