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All Roads Lead to Washington

Comets and Comments

"Did you bring it?"

"Of course."

Eighteen-year-old Huey Freeman scooted over to make room for his girlfriend, Jazmine DuBois, who was trying to re-conquer her fear of heights, not slip on the slick tiles, and carry the large telescope that was overtaking her arms all the same time. He climbed up, maneuvering over the tiles easily, and took the large black object from her arms before she had a chance to fall off the room of the Freeman house and hit the asphalt below. She offered him a grateful smile, dropping to her hands and knees to crawl the rest of the way to the flat surface where they could sit without having to balance the entire time.

"Do you think it'll be clear enough to see tonight?" She asked in a hopeful voice, resting her back against the attic window behind her. Huey was already assembling the telescope, his eyes narrowed as he stared through the eyepiece, his finger adjusting the knobs accordingly.

"It's only Woodcrest, not Paris," He muttered more to himself than her, not even bothering to glance in her direction. "It's a bit cloudy, but there's a good chance it'll come by here."

"Good." Jazmine wiggled her toes, which were in bright orange flip flops, their nails a ruby red. Her copper colored poofy ponytail was a mass of curls, which she began to tug on. "Do you know when this comet's supposed to come by again?"

"2074?" Huey replied evenly, not looking up still. Jazmine blinked at him, nodding slowly.

"Well…yeah, actually. How'd you know?"

"Let's see." Huey looked up, giving her a look. "You told me when we drove to our graduation this morning. You mentioned it while we were lining up by class rank, which, I beat you by two people, so you owe me fifty bucks."

Jazmine stuck out her tongue as he went on.

"You repeated it after Tom finished talking me to death about the usage of the human complexities of the analysis of success in my salutatorian speech. You found the need to tell me once again while we were at Outback Steakhouse, which was terrible, by the way."

"Huey." Jazmine was shaking her head, a trace of a smile on her features.

"Don't "Huey" me." Huey shook his head, going back to the microscope. "Granddad and Mrs. DuBois felt the need to get drunk and announce to the entire restaurant that I had the second highest GPA in our class as well as the third highest GPA in the history of Ed Wuncler Senior high School, so they gave me that stupid steak and I don't even-"

"-You don't eat steak." Jazmine finished, rolling her eyes and rocking back on her heels. "Because you've been a vegetarian for three years, ever since you had to do a research project on slaughterhouses."



"And then Riley felt the need to sneak some wine out the kitchen from that girl in his art class who works there-" Huey went on, not even aware that Jazmine was crawling towards him, trying not to laugh. "And the next thing we all know he's standing on the table-"


"-Swinging his shirt over his head and singing "Hollaback Girl-"


"So granddad had to take his belt off and smack him across the forehead, so he fell off the table into Congresswoman Harris' lap a table over-"


Huey finally looked over. "What?" he snapped. Jazmine leaned over, grabbing his face in her hands, and planted a kiss on his lips that was so long when she pulled away he had to try to remember what he was thinking about.

"Uh…right." He shook his head, trying not to look too phased. "So then-"

"I was there, remember?" Jazmine shook her head, leaning over him to peek through the microscope. "I saw everything. I was the one who had to drive us home after he threw up in my mom's lap and daddy was too afraid to drive because he'd sampled that Smirnoff and didn't want to run a red light, have to go through a breathalyzer test, and then get thrown in jail where he could be anally raped."

"Is he ever going to get over that?" He smirked as Jazmine gave him a look.

"Maybe once he's on his deathbed."

"Move out the way." Huey gently pushed her aside, causing her to jab his shoulder. "You have no idea what you're doing."

"Um, I'm the one who bought the thing!"

"Ooh, that makes you knowledgeable then." Huey rolled his eyes, looking through the eyepiece all over again. Jazmine folded her arms over her chest. "Stop being a baby. You can look now."

Jazmine shot him a dirty look before leaning over him once again, holding the eyepiece with one hand so that she could steady herself. She smiled. "Wow. This is beautiful."

The second semester of school had seemed as if it had decided that it was going to give Huey and Jazmine hell, because one of the things it did was give them exactly opposite schedules, which meant they only got to see each other on the way to school, after school, and during the one class they did have together; Astronomy. It was due to a fluke in the scheduling system that they even had to take the stupid class, but a few weeks in it turned out not to be so bad. Especially when Jazmine's dad, being exuberant over his daughter's acceptance from Georgetown's wait list, went out and bought her the fanciest telescope he could find. So when Huey had set it up on his roof (since Jazmine couldn't read the instructions to save her life, nor concentrate on much other than the fact that the roof was too high off the ground for her liking) and they'd looked through it into a brand new looking night sky, Astronomy became their favorite class.

It was useless to Jazmine, being that she was pre-med, and pointless to Huey, who was going into law, but still a good class.

