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This is the next installment in the Cursed and Damnation Series….An AU of Season 5

The ringing grew louder and Sam and Dean fell to the floor covering their ears. Brooklyn ran over in a last ditch effort to free her father before Lucifer was completely free. The light was held back by the circle of blood restraining it within a tight column threatening to break free.

Brooklyn fought the hardest she had ever fought in her life as she pulled and tugged at the manacles. Her father looked up with sadness silently pleading with her to go before it was too late. She shook her head and covered his body with hers and closed her eyes as the light grew brighter and ringing grew unbearable for Sam and Dean to withstand. The sound drowned out all other sounds and noises before a deafening silence shut it all off.

She opened her eyes and darted her eyes like a frightened animal. Dean and Sam slowly sat up cringing still at a bright light that didn't exist. It dawned on them they weren't at the convent but on a plane. Brooklyn looked over seeing the same bewildered expressions on both of their faces.

"What the Hell just happened?" Sam asked.

"You're telling me," Brooklyn answered. The other passengers were calm and collected. The hunters felt like a trio of escaped mental patients and smiled awkwardly at the few passengers who had noticed their rather erratic behavior.

"We're not just passing over Ilchester and off to your left is Ellicott City as we begin our initial descent into Baltimore," the captain announced over the intercom.

"Weren't we just in Ilchester?" Brooklyn looked over at Dean.

"So if you'd like to stretch out your legs at this time…." The captain continued in the smooth baritone voice. He looked out ahead to the lights of Baltimore. As he looked serenely over the landscape the sudden burst of light caught him off guard.

"Holy crap!" he hollered out turning the plane hard left.

The plane started rattling frightening the passengers and crew. Dean gripped the arm rests for dear life as the oxygen masks dropped down. Immediately everyone put on the plastic mouthpieces taking in precious air. Dean looked out the window at the bright column shooting from the convent before everything went black. His last thought was of Brooklyn.

"Where the Hell are we now?" Brooklyn looked around seeing they weren't in the Impala but a sedan of some sort. Dean was listening to the radio as reports came in about disasters occurring around the world.

"Massive riots have broken out in every city in Canada while wildfires continue to rage in Texas and New Mexico. Elsewhere in the world North and South Korea had started building weapons arsenals pointed directly at one another….And in other news the Boston Red Sox have won the World Series…"

Brooklyn flipped off the radio in disgust. It was here and it was starting. And where were they? Out somewhere in the middle of freaking nowhere in a damn rental! She sat quietly as the events replayed in her mind. She and Dean had started it….

"Guys what happened back there?" Sam asked.

Brooklyn and Dean looked at one another sharing a shameful look before Dean answered.

"Lilith was the last Seal, Sam. Her death freed Lucifer."

"How?" Sam couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"The demon blood she fed me in the Pit…..She manipulated me and then Dean to kill her," Brooklyn slowly drawled out.

"Dean? How?"

"Brooklyn jumped me and fed me her blood. Lilith did this….She knew we wouldn't do it willingly so she decided to turn Brook into a Manchurian Candidate."

"Oh my god…." Sam sunk back in his seat and covered his face with his hands. Brooklyn turned around seeing the look of betrayal on his face.

"Sam look….." started to say but Sam waved a hand.

"Don't start Brook…we just have to keep keep our asses down and lay low that's all."

"Yeah sure," she didn't believe his words. Dean looked at his brother through the rearview knowing that look.

"Alright well let's figure out how got on Soul Plane," he quickly changed the subject.

"Could it have been the angels? You know trying to beam us out of the way?" Sam offered up.

"I don't think Scotty did that one," Brooklyn doubted.

"Well that's the least of our worries. We need to find Cas," Dean said firmly.

They pulled up to Chuck's house amazed it was still in one piece. Brooklyn knocked then entered calling out Chuck's name.

"Chuck? Hey Chuck you here?" She noticed the house was in total shambles. Furniture and other furnished items were strewn about or broken. Blood was splattered across the walls and papers making Brooklyn think of a scene out of Saw. Dean and Sam looked around the living room stunned at what they say. A creaking sound from the right caught their attention and together they headed to investigate the source. Without warning Chuck jumped from behind the wall smacking Sam hard in the face with a large candlestick.

"Jeez! Ow!" Sam yelped out holding his head with his hand.

"Sam! Dean! Brooklyn!" Chuck was surprised to see them there.

"Hi Chuck," Brooklyn greeted him. Sam just grumbled in irritation.

"So you all are….alive!" He exclaimed.

"Well my head hurts," Sam huffed. Dean thought he was acting like a big girl.

"No, I mean my last vision," he looked directly and Brooklyn and Dean. "You two were like full on Vader! Your body temps were over 150 degrees and your heart rates were way off the charts! And your eyes….Your eyes were black!"

"Your eyes went black?" Sam shot a look at the pair.

"We didn't know," Dean answered quietly. Sam just looked away feeling hurt.

"Where's Cas?" Brooklyn asked hoping he was still around. But Chuck's faced dropped and Brooklyn knew he didn't make it.

"He's dead or gone. The archangel just roared in here and smoked the crap out of him," he placed a hand on Brooklyn's shoulder. "I'm sorry Brook."

Brooklyn nodded and turned away not wanting anyone to see her sorrow. Dean looked at Chuck in disbelief. "Are you sure he just didn't vanish in the light or something?"

"Ah, no," Chuck shook his head, "He like exploded. Like a water balloon full of chunky soup."

