It was a chilly December morning. Outside, frost had made the ground hard and crunchy. Inside the Davis house, Woody climbed the stairs, the newspaper crossword under his arm, singing under his breath. "Oh the weather outside is frightful. But the fire is so delightful…"

In the hallway, Mom had pulled down the box of Christmas decorations from the attic. Woody could see that the two flaps were open as he approached. "And since we've no place to go…let it snow! Let it snow! Let it..."

There was a rustle from inside the cardboard box and Woody paused. "Um, hello?" There was another rustle as he came closer. "Hi," he tried again. "Is there someone in there?" A blue crook appeared and hooked the side of the box. Realizing who it was, Woody hurried over to give her a hand. "Careful there, Little Lady!" He said, reaching up to help Bo down.

"Thank you." She batted her eyelashes as the Cowboy placed her on the ground. Woody smiled and blushed. Bo turned back to the box, looking puzzled.

Woody raised his brows. "What is it?"

"It's so peculiar," she said. "The mistletoe's gone."

"The mistletoe?"

"Yes," she looked at him. "I searched that box for twenty minutes and it's not in there. I know that's the carton I placed it in last year, but it's vanished."

"Do you think Mom threw it out?"

"Possibly, but I don't see why."

Woody smiled and put his arm around her, pulling her close. "You know," he said. "We don't really need the mistletoe."

She smiled her pretty smile. "Yeah, I know. But just the same, I wish I knew what happened to it."

Jessie stood with Buzz in the middle of Andy's room. "It's a weed." She said as she looked at the plant in Buzz's hand.

"It's not a weed, its mistletoe." Buzz replied. "The ancient Druids used it in rituals as an antidote to poison. The Romans thought it was good fortune."

Jessie straightened up. "What's that have to do with Christmas?"

"Well, ah…" Buzz colored slightly and cleared his throat. "Tradition states that if two people meet under the mistletoe during the Christmas season, then they're obliged to share a kiss." He raised it over his head and puckered his lips. However, the gesture seemed lost on Jessie.

"I still don't see what that has to do with Christmas!"

"It's just tradition. It's Scandinavian."

"It's dumb!" Jessie argued. "I'm not going to let a little weed tell me who to kiss!"

"It's not a weed!" Buzz objected.

"Whatever." Buzz sighed. Disappointed, he dropped the mistletoe on the ground and shuffled away. Jessie's face softened as she watched him go. Gosh, maybe I was too hard on him. He was just tryin' to show me somethin'…

Suddenly, Buzz came back. Grasping the Cowgirl by the shoulders, he pulled her to him and gave her the kiss of her life. As he broke away, Jessie looked stunned. Buzz smiled. "Yes…" He cheered to himself. Then louder, "YES!" He dashed away, leaving the Cowgirl frozen in place. "WOO HOO!" He screamed.

Woody and Bo had just entered the bedroom as he ran out. "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!" They heard him shout in the hallway. "MERRY CHRISTMAS BEDFORD FALLS!"

Woody looked at Bo with his brows raised. "What's with him?" She shrugged.

Jessie was still frozen as they approached her. "Hey Jess, what's with Buzz?" Woody asked. She didn't move or even blink. The Cowboy waved a hand in front of her face. "Hello? Helloooo?"

Bo looked at her boyfriend, who seemed just as confused. "What's with her?"