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Warning: this is an angsty chapter

"See you when the stars align."

The group of injured campers fled the Sky Tower with haste. Magden lead the group on Ho-oh, and AC brought up the rear on Lugia's back. Their marks and pokemon shimmered in the gloomy throes of twilight.

"Down there! The bus!" Sid yelled. Magden dove with Ho-oh and began the group's descent. Melody was on top of the blackened vehicle with her Zangoose. Her blonde hair stuck out in sporadic spikes and her white shirt was torn at the sleeve. Ho-oh cried out a melancholic tune, and various campers cautiously poked their heads out of the bus' windows.

"Magden?!" Melody's jaw dropped as Ho-oh and Lugia landed before her. "—And AC?!" she flipped off of the roof and approached the wounded fighters.

"Cameron is gone, Melody," Vick began, sliding off Dragonite's bleeding back. He stumbled and fell to his knees. Melody froze.

"What do you mean he's gone?" Tarkov roared. He slammed open the sliding doors and stomped his way to Vick. "That man fought with us in the Great Reverse World War! He saved all of our lives, yours included, Private Tatter!" Tarkov, flush with anger, slipped right back into his military mindset. The old General gripped the pink-haired man's arm and yanked him to his feet. "Well?!"

Vick fumbled for words, and could not find the strength to speak. He slumped in the General's grasp and fell unconscious. Magden slid off of Ho-oh's back and approached the screaming counselor.

"General Tarkov, what Vick is saying is partially true. When AC and I reached the Sky Tower, Cameron was already there. It was as if he was—" she broke off to find the right word.

"Waiting," AC supplied. Magden nodded, and the red glow around her marked dimmed as she frowned. While the celestial trainers filled the remaining counselors in on what happened, the campers unloaded the wounded. Johnny Rotten pulled stretchers from the underbelly of the bus, and set them up for Itachi and Vick. Fortuna, aiding Reiji, tended to the wounded pokemon. Hiro and Jolteon walked back to the bus. Kame, realizing her brother was on a stretcher, shrieked and bolted outside.

"Tell me what the hell happened!" she demanded, protectively grasping the hand of her sleeping brother.

"Itachi sort of…died?" Shane supplied weakly. Kame's eyes widened. "No! No he's still breathing obviously, look at him—Ho-oh resurrected him. He fell into Groudon's magma and Ho-oh pulled him out." Kame swallowed the lump in her throat and let her tears fall freely.

"This is all too much," she squeaked quietly. "What did I do to deserve all of this?" She wasn't explicitly saying it, but she was referring to her troubles with Hiro as well.

"Is everyone in here all right?" he asked. Jolteon leapt into the driver's seat. Sounds of affirmation floated from the rows of seats and Hiro relaxed a little. He glanced outside with his good eye and stopped to watch Kame and Itachi.

I don't know what happened to us, Kame…

Hiro turned to go back outside with Jolteon in tow. Kame watched him with teary eyes as he left.

Outside, Riley sat with Hiro on the edge of the roadside cliff. Their chests leaned against the guard rail and their feet dangled over the waters below. Melody had broken down in tears now, and cried audibly. This was an unsettling sight to camper and counselor alike. With a stony face, Tarkov turned to address the company.

"Attention everyone! I am officially declaring a state of emergency!" Tarkov's cheeks flared bright red in anger as he got in the driver's seat of the bus. Following his cue, everyone with the exception of Hiro and Riley filed into their seats. The two older boys called forth their Charizards.

"Our first stop is returning to the hospital. We're going to transport our wounded there and collect ourselves for the night. We have suffered many casualties, and there are only more to come." Tarkov shoved the bus in gear and began driving down the road.

"I can't make anyone stay who does not wish to. No hard feelings," said Tarkov, glancing back at his campers through the rear-view mirror. Many were watching him.

"For those who do stay, realize you are a part of history now. We must stop Team Orion and avenge the lives of those we lost," Melody said through her tears. Her icy eyes were swollen and red from crying. Shane patted his fellow counselor on her shoulder, and she grasped his hand and squeezed.

"We have no idea which day the stars in Orion's belt will completely align, but we know this day is coming quickly." Shane pointed to the early evening sky, where Orion's constellation was reaching over the horizon. "Team Orion has every piece of the prophecy now, and can summon the beast at any moment."

