Lies of Love;

Drabble 2

By; SavAnnah1237

So this is the same drabble as the last chapter, But in Kenshin's point of view.
This is only one of the many possibilities.



How do I explain to her? I promised them I would stop. I promised her I would stop.

Turn back.

Going to her now, like this, would be stupid.

Go to a friend's house.

Shower there, change all these nasty blood stained clothing and go back to her after?


I can't hurt her like that. Knowing her, she's still sitting on the couch, waiting for me to return.


You believe in my lies to easily. Can't you atleast be a little suspicious?

I would deserve it.

I promised on our love that I'd stop.

Yet, I continue.

I wonder what you would do if you found out.

If I wasn't talented enough to hide it.

I stopped in front of the door. My palm resting on its handle. I pondered on whether I should go in or not.

I'm afraid. I don't want to hurt you.

I love you.

I sighed, and finally mustered up the courage to open the door. I prepared myself for the worst.

Just as I expected.

There she was, sitting on the couch waiting for me to come back.

Loyal. Trustworthy. Honest.

She was everything I wasn't. She deserves better then me, I know it.

Can't let her go.

She looked up at me. Sapphire irises filled with anger, fear, and sadness.

I love you, I reminded myself silently, knowing that she was worth it

"Why?" She asked me. "Why are you covered in blood? I thought you promised them you would stop. I thought you promised me you would stop."
She looked up to me with her sad sapphire eyes, I could barely handle it. "Kaoru," I murmured. "Its not what you think.."


I headed for the shower. I reaked of blood. Kaoru deserved better then that.
I couldn't talk to her, covered in evidence that proved I was lieing. Lies that she would believe.

Naiive Kaoru.

I turned the water on, stripped and quickly hopped into the shower.

The water was scalding hot on my back.

Punishing myself?

Scalding water on my back isn't nearly enough punishment.

I should have told her the first time I broke our promise. Kaoru is an understanding person, I think she would have understood. But now, I've dug myself to deep. all I can do now is lie. "If only I had told her.." I moped.

I slowly forced myself to turn off the shower. I didn't want to get out.. I didn't want to face her.

I slipped my boxers and a pair of dark blue pajama pants on. I slung the damp towel around my shoulders.

Again, I found myself standing in front a door, My palm on its handle. Pondering on whether I should go in or not.

"Here I go." I whimpered.

I slowly opened the door, trying to be as silent as I could.

She looked like she was deep in thought. I really don't want to disturb her.

The door cringed. She looked. Despite my confused emotions, I tried to make my face look as emotionless as possible.

So she wont suspect anything?

She suddenly stood up, It startled me.

I wonder if shes going to hit me, I.. would deserve it.

Her hand raised. I wanted to flinch, but held back.

A warm hand caressed my cheek. A soft finger outlined my horrid scar. Her arms around my neck, Her mouth near my ear.

"I believe in you." She whispered, then turned away from me. Most likely heading off to get some much needed rest.

That hurt, My naiive little Kaoru..


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