Hey guys!

I'm back!

Ok so I know the story ended but so many people have liked it so I was thinking…

But I need you're your reviews to see if I should or not soo here it is….!!!


It will have all the characters that were in "Oh Boy!"

So what do you think???

Here's a preview of what would go on:

Kylie and Connor may have gotten away and had there kiss but is Derek hiding something or maybe someone? Everything from the past is over. Now its all about the present and it isn't so goode...for now

Yeah I know not so good huh? But trust me it will be!

Now the choice is up to you guys! Sequel or no?

Also if I do a sequel, I'm not sure of the name so if you have any ideas TELL ME!

Oh yeah, any ideas you want to see??? You will get FULL CREDIT!

Review! Review! Review! :)