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"Dean!" Brooklyn hollered as Tristan slapped his arm. Her tiny face was tight in frustration as her father didn't wake up.

"Daddy!" She smacked as hard as her tiny hands would allow.

"Cas do something!" Rachel lifted Dean's head onto her lap and slapped both sides of his face. "Dean you need to wake up!"

Balthazar merely stood by with amusement twinkling in his eyes.

"Looks like the poor boy fainted," he shrugged.

"This isn't funny Balthazar," Rachel growled from the floor.

"Oh will you relax, Red," he rolled his eyes. "The boy's taking a stroll down memory lane."

"You," Brooklyn started towards the angel, "are not helping!"

"Settle down, Afriel," Balthazar took a step closer to the hunter, "Mikey's going to be fine."

Tristan's hands were starting to create two angry red splotches on Dean's forearm. The tiny Winchester's lips pursed tightly together as she fell back and landed on her diaper clad bottom.

"Aw," Balthazar shook his head, "Daddy's little helper."

The little red head looked up towards the blonde angel with a sliver of anger in her eyes.

"BAD!" She pointed at Balthazar.

"Sorry kiddo," the angel shook his head, "I'm one of the good guys. Besides you really do resemble your father."


"I think the kid's gotta point," Bobby chimed in.

"Look as much as you all seem to loathe me, you need me," Balthazar stood his ground.

"Then track Zachariah down," Castiel snarled.

"You know what this party's a total drag," the blonde angel groaned. "Be back later to kick this drab gathering started!"

The angel vanished but the group knew he would be back.

"Is he always so warm and fuzzy?" Bobby didn't hold the sarcasm.

"Balthazar isn't shy to say what's on his mind," Castiel sighed. "But he knows Zachariah better than any of us."

"Well that's not helping Dean right now," Rachel watched her son-in-law as his eyes twitched and breathing deep and slow. Brooklyn took his hand and placed to her face, hoping her touch would bring him back. Tristan had taken it upon herself to crawl up and perch atop of Dean's chest. Even the weight of her body didn't stir the hunter beneath.

"Daddy's not waking up," Rachel looked to her granddaughter. "He's sleeping Sweetie."

"NO," she smacked his clothed torso.

"Just like her daddy," Bobby was stating the obvious, "Stubborn."

"You don't have to tell me twice Bobby," Brooklyn sighed but with a faint smile. "That may not be a bad thing either."

Dean didn't stir as the images flashed in his mind.

Michael stood with the others as Gabriel approached. A smile warmed his features as he paused and looked behind him.

"It's alright my daughter," he urged the being behind him. "They've been waiting to see you."

A set of wide curious bright green eyes peered from around behind the archangel then vanished. Afriel felt intimidated by the presence of the other angels and didn't want to leave her father's side.

"Come on," Gabriel urged in a firmer tone. Afriel looked up and shook her head.

"They won't hurt you," he insisted in a gentler tone. Afriel made a face before relenting her hold on her father's armor and cautiously stepping around him, never any further than two steps away from the security of his form.

"This is my daughter," Gabriel beamed, "Afriel."

Michael was immediately smitten.

Though she didn't look up and at him, Afriel could feel the weight of the archangel's eyes on her. She could feel her face burning as Gabriel gave her a good push towards the waiting angels. She looked over her shoulder with fear and uncertainty in her eyes but the Messenger shook his head.

"Go on," he crossed his arms over his chest.

Michael was the first to approach.

Afriel was frozen where she stood but lifted her head up to meet his curious gaze. His skin was kissed with a hint of bronze while his wings were resting comfortably behind him. His sword was hanging faithfully against his thigh while his armor shined in the bright sunlight. The young angel noticed his arms were taut and rippled while peeks of his chest and shoulders teased from beneath the armor.

Michael felt his heart being stolen at that moment as he stood but inches from the smaller seraph.

"Hello Afriel," he whispered.

Afriel the corners of her mouth creeping up into a thin smile as he uttered her name.

"Hello….Michael," she sputtered.

Gabriel watched as Michael smiled and slowly got her to open up.

"I think Michael is rather fond of your daughter," Lucifer came up by Gabriel's side.

"Yes, I believe he is," Gabriel smiled.


Brooklyn was hollering and smacking his face with small but light smacks. Tristan kept her own battle up and carried on slapping against his chest.


Her tiny voice squeaked.