So now, even though they'd been done with high school for a week and had officially graduated less than twenty-four hours ago, they were breaking out the telescope again. Only it wasn't for any kind of homework assignment.

"So," Jazmine asked casually, still looking into the sky. "Are you going to miss it here?"

Huey snorted. "As much as I miss Riley using my tofu to clog the toilet so that the plumber could bring his daughter and-"

"I get it, I get it. You can't wait to leave." Jazmine looked over her shoulder at him, frowning slightly. "So…have you decided on which school you're going to yet?"

While Huey wasn't one to wait until the last minute to get things done, admitting which college he had decided to attend didn't seem to be on his list of priorities. In fact, Jazmine had gotten to the point where she didn't bother asking just because she'd get mad that he wouldn't tell her and storm off, only to be the one to wind up apologizing when he didn't call begging for forgiveness hours later and she instead would go over his house to see him reading the paper or playing video games with Riley. In others words, not caring that it hurt her feelings that he wouldn't tell her something as simple as where he was going for school.

After all, she needed to know. How could she get comfort knowing that he'd be close to her when she went off for college in the fall or know to treasure the last moments she had with him this summer if he was withholding information? It was annoying, not to mention saddening. Huey shrugged, his afro blowing in the slight summer breeze.

"I don't know. Maybe Spellman." Jazmine rolled her eyes.

"You can't go there, Huey. It's an all girls school." She looked away from him again. "Why you would apply there is beyond me but-"

"Because Caesar bet me one hundred bucks that I wouldn't get in." Huey reached in his pocket, withdrawing a roll of bills and giving her a smug look. "Just because I got in doesn't mean I'm going to go. They'd figure it out obviously."

"You could always change your name to Helen." Huey made a face. "Or Huenia."

"Or you could keep your day job."

"Whatever." Jazmine pouted. "You're probably just trying to avoid telling me that you're going far away and leaving me for some big boobed girl with straight hair who reads Time for a living."

"Or," Huey countered sarcastically. "I could be simply waiting to tell you because I haven't decided yet. And obviously if I preferred some girl who read Time magazine with straight hair, don't you think I'd be with her?"

"What about the big boobs?"

Huey shook his head. "I'm not going there. That is ridiculous."

"Well, you have to decide soon!" She said, throwing up her arms. "I mean, weren't most decisions supposed to be given by May first? And then there's housing forms, financial aid, orientation-"


"-And if you don't decide soon you might not go anywhere! You'd have to drop out and be a hooker!"

"Do you even hear yourself right now?" Huey took her face in his hands, steering her chin up so that she could meet his gaze. "I'm not going to flunk out of college. I'm not leaving you for some girl with big boobs. And I'm not going to be a hooker." His thumbs ran across her cheeks. "Okay?"

She nodded. He kissed her forehead, letting her go. "Good."

"Well, we are going up to DC next week," Jazmine said after a few moments of silence. "So maybe you'll decide then."

Huey let out a stream of air from his nose, a sure sign that he was getting impatient. "Maybe."

"Alright." Jazmine leaned back, resting her head on Huey's shoulder, letting the topic go. "Let's see this comet."

Although Astronomy was what had given them the idea of spending time on the roof lately, it wasn't the only thing that brought them up there. In fact, it was a lot of reasons…mostly everyone's inability to mind their own business. Mr. DuBois might as well have put a homing device in Jazmine's skin he was so paranoid about her, especially since she was heading to the east coast for school in less than three months. Riley was always following Huey around, begging him to let him go with him to school so that he could get away from granddad, who he'd been arguing with more than usual recently. Mix in their off schedules for school and mountains of homework, and they'd never had much of any time for privacy.

However, the two people they'd probably wanted to escape from the most were (ironically) their two best friends.

When Cindy and Caesar had decided to go to colleges in different states, the friction had begun. They'd started arguing over pointless tasks and other things, such as which movie they were going to see or why there was mustard on Cindy's burger when Caesar should've known that she hated it. Then, they'd gotten worse as Cindy accused Caesar of cheating on her whenever he didn't answer her phone calls sometimes. Cindy playing basketball in the park with her guy friends was all of a sudden an issue, and anytime the four of them got together a big argument usually occurred which resulted in Caesar trying to pull Huey into the middle of it (which Huey never let happen) and Cindy involving Jazmine (which always happened). When one particular argument the last day of school resulted in Jazmine sobbing uncontrollably in the back of the woodshop supply closet Huey had given Caesar and Cindy an ultimatum: If they didn't learn to use their words constructively as opposed to hurting each other (and innocent bystanders) he'd make them stop using words permanently. From anyone else, that would be funny.

Coming from Huey Freeman, who had broken Mark Fischer's collarbone for smacking Jazmine in the back of the head with a football and giving her a sprained neck back in March, it didn't seem like a threat to take lightly.

