bites me for the love i give.

I loved her in Devdas.

Dreams are for those who can afford them.


Chandramukhi did not have dreams like this before she met him. Before, he dreams were non-descript, full of things that glittered and whispered of lives that she would never live, if only because she knew not their names.

After Devdas, she had a name for each and every one. And not a one did not include Devdas.


Parvati is everything and more. She feels a twinge of jealousy, for this woman that Devdas would call out even when he was so drunk he did not know his name. But she would be a fool to ignore the pain on her face, even if she hides it well.

It's the same pain Devdas carries, even when he smiles, even when he dares to show kindness to her.


She dreams and sometimes, they are dreams where Devdas and Parvati are happy and she is still a courtesan with no standing, but it's still a dream. A nightmare are the dreams where Devdas dies alone and there is neither dear Paro or faithful(longing) Chandramukhi there for him.

Those make her weep upon waking and if Devdas is there, she never tells him.


No one has to tell her when Devdas dies.

That's when she stops dreaming.

Feedback is a wonderful thing.