Summary: Bella comes home after college to settle her father's estate, but how much of Bella herself needs to settle …. (Still vampric Cullens breaking dawn never happened eclipse she never choose she walked away)

Chapter 1. Charlie's Death

Bella's P.O.V.

I never thought I'd be coming back to Forks to settle Charlie's estate this early in life. I admit him being a police officer is highly dangerous, but I never thought in this small town that he would get into an accident and he would wind up being killed while on duty. I never imagined I'd be burying my dad at this young of age. While driving my 2004 Dodge Charger down the 5 fwy, listening to music thinking about my last week of College.

"congratulations class of 2009" the dean of the school declared and as I watched several of my friends and fellow classmates throw there hat up I sighed in my chair and stood thinking about how my father wasn't in the crowd. I smiled as my step-father Phil and my erratic mother Renee gathered to take photos of me and my friends and me with them and me by myself I imagined this day with Charlie I guess, it just was one of those he was there with me in spirit moments."

With my stuff in the back of my car I sit there staring at the road ahead of me thinking about my future and about the weeks of miserable and grueling work in Charlie's house. Just thinking about all the dirty dishes and empty pizza boxes and beers in the kitchen and living room sent me into tears. I slowly pulled over I don't remember if it was ten minutes or forty five minutes later but I slowly pulled back on the road. Wiping tears continuing my drive it wasn't maybe 9 hours later that I decided to stop to get food remembering that I wasn't in a hurry that there wasn't anyone waiting for me back at Charlie's. sliding out of the car and walking into this small café I remembered before I went for off for college and how miserable Charlie was that I didn't pick the University of Seattle, that I choose to go some place with a change of weather; I choose the University of Southern California. I remember the last conversation we had as I got into my truck those four years ago

"Bell's why can't you just go to Seattle's university its just as good as USC" he said heaving my last bag into the new charger he had bought as a graduation gift from high school.
"Dad, would you really want me to be in Washington with me gloomy any longer or would you rather me happy and somewhere where I will be enjoying myself and my education?" I had raised a valid point in my mind any where away from that ex boyfriend of mine and his looks was fine by me. I hugged my dad tightly kissed his cheek and said

"Don't worry ill be home every Christmas and summer breaks of course. Mom gets Easter!" I laughed, he loved that I had moved back to forks with him since my mother remarried to Phil. I waved and slide into my seat of my car and sped off looking in my rearview mirror at my father waving his hand goofily in the middle of the street.

Pulling myself out of my thoughts, it was the one thing I was going to do when I get home was call Billy black his friend and have him come over and pick something of my dads out. Billy was our family friend, Hell he was family. I sighed at the thought of getting to see my best friend / brother sort of Jacob. I missed that kid, every time I saw him he got bigger and bigger and bigger it's like he's injecting himself with horse hormones or something. It's not right!

Sitting in the restaurant ordering a burger fries and a coke, I sit and think about the chores ahead of me and writing a list in one of my mini notepads I carry in my purse.

Call the police dept about the Funeral arrangements.

Thinking about that I couldn't believe they were taking care of everything for me and not to mention they were even paying for it was one of there own Charlie was there Chief he put everything he had into his town to make it safe. To bad forks, couldn't make themselves there to protect one of there own.

Call Billy, invite him to dinner (check fridge)

Call Alice, can't do this alone.

Thinking of Alice made me think of my ex boyfriend shuddering at the notion that Edward Cullen could possibly be in town.

start to arrange things in Charlie's estate and will with Lawyers

Call a Real Estate Agent

I never really wanted to live in forks, my dad did he loved it. I am having a hard time with the last thing on my to-do list that I wrote, writing it was a hard thing too struggling to think about giving up my fathers house.

I got the food and barely ate half asked for the rest to go, paying the check and grabbing my things slipping back into the charger and starting the car and starting the rest of my journey. I feel my mind working a mile a minute and can't think all at once. Trying to distract myself I quickly turn on the radio and can't even stand the song that's playing "slipped away" by Avril Lavigne was playing I feel my tears starting and I quickly change the radio and hear one of my favorite songs "changes in the house of flies" deftones singing along with the words to the song I started to slightly smile, its not a true smile but it's a smile that will stay throughout this week throughout maybe this month maybe even for months to come. I feel myself giving into my trying to make myself better when my phone goes off.

B –

Im at the airport driving to forks be there soon can't wait to see you


quickly i replied back


Almost there


Seeing that text really truly made me smile thinking about my small pixie best friend being there to help me truly made me better, after that huge fight that my brother Jacob and her brother Edward had over me I couldn't stand being in forks, but I had sucked it up I had sucked up my emotions finished the rest of my time there and left. I left, for my sanity, for my emotional well being for my love of myself. I left so I wouldn't hurt. So wouldn't hurt them both. As I turn onto the familiar road leading to forks I feel myself slightly shaking, I can't remember the last time I was this nervous maybe it was when I told Edward I knew what he and his family were.

