The Pagans in Town Rewrite

Chapter 1: about my OC and her family

Name: Alexandra SnowRaven

Nicknames: Alex, Lexis or Ellie

Gender: female

Birthday: 31st October

Age: 14 (at the start of story)

Number in family: 5

Family: she is adopted into the SnowRaven family with no blood links to the family.

Father: Mr George SnowRaven

Mother: Mrs Mary SnowRaven

Identical Twin Brothers: Jaden and Dyami SnowRaven

Appearance: she is small at 5ft 5ins with long black hair and blue eyes. She is the normal weight and BMI for her height and age.

Make-up: Never unless it is for a special day. Her make-up is for sensitive skin as she is allergic to some chemicals in shower gels, make-up and shampoos.

Clothes: she isn't a Goth, but she loves to wear black or purple clothes. Her favourite outfit is black jeans and a purple T-Shirt with a picture of Shadow or Sonic the hedgehog on it. She will also wear a dark blue coat and a light blue scarf or a wrap. If it gets warmer during the summer she will wear long skirts.

Personality: is friendly, but hates bullies and girl things. She can be a bit sarcastic and a tom boy

Quote: I'm Native American, not Chinese you fat Twit (to Cartman, when she first met him).

Crush: Clyde

Enemies: Eric Cartman and most of girls in school.

Friends: she tries to be friendly with everyone, but she mostly prefers boy company over girl company. And because she becomes the girlfriend of Clyde, she hangs out with Craig and his group.

Her likes are: Rock music, Native flute music and Celtic music. She loves reading vampire books (like House of Night, the Twilight Saga and Night World), Fantasy novels like Harry Potter, The Black Magician Trilogy and factual books like about Volcanoes and other Earth and space events and ancient myths and legends of the Native religion. She also loves walking among trees and nature.

Her dislikes are: some celebrities and their crazy fans, the twilight films. The colour pink, bullies, Cartman and some the girls and people who try too much. As well as people who attack both the Pagan religions and the Native culture.

Background: she was placed in an orphanage at the age of 3 by the state, after her father died from other drinking. Three years late at the age of six the SnowRaven family adopted her, she then grew up in New York City. She is always searching for information on her lost family, but she loves the SnowRavens. Her father then got a new job at South Park and the small family moved there. Her adopted family are Pagan with a Wiccan mother and a Shaman father.

Her pets: Draco – a male bearded dragon at the age of 4 (see below for more info).

Extra Info: she can play both the flute and harp, she loves drawing dragons and fantasy art. She loves being near nature and cooking and wishes to be an Astronomer when she is older. She is also a modern day Shaman with training in the Wiccan religion.

Name(s): Mr and Mrs SnowRaven

First names: George and Mary

Age(s): 34 & 35

Number in family: 5


Adopted daughter: Alexandra

Sons: Jaden and Dyami


George: black hair with green eyes, he wears jeans all the time, except when working or doing a ritual.

Mary: red hair with blue eyes, she is tall and slim and faired skin.


George: his normal everyday clothes is jeans and shirts, work clothes is normal vet uniform.

Mary: she wears skirts mostly during the warmer times, but all her clothes are bright coloured.


George: Now, allow me to take a look (to a pet owner at the clinic.

Mary: I don't see what the problem is with what my, family worship. It is still and religion (to another parent, who has a go at her for being a Pagan).

Work or jobs: George is a small or large animal vet.

Mary owns a Wiccan or Pagan shop in both the town and in the internet.

Extra: George is a modern day Shaman and Mary is Wiccan. Both of them have brought their three children up to respect all religions.

Name(s): Jaden SnowRaven and Dyami SnowRaven

Age: 18 years

Number in family: 5


Mother: Mary SnowRaven

Father: George SnowRaven

Adopted sister: Alexandra SnowRaven

Appearance: since the twins are identical, it is safe to say that they look alike. They both have ginger hair and dark blue eyes with fair skin. Jaden is 6ft and Dyami is 6ft 2ins.

Clothes: they dress in the same clothes too with both wearing flight jacked and jeans, just in different colours. Jaden is blue and green and Dyami is green and grey.

Personality: both are sarcastic. But they are, loving to their family members.

Quote: I'm Jaden not Dyami (Jaden talking to his mother, after Mary mistakes him for his twin) Dyami: Ha-ha (Dyami laughing at his brother and mother).

Crush: both have none

Enemies: Cartman, some of the grownups for attacking the family.

Friends: the children of their mother's Coven and some in their classes.

Likes video games and making bullies cry.

Dislikes: mostly Eric Cartman for picking on Alex.

Background: the twins were 10 when Alex was adopted; they lived in New York City. After the family move to South Park, the twin took it to look after Alex. They also help out at their dad's work and their mum's shop.

And finally the pets:

Sebastian is a pure black cat with green eyes. He is 5 years old and hates being touched by non family members. He also has a small scar on the tip if his tail and is from a rescue centre because no one else wanted him because of his black fur.

Molly is a ginger tabby with blue eyes. She is 1 year old and loves human company; she was bought as a small kitten from a breeder and is a master hunter.

Raziel is dark fur with a lighter marking across his back, the family has a license for him and his treats the whole family as members of his pack with George and Mary being the Alphas.

Draco is sandy coloured with black chin spikes. He is 4 years old and lives in a tank in Alex's bedroom. Alex is looking for a female for him, and sometimes lets him out to roam her bedroom.

South Park is mostly a white Catholic town with some Jewish families living in it. So I was thinking; what would happen if a family of Pagans just happened to move in to South Park. It would certainly cause some problems.

I started to rewrite up on Monday 8th August 2011

And I now finished the rewrite on Wednesday 10th August 2011

Also you may have noticed, I have deleted the OC form from this chapter.

Now as you know – I have a few problems with writing and spelling and I have a bad arm.