Gwonam Quits

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

In Hyrule Castle, King Harkinian was busy eating his DINNER from Burger King, while Link was trying to hit on Princess Zelda as usual. However, all that stopped when Gwonam arrived on his orange carpet.

"Hey, Gwonam's here early," Link commented as he smiled his usual, retarded way.

Gwonam looked up, having a somewhat more serious face than before. He coughed a bit, and approached The King.

"Your Majesty," Gwonam started as he bowed, "I've decided to quit."

The King halted, his jaw dropping as he dropped a drumstick in awe. His right eye twitched as he couldn't speak.

"W-w-w-w-w-w-" The King began spazzing, his eyes changing into different colors.

Gwonam rubbed the back of his head as he then handed the King a signed letter, of which stated his status. "As you can see, Harkinian, I'm tired to squadalahing myself here to Hyrule over and over again. You're going to have to find someone else," He stated.

The King objected, grabbing Gwonam by the neck. "You piece of ungrateful crap. How dare you object to me!"

It was then that the Illegals guy popped up in the window. "This IS legal, you know," He stated, shrugging as he shook his head.

The King only stood speechless as Gwonam smirked and made his way out of Hyrule Castle, heading for a nice, long vacation around the world. Zelda was worried, wondering how she and Link could get to Koradai without Gwonam's help.