Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING!

I don't have narcolepsy, or however you spell it, so I don't know what it's like. I know I might have exaggerated a bit, but that's what I had to do to keep this story moving. Don't criticize me too badly. I hope you like it!

"C'mon, Josie!," called Corrine from outside the bathroom door, "We're going to be late for Z's class!" That outburst woke Josie up. 'Oh no...,' she thought, 'not another narcoleptic episode...' Getting up off of the bathroom floor, she looked in the mirror and saw that she wasn't even dressed yet. Quickly putting on some random clothes, Josie ran out of the bathroom, only to find an anxious-looking Corrine waiting for her.

"What took you so long?," she asked.

"Uuuum... I was... just getting ready?," Josie lied.

"Okay, whatever. C'mon!"

Once they got to Z's class and sat down, Josie almost instantly fell asleep and fell off of her chair. Everyone just stared at her.

"That girl is one heavy sleeper...," said Corrine, laughing.

A couple of minutes later, Josie woke up and said, "Why am I on the floor?"

"Well, Josie, it seems you just couldn't stay awake," Professor Z stated, "see me after class."

The rest of the class, nothing out of the usual happened, except that Josie almost fell asleep about 5 times. They all noticed. When the bell rang, everyone hurried out of the room besides Josie and Corrine. Before Corrine left, she told Josie that she would wait for her.

"Josie," Professor Z said, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing!," Josie lied, a little too quickly.

Professor Z sighed, "Josie, there's something you aren't telling me. I'll let you off the hook this time. But, when it happens next,I want you to tell me what's wrong. Are we clear?"

Josie thanked him and walked away, seeing the whole science club waiting for her.

"What did he want?," Lucas asked.

"Nothing much. He was just worried about what had happened today. That's all."

"Speaking of which, what did happen today?," Marshall asked.

Josie opened her mouth to answer, but didn't get a chance. She was asleep before she hit the ground.

"Maybe we should tell Professor Z," Corrine said.

"Why?," Vaughn asked, "What is he going to be able to do about it?"

"Five words," said Lucas, "We're at Black Hole High."

With that being said, Vaughn picked up the still sleeping Josie and carried her to Professor Z's classroom, with the rest of the science club following closely behind. Whan Z saw them, he jumped out of his seat, and walked over to them.

"What happened?," he asked.

"I don't know," Corrine said, "We were talking, and then she just collapsed."

"I have a few theories," said Lucas, then started saying a bunch of weird scientific theories that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

"Actually, none of those are even close to being true," the now awake Josie said.

"Oh, well, if you're so smart, then what really happened," Lucas asked, trying to get the truth out of her.

"That I can not tell you..."

"Josie, come on! You can tell us anything! We're your best friends!," said Corrine, exasperated.