"Do you think the beast is a pokemon?" Setsuna speculated. Everyone looked to one another in puzzlement.

"If it is, it is no pokemon that I have ever heard of," Reiji mused. "One that will drink the blood of humans and pokemon alike? One that must be summoned by murder sacrifices? That doesn't sound like any pokemon in existence, even in the most outrageous legendary stories!"

"You have a point there, Reiji," Talia chimed in, her voice flat. "The beast in my vision was no pokemon. It was a dark and disgusting creature…If it truly was Orion's beast, perhaps it was before the time of Pokemon. Maybe it was a horrible mutation." Her words hung in the silence, bringing with them a sense of despair.


Above the bus, Riley and Hiro flew through the night air. It was a warm August evening with a cloudless sky. The further they distanced themselves from the Sky Tower, the warmer it seemed to get.

"Hey." Hiro swooped closer to Riley and his shiny Charizard.

"Hey yourself, dude. What's wrong? I mean other than the obvious horrors that happened today," Riley sighed.

"I never told you what happened at the Seafloor Cave, did I? With Miracle?" Hiro asked. Riley shook his head.

"Right after she got hit she told me she loved me, and kissed me on my freaking mouth," Hiro said bluntly, staring ahead with wide eyes. Riley reared up his Charizard and stopped, causing Hiro to stop with him. The bus chugged along without them.

"Dude what?!" Riley shouted, incredulous. Hiro shushed him frantically.

"Shut up, dude. The bus is too far ahead, no one will hear us," Riley said. "But what the hell? Miracle? Really? You're caught up with three chicks now?"

Hiro opened his mouth to protest, but found himself closing it. There were three girls, weren't there? First Kame, who he adored as a person and had gone through so much with. Fortuna, who had been his childhood sweetheart, and a girl he had always been attracted to. But Miracle? Hiro never really felt anything other than friendship with her, but apparently she had another idea.

"I wonder if Kame knows about that, "Riley said. The two boys coaxed their Charizards to catch up to the bus, where they conversed quietly.

"You're the drama king, man," Riley decided. Jolteon chortled with laughter. Hiro turned to glare at the electric type.

"I don't want to make any new attachments, man. The world may go to shit in the next month…how am I supposed to deal with girls?"

"What is this, I hear? Hiro, the ladies man, asking me for girl advice?" Riley chuckled.

"Don't make me kick your ass, man. You're my best friend but that don't mean shit." Hiro spat over Charizard's side. "I think Kame hates me now…and it still bothers me. But there's another part of me that doesn't want to be treated like that, yknow? Like if she has a problem with us, why does she still try? I care about her, that's for sure, but she's got it into her head that I don't care, and it's turning her into a bitter bitch, frankly." Riley raised his eyebrows at this.

"Harsh words, Hiro. You never got brutal with this girl before." Riley lead his Charizard a little higher, and Hiro followed suit. Tarkov turned the bus down the cliff road and onto the highway. They boys had to speak a little louder over the traffic below.

"I don't know, Riles. You know me. Nothing phases me!"

"That's a lie—you can get pretty hot tempered."

"Shut your mouth, you ass."

"See what I mean?" Hiro rolled his eyes. He thought back to the first day he had met Kame. He got annoyed with the poor girl because he thought she was staring at his eye. He reached with a long finger to brush the dead eye on the left side of his face. It felt the same as his right, except the only sensation it registered was darkness.

"I like her, Ri. I just don't see it working out anymore, though." Riley shrugged and looked to his best friend.

"Sometimes things don't work out. It all comes down to bad timing. Imagine what your relationship would be like if Team Orion never existed."

Hiro pondered this. While it's true that they might have had a better chance without Orion's interference, it was also true that the prophecy brought them together. They still had a world to save, whether they were dating or not. Hiro sighed deeply, and looked up at Orion overhead.

"You're a real dick, yknow that?" he cursed the constellation quietly.


Inside the blackened bus, there were hushed conversations. While there was no reason to be quiet, it seemed as if no one wanted to disturb anyone else. Near the front of the bus, James and Venice sat tangled in each other's arms. Venice was awake now, and listened to the rhythmic heartbeat of the boy beside her. He pressed his lips to the top of her hair, breathing in its sweet scent.

