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The alarm went off at five, like it did every morning. She blinked a few times and ran her hand down her stomach, remembering what it felt like to have him inside of her last night. All three times. All three hours. She could still hear his sexy growls and moans and feel his kiss on her lips. She looked over to her left and sighed. It wasn't as if she truly expected him to be there, but she had hoped, for a brief moment, that the shot in the dark she'd taken would have worked.

She walked into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, looked up in the mirror and had her longer, darker hair back. She ran a hand through her hair, catching the sight of something odd in the reflection. She panicked and screamed, falling backward into the tub.

She heard footsteps. Someone was in her apartment and instead of being on her feet with her gun in her hand she was flailing around like a fish out of water, wrapped up in her shower curtain like a burrito. The footsteps came closer, stopping in the bathroom.

"Liv, baby, what happened? Are you okay?"

"A little help, please?" she asked trying to shove the curtain out of the way to see who had come to her rescue, calling her baby. Strong arms reached into the tub, pulling her up with little effort, and masculine hands ripped the curtain off of her body. Elliot stood before her, checking every inch of her body for injury. "Where did you come from?"

"The kitchen," he said with a raised eyebrow. She blinked again before looking around and realizing that this was not her apartment. Where the hell was she? "I know we haven't been here that long, but, Christ, honey, it's been long enough to remember where the bathtub is," he said as he kissed her, quite passionately for a kiss in the bathroom.

"No, I just, um, something scared me, and I fell back into the...thing."

He looked around the bathroom, checking for large spiders, the only thing, besides clowns, that might frighten her. "What scared you, Liv?"

"This," she said, holding her left hand up to face him.

"You gettin' cold feet on me?" he said with a smirk.

She shook her head and laughed. Lying through her teeth she siad, "No, I guess, um, I woke up and I, uh, forgot how big the ring was and I saw the reflection in the mirror and thought it was a bug or something."

He chuckled as he nuzzled into her neck. "You're too much. Speaking of the wedding, Maureen wants to know if she can un-invite Rob. They broke up again." He kissed her, a deep, searing kiss, and in a miraculous flash, all of the memories from the last three years filled her mind and her heart, and my God, they had an incredible life.

She pulled away, slowly, and sighed, looking lovingly into his eyes. "Hey, you wouldn't wanna stay home today, would ya?"

"What would we do, oh scheming gal of mine?" he asked, his eyes narrowing.

She raked her nails up his arm and grabbed him by the shoulder, pulling him closer. "We would get back into that bed and..."

"Dad! Dickie stole my English essay!" A shrill voice yelled from the kitchen.

"I did not, Lizzie! I'm only borrowing it!"

"Ugh, Mom!" Lizzie ran into the bedroom and stopped in their bathroom doorway. "Do something! He's getting milk and slobber all over it and I can't tell Mrs. Jenkins the dog ate my homework. No matter how close to truth it is, it's still highly implausible!"

"Okay," Elliot said, pushing his daughter out of the room to save her homework. Just as Olivia was going to follow, she was stopped by another blonde beauty. "Mom, can I borrow that black satin shirt with the dangling chain things on it?"

"Uh, I own one of those?" Kathleen nodded. "Yeah, sure, closet."

"Thanks," Kathleen said, kissing Olivia on the cheek before rummaging through the moderately large walk-in closet her parents shared.

It had surprised Olivia to remember, so abruptly, that all of his kids, with the exception of Maureen, who still lovingly called her "Livia'", had taken to calling her "mom", since she'd stepped into the role full-time so soon after Kathy left. They haven't heard a single thing from her since that day, three years ago. She'd even gone so far as to mail in her signed divorce papers with a few written statements for the lawyers so she wouldn't have to be present at the custody hearing.

The more she looked around at her new life, the more she couldn't imagine her life any differently. How could anyone who had all of this ever willingly walk away? No matter how hard it was, a couple who was truly in love and truly happy should be able to make things work. That's what Olivia swore she would do, now that God, fate, or whoever Charlie really was had given her a second chance.

