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Chapter 7 : What knowing allows the heart to accept

Bella's POV

he liked me was that even possible to think about I mean sure he's sexy, single, tempting, great kisser, strong, hella sex on a stick and from what im gathering if he looks like he is now I bet the rest of him is very proportionate as well, shakes my head shut up Bella this is your ex boyfriends brother there's not a chance of you going for another Cullen remember what the first one did to you its not going to happen again you wont let it. Remember that bell my brain reminded me of what Edward did to me and I quickly frowned when Emmett sat me back on the blanket that we arrived back too. He then quickly sat beside me pulling out the food that had been in the bag. I smiled and graciously took it without complaining after that running away from him I'd been a bit hungry and thirsty and if he was going to offer it who was I to decline. I'd stayed silent for fear or bringing up the kiss. Or rather multiple kisses that melted my soul into his. I didn't know what he would say or what he felt about those mouthwatering and totally worthy kisses.

"Bella" I hear his voice cutting through my thoughts I turn my head

"Emmett" I retort

"don't be silent its killing me" he faked a silent death

"your already dead did you forget" I snorted out a laugh as I held the remainder of the sandwich I was eating in my hand.

"oh yea" he said goofily I missed that about him. So funny and now mixed with the sexual feelings coming out it seemed like the perfect mix and I had to know more about him. "does that sandwich even taste appetizing" he wrinkled his nose as he questioned my food

"does that bear you hunt down taste appetizing to you" he nodded as I shot back my question to him.

"touche" we were skipping and dancing over the main issue at hand and that was the kiss the ever evident and heat making kiss.

"Bella" he almost blew out instead of speaking I shuddered at his word one word could bring me to my knees imagine what his kiss did

"yes Emmett" I almost couldn't make the words come out

"We need to talk about earlier" his words made him seem innocent"

"yea I got mad and yelled" I said trying to push my thoughts to further back today

"no, not that a lil forward im talking about the kiss" his words came out in a gust as if he wanted to rip off a band aid as quick as possible.

"oh, and what about the kiss" I tried not to get my hopes up

"did you feel anything like sparks, fireworks, see stars?" he was seriously asking me if I felt a connection to his sex god status. I couldn't speak I simply nodded I didn't know what to say other than yes I felt something I felt the fucking ground move under my feet and the heavens sing. When I could move my lips I felt the words escape before I could stop myself

"did you feel something?" I felt stupid in that moment I looked to him as he looked like he could be blushing

"yes" was all he could come up with and I felt the lights go off inside me my body reacted to that simple word HE LIKES ME PERHAPS LOVES ME.


wait, its not that serious yet. Yet. I shook my head.

"Emmett are you sure" I studied his body language and his face

"I've never been more sure about anything in my life and I've lived for quite a while as you know" he winked at me playfully and I set my water down he came and wrapped his arms around me and almost instantly I nuzzled into his body I dont know where that instinct came from but it did. I felt myself accepting this fate this connection was happening and all I could do was fall into it and hope that it's what I expect it to be.