"Venice?" he whispered into her dark locks. She shifted, looking at him through her emerald eyes. "I need to ask you something important…" his brown hair fell in front of his blue eyes as he mustered up the courage to speak.

"I care about you more than I care about myself. I know we both have had bad pasts, but we have so much time to make up for it in our futures. My only problem is, I want to make our futures just one future, at least for now. I know it's not some romantic way of asking, but will you go out with me?" James dared to meet her gaze, and saw that Venice's eyes were brimming with tears. She answered with a kiss.

"Of course!" she screamed, causing the entire bus to jump. She snuggled into his warm chest, kissing the spot over his head. James was thankful that the bus was dark because it was hiding his burning cheeks. Shane turned around from his bench and winked at his baby brother. James rolled his eyes and winked back.


The hospital's bright red "H" shone like a beacon for the members of Camp Catchem'all. Hiro and Riley charged ahead and landed in the main parking lot.

"I gotta piss like a racehorse," Riley muttered, walking into the bushes surrounding the lot. Hiro was left with his thoughts and the sound of Riley forcefully peeing in the dirt. The bus pulled in, skidding on two wheels before stopping in three parking spaces. Everyone trekked out of the bus and headed towards the fluorescent lighting of the hospital's main building. The brits, James, Shane, and Tarkov all carried the stretchers.

"Melody, take the campers across the street to the Ryokan there," Tarkov jerked his chin towards the inn and Melody nodded.

"Gather your stuff from under the bus, everyone. Let's get moving." Her voice sounded dead and hollow. It was surprising, what the loss of a friend could do to a person. Perhaps she cared more about Cameron than she felt like letting on. She and Cameron always were at odds with each other back in their military days. She could even say they were mean to each other. But now, looking back, she saw it was all in good fun, and that Cameron never hesitated to stand up and fight for her, or their comrades. She wiped away another burning tear and pulled her pack out of the bus' front seat.

"Melody, can I go see Kai? Please?" Riley was doing a strange dance as he stumbled out of the bushes, pulling his belted jeans this way and that.

"Jesus, Hansen. Couldn't wait five more minutes for a bathroom? Go." He pumped his fist in the air and thanked his counselor as he ran after the stretcher group. Hiro hung towards the back of the pack, walking with Fortuna and Joe. He could feel the cousins both staring at him from time to time, but the half-blind boy kept his attention on Jolteon's spiny fur. Melody filed her campers into the small Ryokan across the street from the hospital. The kind old couple who owned the place ushered them into the few spare rooms they had.

"Did you hear what happened at the Sky Pillar, miss?" The old woman asked conversationally. Melody nodded.

"Tragic! That Team Orion team injured a lot of innocent people! That's why our inn is so booked, unfortunately. I wish we had more rooms to give." She looked wistfully at the computer on her desk, clicking around to see if there was anything she could do.

"No problem, ma'am, we're used to close quarters. As long as you don't mind we double up," Melody said, fishing her wallet out of the pack around her waist. The old woman waved her hand nonchalantly and assured her it was no problem.

"These are dark days we live in now, miss. My Missdreavous has been restless for days! It's almost as if she knew this was going to happen!" The old woman insisted. She pushed her half-spectacles up her nose and clicked around some more. Melody handed her a credit card to put on file, and soon she had a few room keys.

"The kitchen is closed for the night, but there are a lot of restaurants open late around the hospital!" She offered kindly. Melody smiled, took the room keys from her, and distributed them.

"I don't care where or who you all bunk with. I don't care anymore. If you give these nice old people trouble, there will be consequences to pay. You all have your camp money for this week still, correct?" The campers all chimed in with their yeses. "Wonderful. Go get yourselves some food. I'm going to be in the spa." Melody took her own room key and walked down the hallway, shoving the key in the lock and slamming the door behind her. Everyone solemnly split up and divided themselves into the various rooms.

James, Venice, Rejij, and Setsuna had claimed one room. There was still space for two on the floor, so Hiro asked if he and Riley could join. The blind boy unrolled his sleeping bag and laid it on top of a futon mattress from the closet. He rummaged through Riley's things and set his up as well. The room had two double beds and wide hallway between them.

Kame, Talia, Berane, Joe, and Emily took another room, which was fit with two sets of bunk beds. Joe slept on a futon by the window. Emily released her Delkatty and clambered up to the top bunk.