You see Edward Cullen isn't your normal boy, or man now, you see Mr. & Mrs. Cullen aren't your normal parents. They are Vampires, Mr. & Mrs. Cullen well Carlisle and Esme, are Vampires they adopted there children who aren't really there children throughout the ages, first was Edward, then really Esme was brought in but, she is Carlisle's heart in so many ways. Then theirs Rosalie, she was originally made to be Edwards mate, and then came Emmett he was saved by great help on Rosalie's part. Now that's the Cullens, theres Alice and Jasper Hale, there husband and wife but when they go to school Jasper and Rosalie are both blonde so they are Siblings. But again Alice and Jasper came to join them after being nomadic on there own terms. And since being away from Edward I had kept in good touch with both Alice and Jasper making sure that they were happy and letting them know that I was happy and finally healing from there brothers emotional wounds that he had left in me after all those years.

Driving into forks I see the somberness in the town taking in everyone's looks as they see my charger drive by knowning fully well I am here to bury my father. I find that they pity me as they did when I first arrived here in forks. They pity my loneliness, my woes. But really it's the city of forks that I pity for they are loosing one of the fines police officers in the world. I think about my father again and sigh. There are only so many tears I can cry for him. And im not going to waste them all in one week, he wouldn't allow me to cry over him its not something he would want of me he would want me to smile and carry on saying that "dying in the line of duty is and honor and a privilege and my father did his job and kept his honor and dignity as police officer well"

Pulling into the drive way I see the side walk near the house lined with flowers and gifts and notes and cards seeing them all rained on. Quickly I grabbed the few bags that I could and ran to the door quickly opening and setting stuff in on the floor and running to grab one more load and then another. Setting all my bags on the ground I quickly start to bring in the letters, the flower pots the food.

"food, really, in the rain" I said out loud to myself

"yes food people feel remorse" a high voice made me jump and drop the plastic casserole dish filled with some gooey substance

"ALICE" I nearly screamed in her ear as I hugged her I knew my best friend would always always be there for me when I needed her.

"BELLA" she mimicked me

"you don't know what a relief it is to have you here for me" I sighed and picked up the plastic bowl and making a mental note to throw the casserole away it looked alive.

"anything for my best friend, Bella don't be silly Charlie was a good guy and I'd be honored to help you with anything" she smiled sweetly I swear Alice is a million dollars at times when I need her. I looked over to her yellow Porsche to see Jasper sliding out of the car grabbing a few bags waving I mumbled "Hey Jazz"

"Hey Bella" he quickly made his way up to us and we all squeezed into the house and I smiled at both of them

"Thank you guys you don't know how much you both are helping me tremendously" I sighed and looked at them and continued "are you guys glad your schools out and that your finally graduated?" I tried to make small talk

"another Degree for Carlisle and Esme to be proud of" Jasper smiled, this time he majored in Engineering, trying something new he figured he had already majored in history, economics, accounting, literature. I smiled

"yes, im glad, more shopping time, as if I needed real time to study" Alice smiled her dazzling smile and sat on the couch next to me. Alice has gotten her degrees in: fashion, art, music, dance, financial marketing, and history.

"Alice you need to shop like I need to breath" I tried to laugh at my own joke but being in the house where my father lived was kind of hard to do. I sighed and looked to my two friends continuing to make conversation

"Are your Parents in Town?" I smiled thinking about Carlisle and Esme and would love to see them again.

"Yes, they thought it only be fitting and appropriate to attend a great man such as your fathers funeral." Jasper said as he grabbed my hand I stopped and looked up I forgot how cold the cullens were when they touched my regular normal human skin.

"are any other siblings coming?" I knew what I was getting into I was asking if he was coming back, if there bronzed haired dazzling brother Edward was coming back or if he was in town even thinking about that sent butterflies into my stomach but not the good kind more like the nervous tripping falling and landing in plate of food in front of a crowded room nervous.

"Emmett's coming back he's graduated form texas A&M and wants to come and pay his respects to You about Charlie. But Rose and Edward aren't coming back" jasper looked to Alice and then to me. Rose & Edward I in my head

"Rose & Edward, is there something your hiding from me? Alice? Jasper?" I looked concerned I knew Edward was free to do as he please, but I didn't think it would come to this it would come to the expense of his brothers pain or anything. But then again I could be just filling my mind with utter nonsense.

I got up before they could answer my question and grabbed my bags and walked up stairs they followed me with there own bags, I quickly opened the room to my old room and collapsed on my bed and they knew well enough to leave me alone so they made do in Charlie's room. I was wondering still why they were staying here with me if they had there own place.

"Alice?" I knew she could hear me, not even a minute later she was in my room on my bedside looking down at me

"Yes Bella?" her voice concerned and sweet and very sisterly

"Why are you staying with me here when you have your closet at home your own bed your own family?" I was almost on the verge of tears at the thought of my non existent family

"Bella, We are staying here for you, you need family right now!" she stressed the word family and I looked up

"Thank you Alice" by that time jasper was leaning against the door frame where Charlie had leaned a thousand times and I smiled and laughed slightly and he looked at me questioningly I spoke quietly

"You'll never be able to fill that door frame the way my father could"

I laughed…

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