Well now, this came out of nowhere. Get ready for the most angst-ridden kiss ever!

The set-up, I suppose, is them lounging on a bed taking a break from a case. Yes, let's go with that.

"Watson... there is but one more thing that I need to do. And I pray with all my heart that you will remain my friend after it's done." he sits next to me on the bed, seemingly worried over something.

"I'm sure whatever it is, it won't-"

"But it may, as any sane man would walk away after this." he spoke softly.

Sherlock Holmes looked at me with a torn expression, his hand gently coming up to warm my cheek.

"I can't rightfully claim myself wholly sane as it is." I assure him slowly.

"Please consider, my dear, this may end it all," he now looks at me with pleading eyes. "I beg of you!" he cried in a low voice. "If there is anything in the world which would drive you from me, absolutely anything, decline my pleads!" Both his hands are at my temples now, voice quivering. I get an odd feeling in my gut.

"W-what are you going to do?" I ask hesitantly as he started to lean into me.

"Anything... anything which happens to-night... I beg you to forgive me." his face hovers close to mine as he begins to raise himself over me. I am now beneath him, and I am scared.

"Holmes..." I can feel his breath upon my lips; it quavers in fright. I begin to sweat as I know know what this thing is.

"I'm sorry, Watson, but I-I need to do this," his voice cracks, I can feel tears in my eyes. "for so long now," I begin to dry heave.

"Holmes please..." I beg him. He shakes his head form left to right, slowly, in shamed stubbornness.

"I can't, I've wanted you... I've wanted you to know," His lips hover inches above mine, his weight fully on my chest as he holds my head gently in his hands. The claustrophobia builds as his arms encase my own and I cannot free myself. Feebly, I grasp his wrist, but am to weak to pull them away.

"PLEASE! Holmes-- don't do this!" I choke out, emotion constricting my throat yet not spilling. I can feel his entire body shaking. "Please... I don't want this to ruin everything..."

"I'm sorry," I feel his lips brush lightly against mine with each word he speaks. It chills me to the bone. Desperation growing, I try as a last resort to impede him. I look into his eyes and whisper, despite the brush of lips, "You mean too much to me... don't-- please, if you stop now I won't ever mention this again! We can pretend this night never happened... any of it! I implore you..." His beautiful grey eyes squeeze shut as tears slide down his cheek and onto my nose.

"Watson. I cannot stop myself. All restraint is spent-" I sink my head into the pillow as much as I can, resisting him.

"No! Don't sp--"

"I love you Watson, I'm sorry--"

Before I can beg, his lips crush against mine. My words are muffled. His sobs are silenced. A tear slides down my cheek.

I whimper in defeat as his soft lips gently mold against mine. It was only a small, gentle kiss, but it evoked much emotion. Holmes started to openly sob as I had started moments before. His lips still claiming mine, he breaths,"I don't understand..." I feel a hand brush back the hairs of my temple, his hot breath on my tongue.

"I don't want this... I don't understand why people-- why... " I moan loudly. He presses down once more. "I want to stop, but... I-I can't..."

I can feel another light kiss against my mouth, but I don't fight it. I lay back, blankly staring at the ceiling while both our tears pool round my eyes.

The pressure moves from my lips to my chin, and I fear how far Holmes will go. Instead, however, he planted one last, gentle kiss on my bottom lip before burying his face in my chest and screaming. The scream tore at my heart, but I was unable to do anything. Holmes gripped my waistcoat as he began to cry profoundly.