"Aren't you hungry, Em?" Kame asked. Emily sat up from under the faded covers and shook her head.

"I don't want to eat much…I don't feel so good. You guys go on without me, okay?" she smiled weakly and burrowed back into the sheets. Everyone shrugged and got ready to meet in the lobby. The Brits would be saddled in a room with Tarkov and Shane. Melody politely requested a room of her own. She heard her campers giggling in the hallway about the sleeping arrangements and felt a stab of pain in her heart. She wished she was young again. Well, younger at least. She drew a small bath in her room and slid into the warm water. She drew her knees to her chest, picked at a scab on her left knee, and rested her forehead on them. Tears slipped from her eyes freely, and a small sob racked her shoulders. Her Zangoose. Ricochet, laid a clawed paw on the edge of the tub and sighed with her master.


In one of the Ryokan's rooms, Emily waited until she could no longer see the crowd of campers walking in the parking lot. She then pulled out her cell phone and called her mother.

"Mom? Are you there? I want to come home."


There was a small chain of restaurants along the street facing the hospital. Next to a McDonald's was a late-night pho and boba joint, which is where the majority of the campers went. Joe insisted on getting a Happy Meal, so he walked next door.

"Welcome to Pho Ha Noi!" The cashier chirped as the C.C. crowd piled in. The campers sat down and grabbed some laminated menus that were shoved between the napkin holders and the wall.

"I can't read a damn thing on 'ere!" Johnny squinted at the Vietnamese writing under each menu item.

"Oi, it's in English on the back, you twit." Sid rolled his eyes and scanned the food choices. The waitress came over to the first table and took everyone's orders.

"Okay, so I have five rare steak phos, one seafood surprise, three orders of eggrolls, and a thai tea latte?"

"Who ordered the thai tea? I want one!" Venice yelled. Soon an entire round of thai teas, some with boba, some without, were wheeled out to the C.C. tables, much to the exhaustion of the barista behind the counter. Hiro sipped on his, swallowing the miniature tapiocas as they traveled up his straw. He looked up and saw Kame glaring at him over her bowl of pho. He made an effort to glare right back. The look caught her off guard, and her steely gaze slipped for a moment. She looked down at her soup with embarrassment on her face.

Joe, burst through the door, setting off a chain of bells. He plopped himself beside Fortuna at the table. Joe opened up his happy meal and growled.

"What the hell? They gave me a girl toy!" He gingerly picked a doll out of the bag and threw it on the table. The campers broke into laughter.

"Maybe they gave you a girl's toy because your hair is so long, little punk!" Fortuna lifted a piece of Joe's long hair with slender fingers. Joe swatted her hand away and unwrapped his cheeseburger with a huff.

James cleared his throat loudly, and the attention was pulled away from Joe. The brown-haired boy raised his thai tea and smiled at Venice beside him.

"I'd like to make a toast. I know that some of us aren't here anymore, and most of us have fought valiantly over the past couple months. Some of us have found our own strength, and some of us have found strength in others," he paused to kiss Venice on the cheek. "—but most of all, we've grown up. We're ready to take on Orion and the world and whatever the eff else anyone throws at us. So let's honor those we have lost, and those we still have." He shook his drink and took a long sip. Everyone else raised their plastic cups and did the same. Throughout the entire speech, Kame and Hiro stared at each other. Nothing was said between them that night.


In the hospital, it seemed as if Camp Catchem'all had made reservations in the ICU. Hunter was sleeping fitfully beside Itachi, Kai, and Miracle. Riley's head was resting on the side of her hospital bed, and Kai stroked his hair absently. The North Wind whispered in her mind, but she ignored it.

Tarkov was in the hallway with Shane and Vick, who had been released from the ER earlier. They were talking with Miracle's doctor.

"Well, Mr. Tarkov, it looks as if Miracle has suffered extreme brain hemorrhaging. We've managed to stabilize her condition for the time being, but she must remain in an induced coma in order to begin the road to recovery. We can't say if or when she will wake."

Tarkov looked out of a hall window and spotted the McDonald's across the street. He took a long breath and whispered, "There's no way anyone will let this camp continue after this year." Vick and Shane shared a worried look.

"It was a good idea, General," Vick assured his comrade.

