Daisy's New Technique

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Waluigi was walking around his house in the Mushroom Kingdom, soon planning a trip back to his private, wonderous home on his island. As he was trying to think of something to do, Princess Daisy ran by, curious to see Waluigi.

"Hey Wally, watch this!" Daisy called out as she grunted, closing her eyes as she farted loudly, orange flowers popping up behind her butt. Opening her eyes, and glancing at her flowery rear, she smiled and looked at Waluigi, stating, "Pretty cool, huh? Peach taught me how to stylize my own farts!"

Waluigi gave Daisy a blank stare.

Daisy frowned, rubbing her right elbow as a tree branch broke off, missing her by two inches. "Something wrong, Waluigi? Did I disturb you or something?"

"...LOOK OUT!!" Waluigi screamed as he pushed Daisy out of the way, almost being ran over by an ice cream truck.

Getting up, Daisy watched as the ice cream truck sped towards the western direction. Gasping, she clenched Waluigi by the arm and pleaded, "Oh, can we please go get some ice cream, Wally, canwecanwecanwe-"

"No!" Waluigi spat out as he pushed Daisy away from him, putting out a ping pong paddle as he started smacking the purple ball with the pong, "Leave me be. I got stuff to be doing."

Daisy frowned as she sighed. "Very well, then," She stated as she made herself entertained by continuing to fart out orange flowers, which was enough to make the tomboyish princess forget all about ice cream.