"This isn't funny!"

The snow was still falling from the sky and onto the ground like small white bits of confetti stuck in a perpetual slow motion, and England was still laughing. The snow fell onto America and it chilled him to the bones— he never liked being cold— but England's ringing and mocking laughter made him flush in anger and probably melting the bits of ice that landed on his currently stark naked body.

"It's not funny, England! Give me my clothes back!" America shouted hotly, as he tried to cover himself with his two hands.

"HAHAHAHAHA— I can't believe you fell for it! Hahaha!"

And England kept laughing, his one arm clutching his stomach and the other pointing at the naked America in the middle of the snowy field. He kept laughing even when America decided to pin him down on the ground, where even there he was still pointing at America's red embarrassed face.

America had enough. "You damn pervert," he said. His frown turned into a smirk though, and America added, "You just wanted to see me naked," before shutting England up with his lips.