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Through A Mirror Darkly

Teris Xenite

"Whatever it is that you want can wait. This woman was almost killed again! Why do I even bother to patch their sorry hides up if they won't at least give them proper time to heal between interrogations?"

"I would imagine because your captain told you to. At least that is what I'm expecting to happen when I give an order, else wise things will become very unpleasant for you Dr. McCoy."

At the sound of his voice, Bones flinched and looked up. "Captain." There was no apology, no protestation that he had not realized who he was talking to. That was one thing he did so enjoy about Bones, he was far too proud to beg that easily. Three years in the academy together as roommates had instilled in them a very healthy respect for each other. Jim respected him because he had access to the most deadly poisons to man and could make your death look like an accident. McCoy respected him, because he'd seen him cleave a Klingon's head from his shoulders and then sit down to diner paying no mind to the blood that dried on his skin or the dead body twitching on the carpet.

"We need to have a conversation in private Doctor. Finish up with Yeoman Rand, and meet me in my quarters."

"Yes sir."

Jim felt himself harden as McCoy called him sir. Little did the good doctor know that he'd be calling him that and more very, very soon.


Jim waited for McCoy in his cabin with a very nice snifter of brandy that had miraculously not been poisoned yet. He looked at the picture on his comm screen slightly bemused that his pursuit of the good doctor would end tonight. He'd shown his hand too early in their relationship, and McCoy had felt comfortable enough in the fact that Jim wouldn't have him killed to refuse a place at his side. While he had to admit that was intriguing, it was also frustrating.

Jim Kirk was not a patient man. He'd never had to be before. Most fell over top of themselves to gain the favor of the Empire's favorite son. With the family connections that his mother had ruthlessly exploited and grown upon his father's death, the large fortunes that came from the family's extortionist tendencies, and the relative safety that came from being joined with a family as influential as Kirk's had become, very few would deny him. This coupled with the fact that he obviously felt an attraction to him, made the doctor's refusal fascinating.

He looked down on the reports that littered his desk, the one most interesting at the moment was the one indicating the death of Jocelyn DeWinters formerly McCoy. It appeared that Marcus DeWinters was nowhere near as forgiving as the good doctor, and had murdered the bitch when he'd caught her cuckolding him. DeWinters had ceased all of Jocelyn's assets, and disinherited Joanna. And just because he felt like being a contrary bastard, had blocked both Jocelyn's and McCoy's relatives who had attempted to intervene on the girl's behalf.

Things were looking rather dire for the little one, because as valuable as he found McCoy, he did not have the clout within the Empire to remove DeWinters. Kirk on the other hand, well typically when Jim Kirk wanted someone dead they ended up that way very quickly. DeWinters would be no exception. Before Bones had even been informed of the situation, Jim had put the pieces into place to protect the child who had Leonard's eyes. Now he need only make Leonard aware of this timely intervention.


It didn't take long to destroy the doctor's soul. A moment's greeting at the door, then a few scant minutes to read and understand that his ex-wife was dead. A sharp gasp and a moment of sheer terror that crossed his eyes when he remembered that the bitch just had to marry up, which meant that he had absolutely no chance of stopping anything that this man had planned for his little girl. The moment when he realized why Kirk had called him here, and what his only option was if he wanted to see the most precious thing in his world come out unscathed.

Jim saw the lump in Leonard's throat and watched as he tried to form the words to beg. While he'd thought that was what he wanted, faced with it actually happening it just felt cheap somehow. He could win this way, but it was too easy. And felt far too much like force, and while he wasn't above manipulation, he had never condoned rape. He was James T. Kirk. If he couldn't manipulate you into wanting him in some fashion, then he didn't want you, and you probably didn't have a pulse anymore anyway.

He held up a hand to halt the man's words. "No Leonard. I could break you with this. You'd beg, you crawl, you'd do anything that I asked you to, just to spare that little girl one moments pain. You know that, and I know that." He stepped closer crowding the man and stroked a finger down the stubbled cheek consideringly. "I'm not going to do that though. I am going to ask though, why precisely haven't you ever sought patronage? I mean Cupcake I can understand. The man is butt ugly with no redeeming factors. I can see why he has to tough it out alone."

He looked over McCoy's long frame, letting him feel the favorable judgment and lust in his eyes. "But you? You could never have to worry about something like this again. Not have to worry about some bastard fucking with your baby girl, messing with your mother, or that pretty little sister of yours that hasn't figured out yet that you and yours can't get her out of half of the trouble that fiery mouth of hers can get her into." The only sign that his words had an effect was the quick inhale when he mentioned his little sister's big mouth. Had some trouble with that one in the past Len? What a pity.

"That moment of panic you felt when you realized that you couldn't do a damned thing to save your little girl? You never have to feel that again. All you have to do is ask, yet every offer you've ever gotten you've turned down." He chuckled darkly. "Hell you've even turned me down. And I can tell that you want me. So what's stopping you?"

The stony silence remained. And so Jim sighed and tapped his cheek softly. "Ok Len. You take this. " He handed him a capture of Joanna. "And go think about what I've said. I mean really think about it. This, this was your one freebie. I won't interfere again unless you've given me a reason. And we both know Doctor, that you and yours are going to need intercession again, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but at some point everyone does. You got lucky this time, because I was in a good mood and felt like making a point. Are you willing to chance that someone else will be so obliging the next time you're in need?"


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