Sam felt bad for Castiel. He didn't deserve to go in such a gory way. The hunter looked over and made a gesture at his own hair.

"Uh Chuck you have a…." Chuck put up a hand and felt something hard in his hair.

"Oh…" he pulled it object out and examined it. A wave of sickness washed over him as he realized what he was staring at. "Is that a human molar? Oh god do I have a molar in my hair? Man this has been a stressful day."

"Cas you stupid bastard," Brooklyn muttered under her breath but Dean heard her.

"Brook he was trying to help us," Dean argued but Brooklyn looked up and shook her head.

"Yeah exactly Dean," she quipped, "And now he's dead."

"So what now?" Sam asked deciding to join the conversation. Chuck slowly looked up and felt something coming.

"Oh crap," he said as whispering filled the air, "I can feel them."

"Yeah me too," Brooklyn added.

"Thought we'd find you all here," Zachariah appeared from behind. Brooklyn and Dean turned seeing Zachariah standing with two other angels in Chuck's kitchen.

"Looks like someone brought along the entourage this time," Brooklyn snickered. "What's wrong Zach, can't handle a couple of mere humans all by yourself?"

"Playtime's over. It's time to come with us," he started to approach the pair. Brooklyn stood there ready for a fight but realized something was amiss. The darkness, the thing that had consumed for over a year was gone.

"You just keep your distance asshat," Dean answered angrily.

"Look you two are obviously upset," Zachariah noted.

"Yeah….Maybe just a little," Brooklyn knotted with heavy sarcasm. "You sons of bitches jumpstarted the fucking Apocalypse!"

Zachariah chuckled and shook his head before looking at the hunters. "Maybe we let it happen but we didn't start it right?" He winked at the pair. Sam narrowed his eyes and was flush with anger at the aloof attitude this angel had.

"You two had the chance to stop Lilith but you didn't."

"Oh no, don't you blame this on us," Dean positioned himself in front of Brooklyn.

"Oh wait that's right…Lilith was pulling the strings. But let's not quibble over who started it. Let's all just agree we started it and the Apocalypse is here and we're all back on the same team."

"Oh is that right?" Brooklyn glared daggers at the angel.

"You wanna kill the devil and we want you to kill the devil…It's synergy," Zachariah shrugged.

"And we're just supposed to blindly trust you? After the way you shifted and manipulate us like your own personal chess pieces!?" Dean snarled. "Cram it with walnuts ugly!"

"This isn't a game, son," Zachariah admitted, "Lucifer is powerful in ways that defy description. We need to strike now, hard and fast before he finds his vessel."

"Wait his vessel? Lucifer needs a meat suit?" Sam asked.

"He is an angel," Zachariah reminded them, "Thems the rules. And when he touches down we're talking the Four Horsemen, red oceans, fiery skies and all of the greatest hits. You two can stop him but we need your help."

Brooklyn turned to Dean studying his face before turning back to the angels.

"Now you listen here you two-faced douche. After what you did to me and to Dean we don't want jacksquat from you!"

Zachariah started to become weary with the back and forth bickering and took a more drastic approach.

"Now you listen to me girl! You think you and your husband can rebel against us? Like Lucifer did?" He paused mid sentence noticing Sam's hand was bleeding.

"You're bleeding," he observed. Sam slowly smirked.

"Oh yeah, a little insurance policy in case you dicks showed up," he slid the door open revealing the symbol in blood.

"No!" Zachariah rushed the hunter but Sam slapped his hand on the door. All three angels were pulled away with the arriving blinding flash.

"We learned that from Cas you son of a bitch!" Brooklyn shouted to ceiling. She continued looking up hoping the other angels heard her. "None of you ever gave a damn about my father! I was the only one who tried to help! So you can take your little pissing contest and shove it up your divine asses!"

Brooklyn crumpled on the couch letting her head sit on her arms. Dean sat down beside her and held her as best he could.

"They don't care Dean….They never cared!" She sobbed. "They're all dicks!"

Sam felt the pang of sorrow as he watched her grieve over losing her father. The last bit of family she had was gone. God he knew all too well how that felt.

Chuck sat there as he had seen this part in his vision. He wanted to tell them more but the angels were watching over him keeping him under tight security.

"This sucks ass," he commented.

Gabriel could feel Lucifer circling over him coming closer before appearing in the form of Brooklyn's mother. The red haired woman smiled as she approached the archangel.

"Lucifer…." He growled.

"You never could be fooled by me Gabriel," the fallen angel whispered.

"Stay away from me," he sneered but Lucifer gripped his chin forcing him to look at him.

"Oh no I cannot do that Gabriel. Once I find my vessel and I will, I will be coming for you. And by the way…I know about her and him…" Lucifer looked up at the painting of Michael casting him down.

"If you touch either one…."

"I've heard that one before you know. Remember when I Fell and you stowed her away knowing Azazel was determined to hunt her down? You thought she was safe hidden from me here on Earth. But Azazel found her and she helped to set me free. Lilith's plan worked and now here I am walking the Earth once again."

The archangel cringed at the caress of his former lover but deep down he missed the touch and stolen moments. Lucifer smirked sensing the old feelings rising once again.

"I hate to cut this short but I must go now and pay my vessel a little visit," the fallen angel leaned over kissing Gabriel hard on the lips.

Gabriel was repulsed his beloved Rachel was being defiled in such a manner. Her memory soiled with the touch of Lucifer.

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