"All I wanted was to see the regions one more time…before I completely retired, yknow? But then that band of assholes Team Orion got involved….children died. It's all my fault." Tarkov slunk into a tattered chair and buried his face in his hands. His great shoulders shuddered, and the two other counselors realized that Nikolas Tarkov was crying. The doctor respectfully pretended like he had business elsewhere and left the three veterans alone.

"How is it your fault? We're trying to stop these monsters!" Shane insisted. The veins in Tarkov's arms were raised now.

"I'm going to murder that gold-eyed freak. I'm going to wring his neck with my bare hands, so help me Arceus," he swore. Vick and Shane stared at their General solemnly, and gave him their support. It was time to bring Team Orion and their horrid leader to justice.


Magden and AC were perched atop the hospital. They rested in the shimmery glow of their marks and legendary companions.

"It's funny how we don't need much sleep anymore," AC said, running a hand through his jet-black hair. He had ditched the loose, airy clothing of the monks and opted for his old garb: his black basketball shorts and his blue sleeveless hoodie. Magden hummed absentmindedly, running a comb through her wiry curls.

"Ever since our training in the spirit world, it seems like we can survive without sleeping or eating for a few days at a time," Magden commented, eyes scanning the horizon. AC released his pokemon and pulled a container of pokemon food out of his pack. Crobat, Magmar, and Sandslash munched happily beside their master.

Ho-oh and Lugia were having their own telepathic conversation whilst their companions rested. The great bird spread its rainbow wings and turned to its partner.

The chances of this crisis being avoided are slim to none. Lugia looked up at Orion's constellation wistfully.

Our brothers have abandoned rationality. They have let hatred and power into their souls. Ho-oh shivered at the thought of darkness consuming the world once more. Lugia heard these thoughts, and remembered the era of shadows so appropriately named for when Orion the Hunter had actually lived.

Do you remember the beast? Lugia asked. Ho-oh nodded and pictured the grotesque monstrosity.

Its heart was nothing but evil. An emptiness in the beast was so vast that it could do nothing but consume humans and pokemon to try and fill it. Lugia saw a flash of its horrid claws and contorted features, and shook his head to rid it of the memory.

If we cannot prevent this tragedy, we must do all we can to fight back. The two legendaries opened their minds to include the young trainers at their feet. It was decided then that Magden and Ho-oh would remain in the material world to protect the camp, and that Lugia and AC were to travel to the spirit world, in hopes of summoning the brethren who still walked in the light.

Magden and AC's goodbye was a brief kiss that made their marks flash brightly. Magden relished the cool feeling of AC's lips upon her burning skin, and slid her arms around his muscled neck.

"Come back to me," she whispered. AC kissed her again.

"Don't I always?" The couple broke their embrace and AC recalled his pokemon. He approached Lugia and bowed, ever respectful, and was rewarded with a bow in return. AC mounted Lugia's white neck and the legendary sang one, reverberating note. The sound opened a gate into the spirit world, and Lugia flew into its cosmic depths.


Back in the pho restaurant, Fortuna picked apart a spring roll, deliberately removing a piece of shrimp. She dipped it in peanut sauce and threw it at Hiro's cheek. It landed on his blind side with a wet smack. Hiro stood stock-still, and the entire table halted its conversation.

"You're dead, Nocturne!" Hiro smirked, looking at his plate for sufficient ammo. He frowned when he saw none. "Actually, you live to see another day." His wide grin made the table sigh in relief; everyone expected Hiro to go ballistic. Fortuna giggled and reached across the table with her napkin and delicately wiped the peanut sauce off of Hiro's olive skin. The gesture was gentle, and somewhat sexually charged. Kame, seeing this, stood up furiously and stomped towards the door.

"Hey Kame! Where are you going?" Talia pushed out of her chair and ran after her friend. In a tight, controlled voice, Kame replied: "I'm gonna go see Itachi."

Johnny, seeing his golden opportunity, went to go comfort her. Hiro pretended not to notice, stifling his rage by digging his nails into the leg of his black skinny jeans. This caused a few of his many bracelets to tighten around his forearm to the point of discomfort.

Fortuna sat back at her seat and smiled sheepishly. She had forgotten that all of the attention was on her and Hiro when she touched his face. Talia wheeled back to Hiro and grabbed him by the collar of his faded grey v-neck.

"What's the big idea, Taminama?" Coming from the kind-hearted platinum blonde, this sort of behavior was completely abnormal.

