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~Chapter Fourteen~

Things were going pretty well. Very well, actually, considering the fact that I was sitting in the house of the owners of Kaiba Corporation, after having slept there in the most amazing bed I've ever seen, with the most amazing person I've ever met. So yeah, things were going pretty well. We'd had a good day the day before, once the two Ishtars had stopped arguing. Yugi had enjoyed himself, which was all that really mattered in my opinion. He's pretty good friends with Malik, and I knew he hadn't seen him in a while. So when Yugi's phone rang, and we saw that the number was Seto's... well, that kinda killed the mood. He answered, and I could hear Seto's voice. He sounded angry (not that that was anything new), and Yugi was looking concerned.

"What?! Is Yami okay? What the hell happened?" Shit. Bad luck seemed to follow that kid. "Yeah, Mokuba got home a few hours ago. "...My dad?" Yugi looked sick to his stomach. "That fucker. I'll fucking kill him," Yugi stated softly, snapping his phone shut.

"What happened? Yugi?" He ignored me completely. Oh... he looked pissed. This could be interesting.

"Mokuba!" he shouted up the stairs. "Come here, please." He said please, but Mokuba could hear the note of desperation in his voice. He bounded down the stairs, almost landing on me.

"Yugi? What's wrong?" he asked, sounding frantic.

"Seto and Yami ran into my dad. Seto said for you to call your parents, have them meet us at the police station as soon as possible."

"Yugi, what's going on?" He spun to face me, and I was a little scared, to be honest.

"I don't know any more than you do, Bakura!" I must have cringed a little, because he sighed. "Okay. Sorry. I'm freaking out."

"I kind of noticed. Now get in the car."

We arrived just in time... to run into Yugi's mother. That bitch. I mean... yeah, I mean that. She is! She's a total bitch! But that's beside the point. Yugi practically ran into the station, and I followed him. His mom just kind of dragged her heels, looking pissed at the fact that she was there at all. Dumb bitch. We saw them as soon as we walked in to the waiting room. Yami was... in quite a state, and Seto had his arms around him, glaring at everyone.

"God, now what's his problem?" I couldn't believe that she had said that. I've never seen two people look so livid... Seto looked like he wanted to strangle her, and Yugi's face was flushed.

"Shut the fuck up, Mom. His problem is that he has parents like you and dad. Now stop being such a selfish bitch and actually do your job as a parent for once." She stared at Yugi in shock, then sat down. Damn, he was cool. I knew he was angry, and I knew how much he cared for his brother, but I hadn't really expected him to explode like that. I must say, I was pretty proud.

"Oh, my God, Yami baby! Are you okay, sweetie?" Ah, yes. The fangirl mom. She ran in, hugging Yami. He clung to her like his life depended on it. Poor kid never actually had a mom who cared about him. At least Ryou and I had had our mother, and she had loved us, before she died.

"Are you taking notes, Mom?" Yugi hissed.. "And I use that term loosely... That's how you're supposed to do your job..." Wow. Just.... wow. Seto was looking at him with newfound respect as he waited for his mother to release her death grip on Yami. The detective cautiously approached Yugi's mom, trying to talk to her.

"You want the truth? I don't fucking care! They're the only ones who care about the faggot, let them be his guardians. I'm sick of dealing with his shit!" What. The. Fuck. If Yugi hadn't acted as quickly as he did, I probably would have slapped the bitch. What? You know she deserved it. Yugi's method was a lot more effective, though.

"What the fuck, Mom! You don't love him because he's gay? Well, guess what, you stupid bitch!" He yanked on the collar of my shirt, totally catching me off guard as he kissed me. And it wasn't some pansy-ass peck on the lips, either. It was the kind of kiss that makes people like Mrs. Kaiba swoon.

"Okay, that's it. I've had it with both of you failures. I'm out of here," she announced. The look she gave Yugi was enough to make my blood boil.

"Ma'am, you are his legal guardian. You have custody of both of your sons."

"Don't want it!"

"Are you revoking custody of them?"

"Yeah. You two," she called to Mr. and Mrs. Kaiba. "Would you be willing to act as their legal guardians?" Seto's father's eyes widened, while his mother's mouth fell open in shock.

"Are you serious? What kind of mother are you? These are your children you're talking about giving away to people you don't even know!!" Damn, she was pissed. She was a sweet lady, but she was kind of scary when she was mad. Yugi's mom didn't seem phased, though, and just glared like the bitch she is (I know, I keep saying she's a bitch. It's because she is).

"I know damn well what I'm talking about. Now will you act as their guardians, or what?" I thought they might wanna talk it over, you know. I mean, it's not like adopting a puppy or anything like that, but they both responded with enthusiasm.

