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Wat the hell?

"Ugh, why do I even have to get up in the morning?" came a mumbled female voice from under a blanket.

A head, with a mess of brown hair, popped up from under the fluffy purple cover to turn off the alarm that was blaring weird sounds right by her head on the side table. She came from under the cover and reached over and turned it off, reveling herself fully. Gorgeous brown hair to her back that seemed to be set in waves, brown eyes set in heavy thick eye lashes. A heart shaped face and cute but full lips made Rin a beauty. Rin was about 5'9'', kind of tall, but her parents said that her great grandmother married an American and that's where her height came from. They always said, "Must had skipped a generation and right to you." She stretch and it made her seem like a cat. Getting out the bed she got ready to go to work.

Rin Blaze Ringo was a 23 yrs old college graduate with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She went to college straight out of high school . Studying aboard in American and she loved it, got in and out of college fast and it was fun.

"Shit" Rin said. She looked at the clock and was 8:30 am and if she didn't get a move on, she would most likely be late to work. So she ran out the house and to the sub way.

"Wow, it's been years since I been back home it changed so much it seems like." Rin thought. She was getting off the subway and going to Takashi Advertising, her new job. Part of a design team, making posters, ads, billboards, whatever needed their attention. This was only her second day, her first was yesterday, and the company helped her get settle in and all, so now she was confident today.

They day started out fine, and now it was around 4 o'clock and Rin's team was just settling a few details on a project for a Eureka 7 billboard, the series was coming out on DVD and they were asked to make a design to advertise it.

But before she could make it to 5 o'clock, hell before she could even been working for a week, she was screaming at a co-worker all ready. On the 5th floor of the building, in the corner, stood a office where you could hear screaming coming from behind the doors.

"Why would anyone want this mess of a design, where so behind! Have you seen the advertising that the Americans do? They would laugh if they saw anything like this!" Rin was now yelling at the top of her lungs. The fight had escalated into something that shouldn't have been; a fight.

Haku was screaming just as loud, "And what would you know about what the Americans do? Huh? Plus this is Japan!"

The other 2 team members just decided to watch even though they were edging to Rin's side, they knew she was right, but Haku just always had to have his way.

"I got my degree in American, top of my class and I've done work over there also. Would you like to see my resume? I think there was a reason I got this job, you fucking idiot! They don't want glitter and sparkles and this mess of colors. They want colors that match and a sleek design, and everyone knows that typography makes or breaks the design! " Rin screamed (Meant that it is spoken in english).

"I can't believe this idiot. I can only guess who could hear us screaming like we lost our minds. I'll be fired before the end of the week! This needs to be settled now!" Rin thought.

Haku shut up real quick, then was about to come back with a retort when the door to the room opened and someone stepped inside and said something.

"What is all the commotion about?" The voice was so chilly it sent a shiver up Rin's spine and Haku froze on the spot. Rin almost reached out to touch him just to see if he was really frozen, but she caught herself in the act and stopped.

Rin turned around to see who just walked in; it was a demon and a damn sexy one at that. He had to be about 6'2'', moonlight hair that reached to the back of his calves. His face was so sharp, the way it was angled. Bright golden eyes and lashes any female would kill for. A blue crescent moon on his forehead and 2 maroon stripes on each cheek. His glare was one to match Rin's, or even better.

Rin could see myself drooling, it was right there a mental picture in her mind. So vivid, so bright. There's was such a attraction towards him like a pull...

Haku spoke up first, shaken and not wanting to anger this man any further by the way he was hesitant.

Just who was this man? I didn't see him yesterday, maybe a supervisor? Either way I'm glad he came, maybe he'll get Haku to be just a bit more quieter.

"I and Miss. Ringo here seems to have a disagreement on which type of design to use for the Eureka 7 project." Haku stated, clearly still scared.

"Let me see them." The silver hair man stated, while staring at me. I passed him the two designs that we printed out to compare and talk over. The silver hair man reached out to take them.

"Oh he's stripped on his wrist, I wonder where else he got those wicked stripes.." Rin Thought.

Setting them down on the table he seemed to be weighing his options and then he finally stated, "This one should do." He pointed down at my design. I was doing the victory dance in my head, again so vivid, so bright!

I burst out in a big stupid, dumb, ass grin. Haku was pissed.

"What's so special about that one?" Haku asked, face puffed up and red.

The silver hair man turned to him and then once again stated in that chilly voice, "Look at it. So simple. Organized. Yet it detailed enough to catch the eye. Is it not?"

Haku just agreed and that was the end of it. Then the silver hair man turned towards me, "Congrats Miss. Ringo, and welcome to the company. I'm Sesshomaru Takashi, the owner of this company." I took his out reached hand and shook it, at the same time he took in some of my scent.

"Oh shit" I thought. Sesshomaru's eyes flashed then he looked back at. "At the end of the work day please come to my office Miss. Ringo, I would like to discuss a few things with you." He stated, then turned around and walked out the room.

The women stiffened slightly when I took in her scent. My eyes flashed and then I looked back at her and stated, "At the end of the work day please come to my office Miss. Ringo, I would like to discuss a few things with you."