Elliot had finally wrestled Lizzie's essay away from Dickie, and he walked back into the bedroom as Kathleen ran out, with an armful of Olivia's shirts, and went back upstairs to change. "I'm calling Cragen, and we are taking the day off. A little shopping, a little eating and a whole lot of loving," he said with a seductive look in his eyes. "I have this intense desire to make you scream today, seeing as how you can't really do that with the kids in the house."

"I love the way you think, Stabler," Olivia quipped as she padded out of the room to see that all of the kids made it out of the door to their respective busses on time, leaving Elliot to make the call to the captain.

They had a pretty amazing day. They spent a terrific part of the morning ravaging each other silly in bed, and Elliot did, in fact, make Olivia scream. A couple of times. They had a quick shower, together, and then headed into the city to do some shopping, buying a new shower curtain, and they grabbed some lunch. They were walking down a familiar street when Olivia stopped in front of a building that wasn't supposed to be there.

"Wasn't this O'Rielly's Pub?" She asked.

"What?" Elliot asked with a start and a yelp. "No idea what you're talking about, baby. That's always been a steakhouse that we could never afford to go to."

"El," she said, pushing the door open, "Come on. Humor me."

He shrugged, following her through the exquisite wooden doors. She stepped up into the lavish, elegant restaurant and looked around. He had to be here somewhere. There's no reason that his life shouldn't be better, too, right? Hadn't he taken a shot? Hadn't he been given a second chance?

"Detective B," a voice chimed from her left.

She spun around and looked at the devilishly handsome twenty-two year old. "Charlie," she sighed. She couldn't help it, she let the tears fall and pulled him into a tight hug. "Charlie, this is..."

"Detective S, yeah, we've met." Charlie reached out and shook Elliot's hand. Elliot, looking quite confused and a bit scared, glanced nervously at Olivia.

"How do you two know each other?" Elliot asked. "I mean, I know Charlie, but I never, I didn't think..."

"Yeah. I should have mentioned that. In order for these things to work, all parties involved have to want the same thing. They've all gotta be willing to take a shot." Charlie sighed and ran a hand through his luscious black hair. "Detective B, your, uh, fiancée here was in a booth, directly behind you, the same night you came into my bar, asking for the same damn thing."

"What?" she asked with a disbelieving laugh.

"It's true, Liv," Elliot said, wrapping his arms around her. "I wanted this life as much as you did, and when I woke up yesterday to the sound of Kathy screaming at me and I looked at the kids and saw how young they were I was in shock. It actually worked. That's why I was so forward with you, flat out telling you not to go talk to Kathy, because I didn't want her. I wanted you. And when you told me to go back to your place, that night, Christ, Liv, I didn't think you were gonna be there in the morning so I gave you everything I had in those few hours." He gulped, looked her in the eyes and blinked away a tear. "My phone rang this morning at three, and when I woke up to answer it, I was in this huge house, with you lying next to me, and Charlie was on the other end of the phone explaining what had happened. I got up to look around the house and everything came rushing back. Memories I don't remember remembering, but now I'm so glad I do."

"I also told him that since you two had been so deliriously happy at work, you've been kicking some supreme ass. You're, like, the best team in the NYPD. IAB's even looking the other way as far as you're concerned. Munch and Fin are crazy jealous, but they don't show it because they love you dearly, and my father couldn't be prouder of you two."

"Your father?" Olivia asked.

Charlie laughed. "Did you even look at the sign when you came in?"

Olivia and Elliot looked back at the door and gasped. Hanging above the entrance, in gold letters, was a carved sign. "CC's Steakhouse. Owned and Operated by Charles D. Cragen."

"Don took a mulligan that night, too. Only a few hours before you showed up. Made his wife call in sick. She wasn't on that flight. Here I am."

"So, I take it you're already invited to the wedding?" Olivia asked, with a tear sliding down her cheek. As Charlie nodded, it became clear that sometimes, even when it seems hopeless and impossible, taking a shot, taking a chance, and hoping for a little bit of help from a guardian angel, really can change a person's life. It had made miracles happen for three of New York's finest, and they were so grateful for their one mulligan, their one do-over, their one second chance to get things right. Something everyone deserves, once in a lifetime.

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