OOOKAY! So.. this was one of my more popular stories. I haven't given up on it, just everything I was doing was a hiatus thingy I suppose.. life happened D: I sorry..

Anyway, this whole thing about Fanfic and their M stuff has scared me pretty bad. I'm worried I"ll be banned and deleted and everything, so I'm taking copies of everything I've done and will be posting it up on my Tumblr and / or my deviant art, if I could ever get the damn thing to work right for me D: If I can get dA to love me, I'll post my contact info on tumblr..

tumblr id: cbjc

I know, I'm super creative.. anyway.. that's what's going to happen. Also, I'm going to be modifying Letters in a Locker and republishing it with all it's new edits and things. Just letting everyone know~