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"Hey, Losers!" Yugi and Ryou looked up from their intense Pokemon card game. Ryou's older brother, Bakura, was home from... wherever he had been. Bakura observed the all too-common scene of his younger brother and his best friend, intently concentrating on the cards laid before them. "Ooh, kick his ass, Yugi!" He winked at the younger boy, who just blushed and turned his attention back to the game.

"Hey!" Ryou protested. "No fair..." Within moments, Yugi had managed to defeat Ryou. Bakura laughed loudly.

"Hah! Little shrimp beat you, brat!" Ryou glared daggers, but Bakura threw an empty soda can at his head. Ryou ducked just in time for the can to sail over his head... and nail Yugi square in the forehead.

"Ah!" he shouted, more in surprise than pain as he clasped his hands to his forehead. By this time, Bakura was howling with laughter as Yugi looked dumbfounded and Ryou fussed over Yugi.

"Oh my god, Yugi! Are you okay? Bakura, shut the hell up! You idiot!"

"Really, Ryou, I'm fine," Yugi protested weakly as Ryou advanced on his older brother.

"Oh, cool it, punk. Look at him. He's fine. Aren't you, Yugi?" Bakura flashed a grin at Yugi, who nodded mutely. Oh, he was fine. Bakura could throw shit at him all he wanted, if that would get him to pay attention to him...

"Whatever, Bakura. Go away." No,Yugi thought mournfully as the older boy rushed out the door, off to god-knows-where to get into god-knows-what kind of trouble. Knowing Bakura, it involved destroying something. Possibly with fire. "God, he's such an idiot sometimes!" Ryou fumed after him. Yugi let him vent; he couldn't let Ryou know how much he had... liked... his brother for the last three years. After they had put away their Pokemon decks and had some cookies, Yugi and Ryou bid their farewells.

"Alright, Ryou. I'll see you at school tomorrow, then. Don't forget that stupid math stuff we have due third period..." Ryou looked confused for a second.

"Huh? Oh, you mean that chapter two stuff? I finished that last week..." Well, of course his ultra-studious best friend had. Yugi stuck his tongue out at the white-haired boy, who shrugged innocently. "What? I can't help it that I'm just that awesome. Bye, Yugi."

As he walked towards his house, he kept his eyes peeled for any sign of Bakura. On occasion, when he was out walking, he would see the albino up to something undoubtedly shady. He would find any excuse to stop and talk to him, and maybe he had imagined it, but a few times, he had thought that maybe Bakura looked at least a little pleased to see him. It was a long shot, but hey. A guy's gotta have dreams, right? Unfortunately, it looked like the older boy was nowhere to be seen today. He sighed as he walked in the front door to silence. Well, silence was good. Either his dad wasn't home, or he was already passed out. His older brother Yami was most likely up in his room, and his mom probably wouldn't be home tonight... He glanced at the clock. It was only six... not much to do around the house, and he'd already had an extremely healthy dinner of cookies and soda, so he wasn't hungry. Sighing at the uneventfulness of his life, he called up Joey.

"Hello?" His friend answered, sounding clueless as ever.

"Hey, it's Yugi."

"Hey, man! What's up?" Yugi shrugged, even though the other boy couldn't see him.

"Nothing at all. I'm so bored right now... I just got back from Ryou's, but there's nothing to do here. I was thinking of playing Call of Duty. Wanna play?"

"Mmm... why not? I got nothing better to do..."

"Sweet. I'll meet you there, then. K?" He logged on to Live and joined the room where Joey was. Things were going pretty smoothly (that is to say that Yugi was totally dominating everyone else), until a relatively new gamer, gamertag "Debears48" signed on. Despite his low rank, he managed to give Yugi a run for his money, which was saying something. "Shit!" Yugi hissed, as the guy took him out for the third time. "He's not bad..." he muttered to himself.

A few hours later, when he heard activity in the rest of the house, he signed off. Wow. I'm a geek, he thought happily, the thought not bothering him in the least. Being nerdy came with its own sort of infamy; people knew that he was good with computers, so they respected him immensely and took his word as law on anything technology-related. Unfortunately, people always expected him to be able to fix their computers without him even looking at them, but he tried to help them whenever he could. Teachers, also, went easier on him. If he forgot his homework one night, they would usually let it slide, as he was the one they called upon to fix their computers when they had... messed them up. Usually, it amounted to them opening a personal email at work (which wasn't allowed) that had a virus attached to it, or sometimes visiting rather "unreliable" sites (aka porn). He had planned on finding something simple to eat, like macaroni and cheese or something out of a can, but knew the second he set foot out of his room that he would have to change his plans. His father was in quite a state, and, once again, the target of his frustrations was Yami.

"You stupid kid! What the fuck have you been doing all afternoon?"

"What do you mean? I've been studying; I have a lot of English homework due tomorrow-" Yugi winced at the resounding "smack" of his father's hand on Yami's face, effectively silencing the boy.

"Bullshit! You've just been fucking around all night, just like you always do, you lazy shit!" Yugi hated this; he wanted so badly to step in, to stand up for his brother, but he knew that, if anything, he would only make things worse for both of them. The few times he had tried to help Yami, their father had become so paranoid about them "ganging up on him" and "plotting behind his back" that they had been forced to stay at Joey's house for three days, for fear of what he might do. There was no reasoning with him when he got into this sort of drunken rage; he truly believed that he was right, and that anyone who opposed him was just trying to make him look foolish. Of course, that didn't excuse his violence, but the alcohol wreaked havoc with any reasonable thoughts he might have entertained. Retreating back into his room, he dug around in the chaotic mess of his closet until he found an opened, slightly stale but still edible bag of potato chips and a can of Pepsi. This was the kind of fine dining he had become accustomed to lately.

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