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Title: It Was Never Goodbye
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Pairing: Alexis/Jordan
Rating: M
Word Count: 327
Summary: Apologies and renewal

The shock of seeing Daniel kiss Jordan, her old girlfriend raised an avalanche upon Alexis, as she realised that she never did say good bye to Jordan properly, and she was truly enamoured by her, though she was not meant to be in a man's body. Alexis felt a surge of protectiveness course through her, not to mention a certain amount of jealousy.

Daniel would NOT ruin Jordan's life, as he disturbed many other young women.
Alexis caught Jordan back in Daniel's office later on. Jordan revealed her intentions of kissing Daniel, leaving Alexis in more shock. The melancholy expression broke Alexis' heart. 'I'm sorry, but I never meant to hurt you. I just got so caught up in planning my father's downfall... I'm sorry. I truly am, and for it's worth, I never stopped loving you,' whispered Alexis, moving in closer to Jordan.
'You always were the daredevil, but you didn't have the guts to say goodbye,' murmured Jordan, not moving away, but not moving forward either.

Both failed to realise Daniel's reappearance at the door. Instead, Alexis kissed Jordan gently. They built up in passion as Daniel stumble away into the main corridor. Jordan moaned in to the kiss, still feeling the fluttery sensation she had whenever she kissed Alex, it still existed, but now within Alexis. She was the same person, just a different gender. 'Could you love a woman?' breathed Alexis.

Jordan nodded slowly, grinning as Alexis pushed Daniel's things cluttering to the floor. She lifted Jordan onto the desk and proceeded to crawl on top. As Alexis' hand trailed up her thigh, Jordan's dress was pushed up and she was bared for any passer by to see. This excited her and she arched her hips up into Alexis as she felt a familiar touch. They kissed again, tongues touching and reacquainting themselves.

'You know, since we're both girls, you won't always be on top,' giggled Jordan as she wrestled for the position.