So while their arguing no longer resulted in trying to recruit sides, it was still pretty irritating. And Huey could think of other ways he'd enjoy spending his time with Jazmine.

"So." Huey subconsciously twirled one of Jazmine's curls around his finger as they stared into the night sky, her head on his chest and her arm around his waist. "That dress you wore to our graduation dinner sure was short."

He could hear the laughter in her tone as she replied. "I'm sorry. Did it bother you?"

"Well," he remarked. "Not as much as it did when Hernandez kept bringing you beverage refills when the rest of us didn't even get our drinks the entire meal."

"Maybe he was too busy listening to Riley serenade him with Gwen Stefani," She joked, snuggling closer to his chest. "It was just a little distracting."

Huey would've liked to point out how distracting Jazmine could be, from that annoyingly innocent way she popped her gum when getting stuck on an anatomy question, to her incapability of seeing the bad in anyone, even after all she'd been through, to the way she'd look up at him with those big, green eyes of hers as if he had all the answers…but he'd look like, in Riley's own words, "A bitch ass nigga."

Which was why he instead pointed up above their heads. "Hey, what's that?"

Jazmine bolted up, being the unsuspecting one she was, her eyes sparkling. "Where?"

"Here." Huey sat up as well, leaning over Jazmine as he let his lips find hers. She pulled him closer, her eyes fluttering shut.

Well. Astronomy was good for something.

Unlike the people who happened to interrupt the entire moment a few seconds later.


Jazmine screamed, springing away from Huey so quickly that she almost rolled off the roof and he had to grab her by her waist, hoisting her back onto the ledge. "What the hell were you thinking?" He demanded to the two people who stood underneath them on the lawn, laughing. Well, at least one of them was laughing. The other one just looked hostile.

"You should've seen your faces!" Caesar laughed, holding his sides and cackling. A few feet away from him Cindy was tapping her foot impatiently, her arms crossed over her chest and a scowl decorating her features. Huey inwardly groaned.

"What?" He asked impatiently. Jazmine, being the person she was, merely folded her hands in her lap and crossed her legs, staring down at her friends. That was close to annoyed as she'd get with them. "What could you possibly want that was so important you had to come get us at-" He checked his watch. "-11:14 pm?"

"Sorry, Sir Mac Daddy!" Cindy shouted in a voice heavy with sarcasm. "We'd hate to disturb you during such a private moment even though the entire neighborhood could probably see you up there."

"There's a grad party in Arbor Heights!" Caesar yelled up, doing some kind of jig that made Jazmine burst out laughing and Huey's look of annoyance let up…barely. "We're going!" He waved his hand. "You guys should come!"

"Please?" Cindy pleaded.

"What makes you think I'd want to go to this party anymore than I would a regular one?" Huey asked cynically. Caesar tapped his chin before snapping his fingers.

"If you were drunk!" He replied with triumph.

"If Jazmine were there!" Cindy tried, shooting her best puppy dog look to her best friend. Huey covered Jazmine's eyes with his hand.

"Oh, no," He said, staring down at the feuding couple suspiciously. "If you're thinking about dragging us in the middle of your-"

"How could you even say that, Huey?" Caesar appeared crestfallen. "We'd never do that to you two. We just want to celebrate our rite of passage with our best friends. One milestone in the long road of achievement, conquered, and together we can-"

"Oh, they get it!" Cindy snapped. "I mean-" She replied upon seeing Huey's eyebrow lift. "Yeah, yeah! What he said!"

"Could you move your hand now?" Jazmine asked in a bored tone. Huey dropped his palm and she blinked, shaking her head.

"I can't go. I told daddy I'd be home by midnight so that I could finish our-" Her face looked pained. "Contract."

"Contract?" Huey looked at her, and even Cindy and Caesar exchanged confused glances. "What contract?"

"The "we-bought-your-car-and-we're-letting-you-drive-from-Illinois-all-the-way-to-Maryland-with-no-parental-supervision-to-stop-you-from-partying-and-dabbling-in-drugs-and-participating-in-orgies-so-you'd-better-not-mess-up-the-car-or-you-can-forget-about-keeping-it-during-school" contract." Jazmine looked exasperated. Huey looked bewildered.


"It's what he said!" Jazmine moaned, burying her face in her hands.

"Drugs?" Caesar asked.

"Partying?" Cindy shrugged after a moment. "Well, yeah, the partying part is true. But the drug part is about as likely as it is that Caesar will –"

"Oh, here we go." Caesar threw up his hands. "You've always got something to say!"

