A series of five drabbles for a Severus/OC pairing.

He is pretty OOC at a couple points, but oh well. I enjoyed writing it.

Sorry that they're short.

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This is unbetaed just fyi so I'm sure it's riddled with mistakes.

Severus eventually found her in the middle o the Quidditch pitch. She was lying on her back with her hands crossed under her head, looking up at the clouds.

He sneered at the ground before settling gracefully next to her. She rolled her head slightly to look at him and then rolled it back.

What has this woman done to me? I am in a most undignified position, looking at clouds. Severus was thoroughly perplexed.

"What have you done to me?" He muttered out loud.

"Why, nothing but love you." She gave him a smile before pulling one of her hands out from under her head and taking his.


Severus had noticed that Elizabeth fiddle with the locket around her neck when she got nervous. He had always been curious about the significance, but respected her wishes on that particular topic.

He entered his quaters and gave a small smile when he saw her curled up in a corner of his couch, one hand on her locket, the other supporting her head as she watched him.

She patted the seat next to her and Severus settled his long frame into it. Elizabeth immediately shifted so that she was leaning against him, looking up into his eyes. She smiled softly before unclasping the necklace and handing it to him. "I want you to know all of me." She said simply as she handed over her locket.

Severus fully understood the magnitude of her decision and found himself strangely emotional on the subject. He gently pried the locket open and looked inside.


"Why did I let you talk me into this infernal idea of yours?" Severus griped as he tried to get comfortable in the saddle.

"Because you love me." Elizabeth shot back over her shoulder. "You've done nothing but work with the little brats for weeks. Think of this as a vacation." She gave him a smile before nudging her horse forward into a trot.

It had been many years since Severus had been on a horse and he found that he rather liked it.

When they returned to the stable, Elizabeth just gave him a knowing smile and wrapped her arm through his.


Severus banged into his quarters after a long day of teaching the dunderheads. Elizabeth had been expecting his mood and prepared a simple tea tray with a headache draught and some freshly baked biscuits. He couldn't help but smile slightly even if the affection sickened him slightly. He couldn't understand how one woman could change him so completely.

Whenever he asked he recieved the same answer:

"I did nothing but break down the masks." She would say and then brush a quick kiss over his lips before going back to her book or something of the like.

It frightened him slightly that someone knew him as well as she did, but at the same time it gave him a warm fuzzy feeling, though of course he would never admit such a thing. He was pretty sure she already knew.


"You stupid, imbecilic woman. Did you not consider the consequences before acting? That was a Gryffindor move, not worthy of a Slytherin." She looked up at him tiredly from the hospital bed.

"Yes, love, I know. I am an idiot and blah blah blah." She gave him an impish grin. "But she is not allowed to hit on my husband." The flair of jealousy flashed briefly in her eyes. Severus softened slightly, understand the feeling.

"Next time, go with the Slytherin approach. I would not particulary like to have to bride the Ministry guards again."