Los Angeles, 2:54 PM

The man swiftly walked about the Los Angeles streets, looking around, for the police. It wasn't his first deal, but he had a different feeling about this one. The way certain people looked at him as he walked by them, people across the street. He felt an icy shiver down his back as he sighted his partner and the buyer next to him. The buyer was average size height, Caucasian, and wore a pair of aviators on his face. He had small whiskers on his chin, and paranoid look about him. It was hard to tell if he was five-o. Ryan Hunter continued to walk towards the buyer, attempting to read which kind of paranoia that he was showing, paranoia for buying the drugs, or paranoia for being undercover. Then Hunter noticed something; the buyer kept rubbing his chin like he was hiding a bug on his wrist. He hid quickly out of sight, so he could get a better look at the buyer's wrist. His hand reached into his pocket and produced his cell phone, and dialed Paul Brown, his partner. Brown answered his phone, and the buyer rubbed his chin once again. Hunter shut his phone and began to walk away from the deal.

Dean Bendis, the undercover agent this time, glanced further onto the street and sights the dealer walking away. He glanced back at the partner, "looks like the deals' off," and spoke into his wrist, "Carter, he's walking away."

Carter Shaw threw his cell into the passenger's seat and pressed on the accelerator.

Ty Curtis and Jaimie Allen ran from their positions towards the target.

Hunter glanced behind him and saw a car racing after him and began to run. Suddenly, a quick and sharp pain hits his face and he fell the ground, hard. He looked up and saw a hazy image, Ty Curtis.

"Lights out."


7:13 PM

"That was probably the most badass drug bust," Curtis claimed.

Dean smiled, "no doubt."

Carter re-poured the teams shot glasses and set the bottle down, "this is good stuff."

Jaimie sighed and stood up and stretched, "I better be going. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Carter and Ty smiled and said goodbye. But Dean didn't, he stood up and walked with her to the door. "So, ah, how about I go with you," Dean had a grin on his face.

Jaimie smiled back at him, she had to admit she didn't have a feeling in her that said no. So she licked her lips and said, "you drive."

Back at the table, Ty laughed after the two shut the door, "Damn, man. That dudes' a horn dog."

"Yeah, just hope it doesn't effect them like last time."

Ty looked over at him, "last time?"

"C'mon, I saw Jaimie's shoe in his apartment."

"I see," Ty was surprised, he felt pretty stupid not seeing it.


10: 41 AM

Dean began to slide his shoes on when Jaimie slowly kiss his neckline with her sensuous lips. He smiled and turned his neck to kiss her back when there was a knock on the door. Jaimie smile back and stood up to answer the door…it was Scott.

"Scott," she shook her head, "what the hell are you doing here?"