Claire was sitting on the bathroom floor with mascara stained tears rolling down her face.

"How could I do this? How could I be so stupid."She asked herself.

She heard a timer go off and leaned up to grab the stick that would change her life.

"Oh God"She cried as she saw that the pregnancy test had a pink plus sign on it."What am I going to do?''

Just then her Mom knocked on the bathroom door and said"You know Claire there are two other people living in this house,three when Darcy comes back,and you need to have the common courtesy to get in and get out of the bathroom so other people can use it."

"WHATEVER MOM!"Claire yelled at Mrs. Edwards.

"Do not use that tone with me young lady and open the door this instant."Mrs Edwards yelled back sternly.

A ton of thoughts started flying through Claire's head at that moment but the most important one was,How am I going to hide this pregnancy test?" She thought quickly and hid it in the laundry basket.

Claire opened the door and stuck her head out and said"I'm sorry for talking to you in that manner,I'm just really stressed out from school work and K.C. problems."

"I told you that if dating was going to interfere with your school work that you were just going to have to give up on boys till college."Mrs Edwards stated back.

After her mother said that all Claire could think was "If only she knew just how much dating is about to interfere in not only my school life but in my normal everday life too,"

"Did you here me Claire?"Mrs Edwards asked.

"Yea mom,I promise I won't let dating mess up my school work,OK?'';Claire asked.

"Okay,I trust you and I hold you to that promise."Mrs Edwards replied.

Again Claire's thinking tank went off again,"I feel like such a horrible person,in my mom's head she is blaming K.C. for interfering with my school work,when he's not even the father of my unborn child"

"So we understand each other?"Mrs Edwards asked.

"Of course Mom"Claire answered with a reassuring smile on her face.

"I really have to call Alli"Claire couldn't help but think as she closed the bathroom door and went to dispose of the pregnancy test that would surely ruin her life.