Camp Catchemall

Hey I've decided I would also try an OC story—just because I think the dynamic is so interesting.

The story is going to be a pokemon summer camp story—involving training, battling, and lots of touring during the countryside. The camp is four months long, and every month the camp switches locations. (maybe cities, maybe islands, maybe regions, I haven't decided)

If you'd like to submit an OC please fill out this form:


Age: (14-19 please, unless you're creating a counselor)

Sex: (male or female ONLY)



Home City:

PKMN (six only, and don't list the friggin attacks please):


Ambitions: (Trainer? Coordinator? Breeder?)

Desired Part: (Main character? Villian? Ally? Counselor? Camper?)

Please submit one and I'll start writing once I have 4!



Name: Hiro Taminama

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: Hiro is very peculiar. He absolutely loves practical jokes and will go to great measures to pull them off. On top of that, he's an extreme flirt. Hiro can almost always be seen drinking black coffee and reading classic literature. But underneath this wild and flirtatious exterior lies a guy who is insecure, and carrying a tortured past. This version of Hiro can be seen if someone gets through his defenses and holds a place in his heart. Despite his past Hiro loves to smile and laugh. He's the guy everyone loves to hate. He also can be a bit forgetful. In order to remember information, he snaps his fingers (from pinkie to pointer) three times. He is very interested in people and studies them constantly. Hiro is also intuitive and can occasionally sense thoughts and feelings. Hiro likes to play the guitar and usually serenades passing women with a surprisingly good singing voice. He is grossed out by steak and refuses to eat it. He also shies away from fried foods (minus dumplings) He is compassionate and inspired but is notorious for slacking off when he thinks no one is watching. Hiro lastly can be a very jealous person and attacks others when he feels threatened.

Appearance: Hiro is 6 feet tall and very skinny. He has short black hair that is styled in a fohawk. He wears v-necks almost constantly and tight black skinnies. Hiro has a fetish, of sorts, for bracelets. Every kind- saints bracelets, friendship bracelets, leather cuffs, beaded stretchy bracelets, etc and can be seen even showering with these bracelets on. Occasionally, when He doesn't want to deal with his hair he straps on a black bandana with a white half pokeball on it. Hiro has a light olive skin tone and odd eyes. His left eye is a cloudy blue while his right is brown. He lost his sight in a childhood accident in his left eye. He had braces and headgear for four years and the result is perfect white teeth. It is rumored that he has a rayquasa tattooed on his butt but this is neither confirmed or denied. He always is wearing the same belt with a red pokeball buckle and his pokemon clipped to it. The only object he carries around is a simple black backpak.

Aspirations: Trainer

Home City: Celadon City (Kanto)


Jolteon (Kanto) Hiro's starter pokemon and his best friend. Jolteon is powerful and hates being in its pokeball.

Charizard (Johto) Charizard was a charmeleon when Hiro traded a croconaw for it. Charizard is used for travel mostly.

Torterra (Sinnoh) Traded a powerful gengar for this beast. Torterra is fast and loves to torment smaller pokemon.

Drifloon (Sinnoh) Was an accident, really. The poor thing wouldnt stop following him so he caught it as his own.

Flareon (Kanto) Volatile to those that displease it. A bit of a sadist, but very affectionate. Unyielding in battle.

Mudkip (Hoenn) Hiro is an honarary member of the B-Button League for this little guy. He's full potential.

Family: Nozomi Taminama (Mother), Poke Stylistm, Daisuke Taminama (Father) Pokemon breeder, Yumi Yokomaru (Aunt), Pokemon coordinator, and Shizune Taminama (younger sister). Hiro's family were killed in a brutal car crash when he was six years old. His sister wasn't wearing a seatbelt and his parents were hit dead on. It was a miracle Hiro survived.