Chapter one:

The moment I said it

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"Oh, I'm sorry!"

It happened quickly. A stumble over my own legs, the push of my hands on someone else's back, papers flying, and a flash of red. Not my face, though I can assure you that my face was red, but his eyes. They were red like blood. Deep and brooding. And at the moment, slightly irritated.

We were in the middle of the sidewalk, about five minutes from school, with fellow classmates curiously looking at us as they walked by. I closed my eyes. This is not happening. He was underneath me, just lying there, with one eyebrow slightly raised. I was on top, lying on him in an awkward position where I really wasn't sure where my legs were.

I didn't want to look at his face. I really didn't want to see who I had just humiliated myself in front...on. Why did I have to be so clumsy? Why was it always me that the bad things always happen to?! It was like bad luck just followed me everywhere...

Just take a peek. Did I dare?

Quite gently, I felt a hand flow through my hair and the sexiest voice I had ever heard say. "Hhm...pretty hair. I like the color."

My eyes flew open...and then I saw him. His red eyes stared back at me with light amusement. His mouth was upturned in a smirk. He wasn't uncomfortable at all. I mean...he was lying there like he was in bed. Like some random girl didn't just fall on him from her own clumsiness. And his face? Not tense at all and definitely not like mine. He was totally and completely relaxed.

I had frozen. Mesmerized by his features. And it felt like forever, even though I'm sure only a few seconds had passed.

And then he spoke again.

Slightly tilting his head, full of black hair, against the pavement, he murmured. "Since I detect no intentions of you getting up, we can stay like this all day. I really don't mind. In fact..." He reached up, again, and started to play with a strand of my limp hair. " I prefer it this way."

Judging from my embarrassment, we might have actually stayed that way for a while. That is, until a very familiar voice yelled my name, with something a little too scary to be just be called anger.

"Hinata?! What the hell are you doing?!"

Both the stranger and I turned our heads in the direction the livid voice was coming from. My eyes got a little bit wider and I swear my jaw dropped while the stranger's eyes narrowed and he lost his smirk, replaced by a thin, hard line.

Neji. Oh, God. I would never hear the end of this. He was literally sprinting in our direction!

"It seems like the boyfriend has come to spoil our fun." He tugged on that same strand. "Fun's over." Putting his upper body weight on his arms and elbows, he hoisted himself slightly up. I slightly slid down.

With shaky legs, I somehow stood up. Ignoring the attention we were getting, I smoothed out my skirt. I knew my face was still red and was about to start picking up my papers, but had them handed to me by him.

"T-thank you..." I trailed off quietly, not knowing his name. I put my head down...not daring to look him in the face. He was quiet and I was about to walk away when I felt his finger tilt my face up, giving me no choice but to look at him.

"Try talking to me next time." His red eyes deepened. "And it's Sasuke."

His hand fell limply away and he stuffed it into his pocket. He was a good few feet away when Neji arrived, looking murderous. The only thing I could do was look away guiltily and shrug. But you know, out of the corner of my eye I was watching Sasuke...walk away.

I watched his every footstep.

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