"Well, excuse me Mr.-"

"I can't do anything to-"

"You?! I'm the one who-"

"You just don't get it-"

"Hey!" A second floor window suddenly popped open, exposing a shirtless Robert Freeman. "If y'all gon argue like you don't have any damn sense, go to ya own houses! Boy!" Huey grimaced. "What the hell are you doin on my roof?"

"I always come up here, granddad!" Huey groaned.

"I don't pay for the rent wit your dwindling college savings so yo ass can sit on a roof! Like a chair ain't good enough! Damn," Mr. Freeman muttered, his head disappearing from the window. "Crazy ass kids graduate high school and you still can't get rid of em! Back in my day, you turned eighteen, you got the hell out!"

Everyone stared at each other as the air grew silent again. Huey looked at Jazmine.

"Seriously? He couldn't think of anything better to say than-"

"I don't want to think about my dad mentioning anything to do with sex to me ever again," Jazmine sang, sticking her fingers in her ears. Huey rolled his eyes, glancing back down at the other two.

"How do you guys expect us all to be able to go to Washington, D.C. next week without killing each other if you can't manage to get along here?" Huey asked, resting his arm on his knee. Beside him Jazmine was still humming to herself, her fingers in her ears. "I mean, damn. What's going on? You've been friends since we were like, eleven, you've been going out for over a year…what happened to communication? Talking it out? Being respectful? Tactful?"

"Caesar wouldn't know tactful if a piece of jerk chicken hit him in the head with the word branded into it!" Cindy snapped. Caesar's jaw dropped.

"Are you trying to imply something?" He asked, his eyes narrowing. "Because the jerk chicken part makes me assume that you are attacking my heritage. Which I do not think-"

"Jazmine!" Everyone looked over to Tom, who was walking across the front yard. He was, as usual, in a suit and was waving cheerfully, unaware of the current conflicts. He stopped directly below Jazmine and Huey, smiling up at them. "Good evening, Huey!" He waved to Cindy and Caesar, who were rolling their eyes. "Hey there!"

"Tom." Huey nodded respectfully before elbowing Jazmine in her side. "Stop humming. Your dad's here."

Jazmine's eyes popped open and widened. Her fingers dropped from her ears. "Daddy?"

"Jazmine, honey-" Mr. DuBois tapped his watch, his face turning serious. "Don't you remember what we said we were going to do tonight?"

"It's-" Jazmine checked her own cell phone. "Not even 11:30 yet!"

"No, not that contract." With a flourish Mr. DuBois whipped another set of documents from out of his jacket. "I thought of another clause to the talking-to-strangers contract."

"The "Talking-to-Strangers" contract?" Huey whispered in disbelief. Jazmine shook her head, sighing in resignation.

"To-ensure-that-I-don't-talk-or-associate-with-any-potentially-dangerous-individuals-capable-of-harming-my-physical-or-mental-well-being." Jazmine sighed, her teeth gritted. "Did I mention I hate my life?"

Huey shrugged. "I kind of hate it for you."

"Come on!" Tom said, tapping his watch. As Huey helped Jazmine back into the house through his window Tom waved again. "Oh, Huey!" He called out. Caesar and Cindy jammed their hands in their pockets. "How's Robert?"

"I'd be even better-" Mr. Freeman snapped, his head out his window once again. "If all y'all GOT THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY! Damn." He shook his head, vanishing from sight but still yelling. "If y'all interrupt my Skype, or Psyche, or whatever it's called chat with Veronica from Mississippi one more time, all y'all getting yo asses whooped-"

"This is what happens when your parents are lawyers," Jazmine complained as the front door opened and she walked out, glaring towards her typically oblivious father. "And are paranoid."

"And fear anal penetration." Huey leaned in to give Jazmine a kiss but upon seeing Mr. DuBois' face, rolled his eyes and backed up. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye." Jazmine shot her dad one last glare before storming across the street. Cindy and Caesar still glared at each other while Huey closed the front door behind him, leaning against it with his arms folded.

"I ain't trying to hear all y'all arguing all damn summer," He said bluntly, causing them both to stare at him. "I'm sure you two have better things to do with your time anyways-"

"But he-"

"She said-"

"Not my problem!" Huey's pocket vibrated and he retrieved his phone, flipping it open and pressing it to his ear. "And that-" he announced, opening the front door again. "-is my cue."

"Aw, come on!" Caesar whined. "What about the party?"

"Yeah! You just saw her less than one minute ago!" Cindy added.

"Yeah! And thanks to y'all niggas that's all that happened!" Huey rolled his eyes, walking in the house and shutting the door behind him. Cindy and Caesar exchanged hostile glares.

"I still hate you." Cindy's piercing blue eyes were only intensified by the moon. Caesar stuck out his tongue, averting his gaze to the sky.

"Well, I still hate-" His eyes narrowed. "Hey, was that a comet?"

"Damn it!" Huey shouted from inside the house.

Yeah, that's it.

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