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Bella's POV:

After talking with Alice and jasper for a while we decided to go home. Alice and jasper wanted to go home alone, not surprising, so Edward and I gladly went home with our baby girl. Edward drove home with one hand, and held my hand with his other the whole way home.

"I am so glade you are home!" I squealed as he pulled up to the house. He turned to me and gave me a soft kiss on my lips.

"Me too! I missed you so much. I love you." He said looking deep into my eyes. I smiled back at him and looked in the back seat where Lizzie was sleeping. "Can I carry her?" he asked when he looked back. I nodded my head eagerly.

"Yes! I have been holding her a lot, she doesn't really like to be alone, Haha." He smiled back at me and we both got out of the car. He grabbed Lizzie and I smiled at the sight of him holding her. It was so adorable. We went inside and he gently set her in her crib in the nursery Alice had put together. After that we went upstairs and just laid down in the bed looking into each others eyes, until it turned into something more…

Next day:

When I woke up in the morning I rolled over and Edward wasn't there. I got up and went to see where he was. I walked into Elizabeth's room and saw his holding her.

"She was crying." He explained when he saw me. I smiled and leaned against the doorway. "Am I doing this right?" he asked concerned. I smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, just make sure her head is held up, you're doing perfect." He smiled and supported her head a little more. I walked over and gave him a small peck on the lips. "Are you hungry?" I asked.

"A little, but its okay, go sit down." He insisted. I shook my head and rested my head on his shoulder, looking down at Lizzie.

"I'll make you something. What do you want?" I asked looking back up at him.

"Hmmm, eggs?" he suggested. It was funny; I always had a craving for eggs when I was pregnant.

"Okay, I will go make you some eggs. I love you." I said as I left the room. After we had eaten breakfast and gotten Liz comfy, we sat on the couch and relaxed together. I leaned into him and he wrapped his strong arms around my shoulders. I sighed at how happy I was to have him home. I couldn't imagine what I would have done if he had gotten hurt…or killed. About half way through the movie I got to comfortable and drifted of t sleep in Edwards's arms.

Two weeks later:

Edward being back is so wonderful. We have been hanging out with Alice and jasper a lot, and Lizzie has been growing so much. She is so beautiful, and my new favorite thing to do was watch Edward with her. He was so cute whenever he was holding her; he got this smile on his face that would make someone faint. I almost faint whenever I see it! I left the nursery where I was watching Edward and Liz to go answer the phone.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver.

"Bella?" Alice said back sounding very excited.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asked back. I heard her squeal and could just picture her jumping up and down.

"Guess what?!"

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