This is one of the few things that bothers me about the movie (another is the chicken—what's with the chicken?!).

So, I thought I'd write a quick oneshot just to clear things up about what *really* happened when Ruber stuck the sword in the stone… :)

"Two… for the price of one! This must be my lucky day." The sword flew closer.

"Now!" Kayley cried, and she and Garrett pushed away from each other. The sword lodged itself into the stone behind them.

Ruber gasped as ancient etchings embedded in the rock lit up. "The stone!" He struggled to pull Excalibur out, but to no avail. His scream of frustration echoed around Camelot as a column of lightning and magic shot up from the sword. Purple light swirled around metal men, who regained their human form. The two-headed dragon was finally separated into two separate bodies, but after a moment of consideration, they rejoined. A sling that had once cradled the arm of a king blew away, the arm healed.

The magic of the sword that had healed many others did not skip over a certain hermit. Garrett felt something swirl around his head, lifting his bangs off of their customary place on his forehead. He automatically rose a little, standing on his knees, and saw a glint of purple before he hunched back over, covering his eyes with his hand.

A maniacal laugh rang distantly as Ruber was ripped to pieces in a column of purple wind and light.

Kayley lowered his arms, which had been shielding her face, to stare in amazement at the sword Excalibur. The sword stood like a sentinel in the stone as the magic faded away and the clearing came back to life. Garrett shakily stood, and they both saw what almost looked like a red mask fall to the earth, the last remnant of the villain Ruber.

Garrett and Kayley's eyes met. His eyes look different, the girl thought, surprised. I think he can… A grin spread across Garrett's face, and Kayley ran towards him, throwing her arms around his neck. He held her at arms' length, studying her face with new eyes.

"Kayley?" he asked, wiping away a tear from her face. Kayley caught his hand, and nodded. "I can… I can see you…" Her smile grew wider, and she nodded again, for once not knowing exactly what to say. Neither of them noticed when Devon and Cornwall landed beside them, Aiden in tow, but they did turn to watch as Arthur, the rightful King, pulled Excalibur from the stone.

(heart) this is *my* Quest for Camelot canon, really… I've always thought it was just ridiculous that Garrett wasn't included in the little healing sequence.