"Yes!" The detective shook his head sadly, and there was an awkward silence for about ten minutes while they were getting the paperwork and stuff set up. Seto's mom... well, let's just say it's a good thing she didn't have a weapon on her, because she would have murdered the bitch. Not that that was a bad thing in itself, but we wouldn't want her to go to jail. Finally, they got all their legal crap taken care of, and Yami... well, I couldn't help but feel bad for the guy as he watched his mom leave.

"B-bye mom... I'm sorry..." What was he sorry for?! She should be apologizing to him! Apparently, Yugi saw things my way, because he muttered angrily, "I'm not." He was glaring at her, but she just looked up from fixing her hair for a moment.

"Huh? Oh. Bye, Yugi, Bye, Yami." And then she was gone. That was it. Just like that, she was done with her children.

"That stupid fucking whore!" he hissed. I'd never seen him this upset, and I wasn't sure what to do, so I pulled him into a hug.

"Woah, now. Calm down, Yuge. She's not worth losin' your temper." I turned to Seto, trying to lighten the heavy mood that had taken over. "So does that make you two brothers, or what?" Shit. Apparently, that wasn't a good thing to say.

"Bakura, shut up," Yugi turned on me. "Not the time for that." I didn't mean to upset him... I was trying to make a joke...

"Aww, it's okay, Yugi." Woah, Seto was standing up for me! That was something unusual... "He was just wondering. And NO, we AREN'T brothers." I laughed, and as we left the station, I pulled Yugi aside. I put my arms around him, and found that he was trembling.

"Hey, what's wrong? I mean, aside from the bitch, but... you know. Things are gonna be okay now!" He nodded, looking up at me sadly.

"Shit. I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's not like I meant it," he mumbled. "I-I just don't get how... how someone can be like that." I shrugged.

"I agree. It's total bullshit. But there isn't anything we can do, so we might as well not get upset about it. Ya know?" He smiled sweetly at me.

"Thanks... I know. I'm just freaking out. This is... weird. So weird." I laughed with him.

"Yes, it is definitely weird." I was made aware of my lack of food by a loud rumbling. Yugi looked at my stomach.

"Did you even eat anything today?"

"Uh, yeah... We had breakfast, remember?" He glared.

"We had toast." I shrugged. "We're going back to... back home. I don't think they'd mind if you stayed for a while." He smirked, and I figured he was probably thinking of Mrs. Kaiba's reactions. After making sure that Yami and Seto were okay, we drove back to the house. It was... interesting to say the least when we got there. Mokuba and Ryou were lookin' kinda flushed, and they were running around and straightening their clothes. Mokuba wouldn't look at anyone, and Ryou was glaring at me.

"Ooooh, baby," I catcalled, prompting him to give me the finger. Hey, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

A little while later, while Mokuba was showing Yugi and Ryou some totally pointless game thing, I saw yet another perfect opportunity in the form of Yami and Seto, making out on the couch. I snuck up behind them.

"HEY!" I shouted as I jumped up. It was great, they just about fell off the sofa. "Sorry, you guys, but you wouldn't let me 'n' Yugi do anything either. Just makin' sure you guys follow the rules." Yami gave me a mildly amused, yet tired look.

"Bakura, when the fuck have you ever cared about the rules?" Hm. Good point. I shrugged.

"Oh, I care about them on occasion, but only when they work for me." They rolled their eyes, and... resumed their activities. I laughed and walked out.

The adults had to make a detour on the way to take care of something at the business since they'd rushed over as soon as they heard that something was wrong. When the did get back, though, they had PIZZA. Pizza is a big fucking deal. A really big deal. They'd brought a lot of pizza too, which was a good thing. I got to have an entire fucking pizza to myself, and it was awesome.

After dinner, Mokuba dragged out the scrabble board and tried to set up the game...until my very mature brother started jabbing him with the wooden things. I dunno what they're called. Those things you put the letters on so they don't fall all over. Mokuba got him back, starting to chuck the tiles at him, so I figured, hey, fuck it. I grabbed a handful of letters and started spelling out a word.

"Bakura!" Yugi shrieked when he saw what I was spelling. I grinned at him as he scrambled to rearrange the tiles. Hey, he could ruin them all he wanted; my vocabulary had plenty of dirty words. Seto was sitting on the couch, looking totally lost, but Yami walked in a moment later, and went to sit by him on the couch. The looks they were giving each other were enough to make me wanna puke. I mean seriously, they were, like, right outta a fucking chick flick. Ugh. But seriously, it was good that they were happy. I decided to give Yugi a break, and gave him the tiles. His face was bright red.

"Aww, what's the matter, Yugi?" I asked him, putting on my innocent face. Totally didn't fool him, but it was worth a try.

"Nothing is the matter," He snapped, dodging as I tried to hug him. Then, though, he smiled and practically leapt into my arms. "Nothing is the matter at all." I smiled at him before I kissed him.

"Yeah, I agree." Because right about then, everything was perfect. I mean hey, I had Yugi, and everyone was happy. Everything really would be okay. I was sure of that.


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