This is My First GK Fic and I'm really sorry if it's somehow similar to another Fic here.
I swear, this is my own idea.

I want to thank Wings of Wind for introducing this lovely anime to me.
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"God's Plan"

Chapter I

Pete Pumps, a Canadian stunt pilot was caught in an accident due to mechanical problems. He managed to eject his cockpit so he didn't die. He was in a Comatose. His heart is beating, yes, and that means he's alive. His family never gave up and waited for him to awaken and open his eyes.

After 100 days, exactly one-hundred days, he whispered a name, a woman's name. Then, he woke up. He opened his eyes and looked around.

He's confused.

Why was he there in a hospital lying on a bed?

God talked to him and told him that he's dead and just needed a hundred days before ascending to heaven. And during those one-hundred days, he was with her. Was she true? Or was it just a dream?

Were those smiles unreal?

Were all those experiences unreal?

Were those lips he kissed unreal?

Was his love for her unreal?

After a few weeks, he recovered and got out of the hospital. She searched the internet to see if this "$10 Billion Dollar Beauty" he knows is real.

And she is.

He smiled.

He laughed.

He laughed alone in his room.

He headed straight to his car and drove to the airport to see his love.

To see Tazusa Sakurano.

It seems like God just wanted him to meet the girl meant for him.

I changed the original plot a bit so it would be a happy ending.
Also, this is just a two-shot.

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