AN: The site doesn't seem to like my brackets, so I can't mark things properly, but the English is supposed to be translated from Spanish.

The office is humid and stuffy, a small lamp casting light on a giant man in an impeccable suit. The grand mahogany desk he sits at seems miniscule when confronted with his heavy form. The armchair he sits in creaks with every movement. He grabs a paper from the mountain of reports cluttering up his desk and runs his eyes over it, a ghost of a smile appearing on his face.

His work is interrupted by a timid knock on the door.

"Pase," he answers without looking up from his papers.

Quick and quiet steps sound lightly on the thick carpet, and Bane looks up at his underling.

"¡Feliz Navidad, jefe!"

Bird stares eagerly at his boss, a hint of humor in his eyes. He knows very well that he is valuable, and does his utmost to use every privilege it grants him.

"¿Estás bromeando?"

Bird whips out a bottle of whiskey from behind his back, a grin on his face.

"No, boss. Just thought a little gift was in order. Perhaps even a toast. To your success."

Bane gives his imputent assistant a cold glare.

"You know I do not drink." He leans back in his chair. "But just this once I will share a drink with you. Call it adherence to ritual."

Bird smiles as he pours the drinks.

"Exactly, boss. This victory is surely worthy of a celebration. You now rule the underworld of our fair island and, by extent, the whole government. To the true ruler of Santa Prisca!"

They down their glasses. Bane clasps his hands.

"Yes, I have fulfilled my dream for this place."

He stands from his desk and walks over to the window, staring out over his camp.

"I have risen from their dirtiest hellhole to the top of their dirty world. This country has taught me much. Of war, of strength, of the corrupt scum that cover this planet. The power is there for the taking. With enough ambition, it is simply a matter of plucking it from their fat, lazy fingers."

Bird pours himself another glass.

"To our dirty, ugly, little country!"

Bane's eyes stare blankly out at the ocean that laps against his beach.

"This world is weak. Stagnant. The powerful are content. Safe."

He crosses his arms across his chest.

"But with a few chosen words, I will make the ground beneath their feet crumble. I will make the people they trample upon rise against them. They are unworthy of the power they hold. Power is not a birthright. It is to be taken."

Bird pours himself another.

"You have already decided on the next target?"

Bane doesn't turn around, merely waves in the direction of his desk. He can hear Bird going through the papers.

"Gotham? Going straight for the most dangerous city on the planet? Very impressive."

He turns around slowly, towering over his underling.

"Surely you did not think I would be satisfied with being king of this tiny island? No, I want more than that."

Bird grins up at him.

"Of course. So how will be proceed? Shall I send agents to secure a foothold?"

Bane stares emotionlessly down at the arrogant man.

"No. We will go ourselves, immediately. I am not looking to cut myself a slice of the city's underworld. Not yet."

His henchman stares up in confusion.

"What? But who will sit on the throne here? What is in Gotham that requires us to go personally?"

Bane calmly grabs him by the throat and hoists him into the air.

"You did well in our operations here, Bird. In this little playground you are very capable. But you have not proven yourself to me yet. You are valuable, but not indispensable. I am not your friend. I do not want to hear your doubts. I want you to listen. I want you to obey. Do you understand me?"

Bird gives a tiny nod, a nervous smile on his lips.

"Your word is law. "

Bane slowly puts him back down.

"Good. We will not claim ground in Gotham yet. At first we will only research. There is a man whom the city fears. He has fought the organizations, he has fought infamous assassins, he has fought dozens of strange and dangerous foes who have risen up just to challenge him. And so far, he has never lost. A worthy champion. A man widely regarded as the most dangerous alive."

The huge man grabs a newspaper and shows the front page to his underling with a cold smile.

"When I beat this man, and show his battered body to his people, the city will crumble before me. I will be their new bogeyman. Their new master. I am now the king of a worthless island. But soon, Bird, I will be the king of hell."

He pours another glass and hands it to Bird, who is still rubbing his neck.

"Go on, Bird. Drink. To Bane."