Title: Celebration
Pairing: Percy Weasley/Oliver Wood
Rating: PG
Prompt: Enthusiasm
Word Count: 107
Beta: Not betaed!
Warning: Slash
Summary: Oliver wins his first match as an official player in Puddlemere United.
A/N: Originally written for weasley_100. Another one inspired by prongsxwormtail's drabble, Weasley Enthusiasm. =D


"Hey you...what are you doing here?"

It took only two large steps for Percy to get from the door of the Puddlemere's changing rooms to his locker. Not wasting a second, not saying a word, he grabbed Oliver's head and pulled it down to his. Their lips meeting in a frantic kiss.

"What's with the enthusiasm?" Oliver laughed, gasping for air.

"You won", Percy kissed him again.

"I know." Both started taking out the other's shirt.

"Your first match as an official player", Percy started biting Oliver's bare neck and shoulders.

"I'm excited--"

"Good, 'cause I am too", he said before pushing Oliver backwards to the showers.