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It was raining heavily. My hair and clothing were soaked. My chest was heaving as I tried my hardest to regain my lost breath and silence myself. What had my brother done this time? I could only imagine. I blamed Alfred for all of this. There was just no way this was happening on its own accord.

Leaning forward, I rested my hands on my knees as I drew in a much needed breath. Pausing for a moment, I straightened out my glasses and peered out from the bushes I was taking refuge in. 'Lost him. Good riddance'. I sighed in relief. The wayward curl that occassionally hung in my face was blown up a little, but just barely. It, like the rest of my hair was plastered to and around my pale face.

Ivan had to be the creepiest guy in school. It was a little more then moritfying when I had opened my locker after biology and found a slough of letters pouring out to the floor. Having dug through them, much to my dismay, I discovered that they all had come from none other then Ivan himself. Flattering? Yes. I was never noticed, not normally atleast. It made for a boring school life, but I was used to it. So finding so many letters in my locker was a shocking surprise I had never seen coming. However, knowing that each and every one of them were from the looming and eerie Russian everyone avoided, caused me to shiver.

I adjusted the strap of the bag on my shoulder and stole another glance to double check before I left. Once I was assured, I carefully edged out and ran through the rest of the park. I didn't stop until I got home. My muddy shoes didn't stop pounding into the soaked earth until I reached the front steps of our home and even then, I hurried until I was able to open the door and slip inside. Closing the door immediately, I locked it. As if the giant would follow me home and come in unannounced. 'I wouldn't put it passed him though'. But now was the serious question.

"Alfred! What did you do?!"

Nothing but silence. I kicked off my shoes and left them on the matt. Dropping my house key into the bowl by the door as I continued to walk into the house I could hear a voice drifting out from the kitchen. Papa. No one else would be in there. He was just glad it was the humming of an old song rather then the cries of my parents in the throws of ecstasy. I quickly headed up stairs. My feet pounding into the steps as I moved up. I hit the landing and headed down the hall. Second door on the right. I lifted a hand and knocked on the door. Normally I would knock softly and take my time, but this was serious. Inside the room I could hear Alfred on the computer. I could hear the keys clicking away furiously. Most likely chatting with a few thousand of his friends.

"Al! Open the door now, this is serious!"

I stopped for a moment and waited outside. My arms folded over my chest as I stood there. My soaking jacket and school bag still on. My hair was dripping and my glasses were fogged over slightly. not exactly cutting an intimidating appearance, I waited. I could hear him inside sighing heavily and pushing away from the computer. The irritated steps towards the door as he opened it. I now stared into the eyes of my identical twin.

"What's so important that you need to drag me away from my game!" He said looking very serious. I opened my mouth to say something before he cut me off. "Hurry! I'm holding up the entire group! We are about to invade, now what is it?!"

"Alfred, what did you do?" I demanded.

"What are you talking about? I haven't done anything... lately. Why? What happened?"

"You know exactly what happened! My locker was stuffed full of letters from Ivan the Terrible!" I said, looking a little more then upset. Al just stared at me with a vacant expression on his face. Something that wasn't an unfamiliar sight. But soon he started to laugh at me. Rather obnoxiously at that. "Why is that funny!? You know how much of a creep he is!"

"Its the look on your face! Its probably just a joke. A really good one, one I wish was mine. I would just ignore it." He continued to laugh it off.

"No! Its not! Alfred this is serious! Ivan followed me after school. He was actually chasing me. I had to cut through the park before I was able to get rid of him." I stood for a moment and Alfred had stopped laughing. But instead he was looking at me a little concerned. 'Finally!' I thought.

"You really aren't joking, are you?"

"No! Alfred, have you ever once known me to make jokes about such serious things? No one ever even takes notice of me in school unless they think I'm you. But all these letters... Alfred, they all have my name on them and they are all from Ivan." Alfred seemed to actually be applying thought. But I was sorely mistaken.

"Well, its probably just a one day thing. I heard he did that to Yao once." Lying. He had to be lying. Yao, not that I really knew him, hadn't had the same problem. Everyone would have been talking about it. I would have heard it. "Just don't worry yourself Mattie." He patted my head and smiled before he closed the door and shouted something as he sat back at the computer. Instantly I could hear the keys clicking and my brother swearing about something blowing his head off. I rolled my eyes and turned around, not really noticing the wet pool that had formed on the floor. Making a fast decision, I chose to change first then return to clean it up.

I entered my room, much neater then Alfred's mind you, and tossed my bag in the chair. The partially open bag slipped from its place and spilled the letters and my books onto the floor as I was halfway through peeling my sopping shirt from my body. I sighed. This was a bad day. Horrible, terrible!

- - - - - - - - -

After cleaning up, I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew there was a knock on my bedroom door. A soft one, followed by a soft voice.

"Mon petit, Mathieu. Réveillez-toi, its time to eat."

I looked over to the door, my eyes heavy with sleep, but not heavy enough to notice that he had come into my room and was examining something near my chair. I pushed myself up and stretched a little.

"Papa? What are you-" I froze. As I looked on, I had seen what was in my father's hands. I could practically see the spread grin on his face. The frenchmen turned around with that look. That look in his eyes every time he heard someone mention L-O-V-E. Everytime someone hinted at the act, or 'art' of love. Romance. Roses, wines and chocolates. 'MAPLE!' I screamed in my head as I looked at him.

"Mathieu, is this secret love?" He asked, a completely delighted look on his face. They all knew I wasn't exactly popular, and I really never actually had any friends. Friends or loves. Admittingly, yes, I was a virgin. I had never even kissed someone else, so for Francis to find these things was a big deal. Unfortunately. I blushed deeply.

"No! No! Its not! Its just some guy at school playing a joke on me." If only that would work. Papa just smiled at me in that special way and winked.

"Oui. Of course Mathieu." He smiled at me, I knew he wasn't going to give up that easy. I watched carefully as he set the letters down again and smiled, repeating that it was time to eat before he left the room. I waited until he was gone before I fell back on the bed and pulled my pillow over my face. Screaming into the pillow.

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