"What do you mean, what's the big idea?" He spat back sarcastically. He looked around the two tables of his friends. "Why is everyone making me out to be the bad guy in this?" Berane acted extremely preoccupied with a doodle he was drawing on a napkin, Joe actually opened the doll toy from McDonald's to have something to do, and Setsuna and Reiji were engulfed in her laptop.

"You're hurting her, don't you get it?" Talia's burnt orange eyes flashed in anger and Hiro calmly pulled his shirt out of her small hands.

"Does anyone ever think that she may be hurting me, too? It's not just me! It takes two to tango, y'know, and at some point she has to meet me halfway!" he snarled. Sid stared at him wide-eyed, and James bit off the end of a crunchy egg roll that sounded like a rockslide in the awkward silence of the room. Out of the corner of his good eye, Hiro could tell that even the waitresses were eavesdropping.

"Hiro, you don't understand how her mind works," Venice said flatly. "She's really insecure, and seeing you flirt with everything that has a pulse hurts her!" Her green eyes bore into Hiro's mismatched ones.

"I don't understand her? I really care about her, and she's told me all about herself! I've spent months trying to make her see how beautiful she really is, and it all looks like it's for nothing now! She's convinced I'm over her. I almost want to say it's at the point to where she despises me. And going off with your dirty perverted friend—" he pointed at Sid. "—Is a low blow. If she wants to hurt me, she's doing a damn good job of pushing me away and dangling that British prick in front of my face. Just because I'm a little flirtatious doesn't mean she has to go burning the bridge we built." He angrily picked up his bowl and chugged the remaining broth, slamming it back down on the table.

"I'll be back at the Ryokan if anyone else wants to demonize me," he said icily. Jolteon hopped down from the bench and trotted after his master. Talia turned to Fortuna.

"We all know that you and Hiro were sweethearts or whatever the heck you want to call it. But Hiro and Kame are going through some stuff, and it would help if you just stayed out of it for a while."

"Well, Talia, it looks to me like you all are involving yourselves in their business, right? How can you tell me not to when I'm not meddling at all? Hiro and Kame never were officially dating, so you can't crucify me either. I don't want anything serious right now, and Hiro is my closest friend apart from Joe in this camp. So please, back off, and maybe take your own advice." Fortuna scooped up her purse and left the restaurant as well, hoping to catch up with her childhood friend. The remainder of the camp meal took place in a loaded, awkward silence.


Who are we going to ask for help? AC projected this thought to Lugia. They were journeying through the spirit world, where the sky dropped into an endless abyss below them. Stars studded the chasm of darkness, and above them swirled energy that was not unlike the Northern Lights AC had seen as a child.

From this place we will venture into the Reverse world, to beseech Girantina to aid us. Lugia replied, and changed his course towards a purple portal in the distance.

Are you friends with Giratina?

There is a mutual respect between us, but I would not call us comrades. Pray he will not anger when I suggest including Palkia and Dialga as well. AC heard a screech coming from the portal ahead of them, and braced himself for dimensional travel. Traveling through different dimensions always made AC horribly nauseous—it felt as if he was being dragged through a garden hose. Lugia beat through the portal with ease, and they were released into the Reverse World. Having entered through the roof of the hospital, they found themselves back in the parking lot—only everything was backwards. It took the two companions a minute before their equilibriums synced to the reversed gravity of Giratina's world. Green and purple haze blurred the distance, and everywhere their feet touched made the ground ripple like water. Lugia raised his white head and sang into the Reverse World, announcing itself.

Giratina cut through the air like a knife, maneuvering his serpentine body through the backwards buildings and trees and stopped abruptly before them. The golden spikes around its body seemed to tighten upon seeing AC, and it bowed its great head to look upon him.

Brother, you have brought a human to my domain.

Lugia did not break his gaze. I did indeed.

Do you remember what happened the last time humans were here?!

Lugia ignored Giratina's anger and calmly proceeded. I have marked this human as my companion. He has trained in the spirit world, mastering the power within him. We need your help, brother, for the world that creates yours is in danger. Giratina shifted from his Sky form and landed on the concrete, causing an echo that seemed to reverberate for miles. The two legendaries shared an intense look.

The prophecy does not concern you or I, brother, reminded Giratina.

