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A small light flickered feebly in the dark chamber. Chains rattled with movement. A petite blonde groaned in discomfort. Beads settled deep inside his body keeping him ready for his master. "So beautiful," his master whispered, running a sinful hand through sweat matted curls. His soft lips grazing over heated skin. "Keigo-sama," the slave groaned in slumber.

"I love the way my name sounds on your lips." Keigo's hand slid down pale thigh, long thing finger toying with the silver ring imbedded between his slave's cheeks. He pulled, the largest bead sliding out of the puckered encasing. "Ore-sama can see you are eager," he purred, other hand running up a full erection. "Even in sleep."

Keigo nibbled his toy's ear. "Wake up, Jirou. Time to play."

Brown eyes opened, blinking tiredly. He knew he had to wake. His master had ordered him to. "Keigo-sama?"

"Yes, Jirou?" He pushed the bead back inside, earning a small mewl. "Please, kiss me," Jirou whispered with a blush. Keigo gave a smirk, allowing their lips to touch in a soft exchange. Slaves and masters were never to become emotionally attached. As such kissing in this way was strictly forbidden. Jirou could be executed for this mere touch of lips against lips. "Happy?"

"Hai." He wasn't truly happy, but he could not request more--he was here to take orders, not give them.

"Spread your legs."

Jirou spread his legs wide like the whore he was trained to be. Keigo slid down Jirou's body, pressing cold lips to the boy's inner thigh. A gasp escaped Jirou's lips as his master's blunt teeth sank into his skin. Hard sucking followed to mark this particular part of Jirou's body. Giving the blonde's erection a long lick Keigo looked upon his slave's pleasure filled face. "You want pleasure?"

Jirou remained quiet. This was a trick. Sex was about his master's pleasure, not his. "Answer!" Keigo demanded with a glare. "Only if you wish to give it," Jirou answered, pulling at his shackled wrists.

"Very good," Keigo smirked. "You've learned." Removing the chain from where it was wrapped, he forced the boy to his stomach. "This is about ore-sama's pleasure."

Jirou looked up at the full arousal positioned in front of his face. Without being told he took the cock into his mouth giving hard sucks. He took as much into his mouth as he could, sucking hard and bobbing fast as to give his master maximum pleasure. Keigo moaned low in his throat, hand loosing its grip on Jirou's chain. "You've finally learned how ore-sama likes it," he groaned, thrusting hard into Jirou's mouth. Removing his mouth from the shaft Jirou turned his attention to balls. He licked at them, taking them alternatively into his mouth, sucking at them. Keigo gripped his hair, forcing his head back and thrusting into Jirou's mouth. He held the boy in place, thrusting into the wet cavern until orgasm poured out of his body.

Keigo pushed Jirou back to his back, securing the chains back to the bed frame. Jirou groaned in discomfort at the stretching pain of his arms. The beads exiting him in one swift pull caused him to shift around. Having become use to the toy it was strange having it gone. He gasped out as a slick plastic appendage was shoved into his body. His master pulled the toy out before shoving it back in. In and out. The toy was stretching him for his master's much larger anatomy.

As the false penis slid in and out of Jirou's body, Keigo leaned over to take hold of the small burning candle. The wax was nice and hot. It would make Jirou's skin extremely smooth. Turning the candle over he allowed the wax to pour over Jirou's stomach. "Ahhhh…!" The slave screamed. In pleasure or pain, neither was sure. Keigo repeated the pouring, this time over each nipple. Jirou stifled a whimper, desperate to yell and tell Keigo to stop. Keigo froze at the pained expression on Jirou's face. Placing the candle back down, he bent to whisper in Jirou's ear. Jirou shook his head, answering the question in a barely audible whisper. Keigo nodded, hands returning to early movements. The dildo returned to coming in and out, stretching the asshole wide. While Keigo's other hand pulled the cooled wax away, lips kissing the smooth skin.

Enough foreplay. They were both ready for the real act of sexual intercourse. Leaving the false cock inside Jirou's body, Keigo spread the blonde's legs. He pumped himself a couple of times before pushing forward into the already filled hole. Jirou's eyes widened in surprise. He tried to stifle the scream at being stretched so far, but to no avail. Tears stung his eyes. It hurt. The pain of having two cocks inside him was extraordinary.

He wasn't going to complain. He couldn't, but the words were starting to surface. The words begging Keigo to pull out.

Keigo groaned at he sat fully inside. Jirou's overly tensed body would get him no where. Taking the extra cock out, Jirou immediately relaxed. With the boy loose he was able to fuck him to full potential. Lifting Jirou's knees, he pressed them to Jirou's shoulders before drilling him. Jirou gasped out in pleasure, begging for more. Keigo aimed each thrust to Jirou's prostate. He wanted the boy to have a quick release. And Jirou did.

He found himself coming after mere moments of intercourse. Having Keigo's hot full cock inside him, hitting his prostate in such a calculating manner always drove him over the quick edge. "Keigo-sama," he gasped, chains rattling as Jirou desperately pulled at them. The game was over. He wanted to touch Keigo. Hold Keigo to him. Kiss him deeply. "Kei, please…" he gasped.

Keigo looked down at his lover, leaning down to take Jirou's lips into a passionate kiss. His hips slammed harder into Jirou with approaching orgasm. "Mmmm….Jirou," he murmured against swollen lips.

Jirou cried out as hot semen poured into his body, over his prostate. "Keigo," he gasped. "Would you unchain me now?"

"No. You ruined the game. Therefore, you must be punished more," Keigo answered, pulling out and laying lightly atop his boyfriend.

"I wanted to play the French maid, but nooooooo. You wanted me to be your slave. I played your game. You have to play mine!!" Jirou complained, pulling at his handcuffed hands.

"Perhaps later," Keigo whispered, kissing Jirou lightly.

"No. There's no perhaps. Your playing my game later!! Hey, I'm the one whose supposed to fall asleep….Keigo, wakey up!!! UNTIE ME!!!" Jirou cried.

Inwardly, Keigo was laughing at his lover. Let him think he was asleep a little while longer than they could play some more.