I turned and walked back out the doors I walked through. Walking down the hall and to a elevator, hit the 10th button so that I could return back to my office, ignoring the toad next to me, I kept thinking about Rin. "She's far from human, and she's has a great deal of power. Not as much as mine but enough of it to make any grown man shake in his boots."

Running a striped, clawed hand through his hair Sesshomaru sat down at his desk, logged on his computer and went to work getting some information on Rin.

In the corner of Sesshomaru eye he could see something move. It was quite ugly if you asked him. Ah. It was Jaken, he proclaims himself to be my secretary and at first I didn't mind but now he's worse than the damn paparazzi.

Out of thin air it seems like, Sesshomaru had a rock, chucked it across the room and hit Jaken right between the eyes making him pass out.

"Ah better, now back to businesses. Ah, ha. Found it." Sesshomaru stated quietly to himself.

Information is not hard to come by if you're Sesshomaru. He was like the mafia in his own right. Screw that he was the mafia, go ask around, but then again their most likely dead.

Scrolling down the page he found out what he could.

Name: Rin Blaze Ringo

DOB: June 23, 1986

Mother: Sakura Ringo (Deceased) Father: Chi Ringo (Deceased)

Sibling(s): Only child

Race: Human

Education: Ohio State University, Ohio, United States of America

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Minor in business

Rnk: #1

Speaks multi languages:

Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, French


Fencing, Archery, Karate

Sesshomaru kept looking over the information, there was not much there from what he already knew from her application. The only things he didn't know about were that her parents were dead and the activities that she did.

"Interesting." Sesshomaru though. He looked at her profile picture. Damn she was good looking. Slim, kind of tall but he didn't mind. When he walked in the room all he wanted to do was pounce on her. There's very few human woman that catch his eye, if any. He could tell that she also took a liking to him also. There was an attraction there and he knew it. But not just a physical one, there was a pulling.

Now he just had to look up her parents to see anything about them.

After a few quite strikes of the keyboard, he found an article.

Tragedy December 30, 1998

Chi Ringo died today from a brutal attack. Mobbed, shot, and killed at a local bar. Many people say that it was a set up and that no one would dare harm him, saying he had no enemies. It was quite a sad day today, we lost a true citizen. Ringo belong to a family that painted and sold art. His art was worth millions, the same goes for his fathers and his ancestors. Inutaisho made a comment, "He was a good friend and I will miss him dearly."...

That's all Sesshomaru needed to read, he remembers now. It all became so clear. He remember Rin from a long time ago. How could he ever even forget in the first place...

Flashback 11 yrs ago

It was the summer and just a couple of months before Rin's father died, they came to visit at our house.

"Hello Inutaisho it's good to see you" Chi greeted the other man with silver hair. "I have my daughter with me today, say hello Rin."

"Hello" the cute reply came from the 12 yr old. She was standing behind her father, with her head poke out from the side, big brown eyes watching the transaction.

Sesshomaru was by his father side looking intently at Rin. It wasn't the first time she came over and he always hoped it wasn't the last whenever she left. He loved when Rin came over, she would play in the garden and he would watch. Then after awhile she would come and play in his hair. He loved the feeling. He loved Rin dearly.

"Go play with Sesshomaru while me and Inutaisho talk" Chi said to Rin. Then he gave her a push in Sesshomaru direction. He still looked stoic, but because he was younger it made him look so cute. They went outside. Rin pretty much played in the garden and Sesshomaru watched her. After a while he went to go sit with Rin. Rin started playing in his hair.

"She is the only one who could get away with this…anybody else is signing their death warrant…." Sesshomaru thought.

"Rin wishes to marry Sesshomaru when Rin gets older." Rin said quietly while playing in his hair. She had a habit of speaking in third person, not that anyone minded.

Sesshomaru smirked (cocky even when he was little) "An this Sesshomaru will take you as his bride." He stated it with such confidence that not even a grown man has. It only made Rin blush and Sesshomaru smirked again because of it.

"Rin wishes to tell Sesshomaru, Rin's biggest secret. "

"Hn. An what is that?"

"Rin is not human." Rin said it in such a quiet voice that if Sesshomaru was human he wouldn't have caught it. He stared her down, he knew her scent was off but he really couldn't place it. Then Rin faced Sesshomaru and held up her hands, palms up. Sesshomaru wasn't quite sure what she was doing but then he felt air rush pass him, felt water, earth and heat. Then something seemed to go down his spine he looked in Rin's hand and swirling around in them was 5 little balls, one of earth, air, water, fire, and… was that lighting?

"Rin's an elemental. But Rin is special, Rin got a 5th one, lighting." Rin had said. You can see a glow in her eyes. The color of her eyes seemed to change colors with each element passing around in her hands.

End of Flashback

To say that I was in awe was an understatement. Let's just leave it like that. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I heard about elementals, only ever read about them. No wonder my father was so close to Chi he must have been one also. Rin came over a couple times after that. I didn't tell anyone about what she told me, or better yet showed me, it was a secret of hers and mine. But that winter, her father was killed and I never saw her again. I asked my father where did she go and his reply was something I didn't understand.

"She's trapped in her own home."

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