It is our job to protect our worlds, whether we are summoned for duty or not! Lugia accompanied his mental speech with a furious roar. Giratina didn't even flinch. If you do not come, the fate of the Reverse World is doomed!

Why would I care about that? Giratina retorted. I can just go live in some other dimension. AC didn't buy Giratina's last statement, his mind could detect a waver in the great Pokemon's emotions.

"We also need to get Dialga and Palkia to help!" AC blurted.

NO! Giratina bellowed. Lugia turned to glare at AC, who blushed scarlet.

Look at it this way, brother. Lugia said soothingly. If the Reverse world does indeed get destroyed, perhaps Arceus will lock you in Dialga's and Palkia's realm, as punishment for letting your dimension go to waste. Lugia shrugged and turned his back on Giratina, headed for the portal.

I'm sure you'll be able to survive eternity with them.

At this rather sassy comment, Giratina hissed in the back of its throat—a tearing, guttural noise that made AC's hair stand on end. They were almost to the portal when another roar resounded.

Wait! Wait, brothers. Giratina shifted into Sky Form and joined the celestial pair.

I will aid you. But I will not travel to those two idiots' realm. The stress would kill me before I even had a chance to help. Lugia and AC laughed, and disappeared back into the spirit world.


Underneath the fluorescent lights of the hospital, Vick thought Hunter's shiny green hair was as beautiful as ever. He wished she would open her eyes so he could appreciate them as well. On the nightstand were her bright yellow hiking heels, carefully rested on her folded jacket, sports bra, and tight black pants. A plastic bowl held her pokeballs. Vick wheeled the doctor's stool over to her bedside, and grasped her warm, now gloveless, hands.

"You look pretty good even in this ugly gown," Vick smiled, fingering the coarse material. He watched her chest rise and fall steadily, and surveyed the monitor that tracked her vitals.

"Wake up, Hunter. Don't you want to call me an idiot and punch me in the shoulder? Don't you want to slap me for staring at you for too long?" Vick brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it over and over.

"I have a confession to make, Hunter." Vick wheeled and yanked the curtain in front of the doorway to give himself more privacy.

"Watching you fall from Tropius was one of the scariest moments of this entire summer," he breathed. "It made me realize how much you mean to me, even if you do hate me." A single tear leaked from Vick's right eye and rolled onto Hunter's thumb. He rested his head on the edge of the gurney and laid there for a moment, breathing heavily. Unbeknownst to Vick, Hunter fluttered open her eyes. She awoke to feel wetness on her hand, which was currently clutched in Vick's. At first, she felt anger. But when she realized Vick was holding her hand—not restraining it—and that Vick was crying—something stirred inside her that she didn't know was there.

"I won't make it if you don't wake up," he mumbled feebly, voice cracking. Hunter's heart panged.

Do I pretend I'm asleep and milk this? Or do I comfort him, too? The green haired-counselor found herself in a corner, which is something that she personally made sure never to be in. She reminded herself that Vick was a pompous prat who always did inappropriate things around her. It was impossible to see her comrade as something more…or was it? Hunter recalled the night where she bawled in a hot spring atop Mt. Chimney. Vick found her and brought her into his arms, not asking any questions. The two had barely interacted in that way since then.

She closed her eyes, feigning sleep, and twitched her hand. Vick shot up in his seat at the movement.

"Hunter? Are you awake?" Hunter couldn't help but hear the sad desperation in her fellow counselor's voice. He dropped her hand and cupped her cheek in the same motion. Hunter opened her eyes wearily, and Vick's heart leapt.

"H-hey, Tatter," she whispered. Hunter mentally kicked herself. She didn't expect her voice to be so weak. She then leaned her face into his hand. Vick laughed with tears in his eyes.

"I thought you weren't going to wake up." Vick slowly leaned forward, gauging Hunter's reaction. On the monitor beside them, Hunter's heart started to race. Their lips were about to meet when a nurse yanked back the curtain.

"Oh my! Ms. Larsen is awake!" The nurse, thoroughly embarrassed, pulled the curtain back and rushed off to tell the doctor.

"They probably thought I was having a heart attack in here," Hunter flushed, looking at the monitor. They both smiled and leaned back in when the doctor entered.

"That's enough, Mr. Tatter. We can't have too much excitement for Hunter just yet." The bearded doctor shooed him and Hunter pouted. So much for the moment.


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