Dean groaned and started to stir sending a wave of relief through the room. His eyes slowly lifted open and focused on the worried anxious faces surrounding him. He started to sit up but the weight of the tiny Winchester prevented him from going any further. Tristan happily slapped his jacket and watched as her father continued to come around.

"Hey kiddo," he greeted his daughter.

"Daddy," she pointed and smiled.

"Yep, Daddy's up now."

Brooklyn plucked Tristan so Dean could get up. Bobby and Sam helped him to the couch as Rachel went to make some coffee and find some aspirin. Tristan started to fuss once Dean was seated on the overstuffed furnishing and Brooklyn passed her to Dean's waiting arms.

"Okay where did Skippy go?"

"You mean Balthazar? Oh he said our party was a drag," Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Well I get the feeling he'll be back," Dean felt the little hands pawing at his face. He sighed and looked down to see Tristan demanding his attention.

"You don't like him either huh? Well that makes two of us."

"Bad," she chirped.

"No not bad…Just annoying like Jefferson Starship."

Tristan scrunched her nose at the reference causing Dean to laugh at her sour face.

"Bad," she squeaked.

"Ah I see Mikey woke up," Balthazar was standing by the fireplace.

"Lovely," Brooklyn rolled her eyes.

"What did you find out Balthazar?" Castiel rounded the group of humans and made his way across the room.

"Oh our good buddy Zach is held up in a long abandoned aircraft hangar in Van Nuys, California."

"What's he doing there?" Bobby arched an eyebrow in shared suspicion.

"Look, I don't make the decisions it's above my pay grade," Balthazar snipped back. "But that is where the Champagne Room is so take it or leave it."

"I don't like it," Rachel shook her head. "It reeks of a trap."

"My aren't you the astute one?" Balthazar noted sarcastically.

"Do you ever shut up for more than five minutes Balthazar?"

"Considering you needed me to find Ol' Zach…..No," he shook his head and smiled. "So you'll just have to put up with me for a little bit longer Red."

"Okay can we please just get along?" Sam was growing frustrated by the minute.

"Sam's right, we need to work together," Brooklyn begrudgingly admitted, "Even if it means putting up with angelic pain in the asses."

"I think that's the nicest thing you've said about me yet Brooklyn."

"Don't flatter yourself," she retorted.

"Anyways I told you where Zach is playing house now I want in."

"In what?" Castiel narrowed his eyes.

"To help you geniuses stop our dear brother. If you think you're going to have all of the fun then think again."

"This isn't a game Balthazar," Castiel's tone turned dark. "Lucifer has become more powerful since being locked up in Hell. We can't simply kill him…."

"I know we have to throw his ass back in the gilded cage from whence he came. I know about the secret decoder rings Castiel. I didn't fall off the cloud yesterday you know."

"So you know about the rings?" Dean perked up.

"Welcome to the conversation Mikey," Balthazar grinned. "Yes I know about the Horsemen's rings. What? Did you really think I didn't keep an ear to the ground? Since I didn't get to play with humans like some of you did I took up a hobby."

"I gotta admit he's resourceful," Bobby grumbled.

"Well thank you Bobby," Balthazar straightened slightly.

"Okay are we done with the sewing circle because I'm ready to kick Zachariah's ass," Rachel started to gather her weapons.

"No way Mom," Brooklyn planted her hands on her hips and stood off against her mother. Dean couldn't but help to notice the striking similarities between the two women: the same flashing granite rings that were accentuated by rich copper strands that framed a strong face.

"Young lady," the matriarch got nose to nose with her daughter. "I was hunting long before you were even conceived. If Zachariah wants a fight he is going to get one."

"I can't lose you again!"

"Brooklyn's right," Castiel noted. "If Dean and Rachel show up then it will fall into his hands. We cannot let him have that."

"You too Cas?" Rachel growled and flung her hands in the air. Tristan picked up on her grandmother's agitation and started to mimic her movements.

"I think someone's not happy," Sam caught the little Winchester flailing her tiny arms.

"No," Dean's face soured, "Someone needs to be changed."

"Oh my lord," Balthazar pinched his nose.

"Okay drama queen," Brooklyn got up and retrieved the diaper bag, "You can drop the theatrics."

"Come on Tiny Tot," she gathered Tristan up and headed for the bathroom. Tristan smacked the back of her shoulder indicating her displeasure.

"Yes I know you stink," she sighed, "But you're getting a bath then off to bed."

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