Mississippi 1920

Then it stopped, I open my eyes to see myself surrounded by tall dark trees, hidden under tall dark frozen brown grass. I heard the sounds of birds clear beautiful singing, watching over me. It was a beautiful sound. I heard the wind blowing with the fresh scent of new bloomed wild flowers. It was a sweet nurturing scent. I felt so happy and alive, I felt like I was free. I didn't know why I felt free, I just felt free. I felt this new energy of being free and hopeful that give me the most joyful moment still, today.

This place was open everywhere I turned, I saw were I was heading. Then I saw them, I saw them with dogs barking and running towards me, along with men yelling at me, but they weren't there. I was puzzled in till it happened. I saw men coming with their monstrous beast shouting "Alice, Alice, Alice." Who was this Alice they where after? Why where they coming towards me? Then they came, it first felt like I was repeating a moment. I saw the exact same thing, except this time they were there, coming after me. I could see myself locked up in a deep dark cell away from this place if I cooperated. I wasn't going to let them take me prisoner.

"There she is" I saw one of the men look up at me. "Be careful, they said she's insane and dangerous." I was in the shade then, a perfect place to hide. Something told me they were stronger, an unrecognizable voice calling out for me. The voice was telling me, I was better than them, I had the power to defeat them now. I had a feeling these men were taking me to a place where they would hurt me badly, I wasn't going to let them.

I came out of my hiding place to revel myself to them. The men looked at me in awe as the dogs barked. I had trapped them, stopping their tracks with my diamond skin. It must have been the first time they were truly scared of me. It was the first time I was stronger than them, faster than them, and purely undefeatable. I was caught by their scent, they had a sweet scent something I had wanted desperately. I went after them, and used each and every one of them for my satisfaction. I then went to the place they were going to take me. I went to this tall dark building, that looked like a prison. I didn't know why I went to this place, but I felt like I needed to go.

They were their, men in white jackets that had evil smirks on their faces when they saw me. They couldn't see me, it was dark but they seem to recognize my voice. They then turned on a dull light, and I laughed at their horror when they gazed into my blood shot eyes. I was angry with them, I didn't know why, but I was angry with them. I used them to satisfy my first, and laughed at their pain. I then left feeling my revenge was done.

It then happened again, as I came out of that deep dark place, determined never to go back. I kept seeing things that were not there. I felt shame in harming them, even those they done me wrong. At least I think they did them. I saw faces of the people I left unharmed being locked up and placed under pain with men asking them what happen. I saw these people in straight jackets going under torcher being interrogated for what has happened. I saw some of them being killed for the deed I did. I saw women in black veils barring their bloodless bodies, I saw father less children leaving school , giving up their future to feed their families because I took the one who did that for them. I hated these visions, but they will come true.

I wondered off into the woods, to find a way to satisfy this strange thirst of mine. I saw them then, two men one of them had the white jacket like those men I killed. Except he didn't have an evil smirk, he had a genital face that found the men I killed to be a disgrace. He was kinder, loving and most of all compassionate. I heard a younger man, a boy almost say his name. 'Carlisle' I had a feeling he would help me in this life. He was traveling with a boy, who could easily be my age, I could see him as my friend. I saw him say the boy's name 'Edward.' I saw them both jump after a bear running through the woods the same way I jumped the humans. I observed how they did it. Then I saw a deer, their steps burned in my mind as I tried it. I succeeded.

I then had another vision, it was the most beautiful vision I had ever had. I saw a man, who was like me in so many ways. He was undeniably handsome and was like me, searching for a better way in this world. He had hair of the sweetest honey, and pure white skin like mine. He had horrible ruby eyes that he hated. He was suffering, and he was waiting for me to come into his life, he didn't know it yet. I saw him in a room full of humans, wet escaping from the rain. The place would be dry, and warm to the humans at least. He will be scared of me at first sight, but I saw myself smiling, I saw him smiling then. I saw myself holding his hand, I saw myself in his arms. I saw us together in every single way possible. I then heard myself say his name 'Jasper'. I said it like it was the most beautiful word ever spoken, and he said my name. 'Alice' it wasn't like the guards in anger, it wasn't like the doctors in their disgusted pleasure. He said it as if he loved me for all I am worth, all I could be worth. He said it as if I was the source for the pain he carried around with him. He said it as if I was his hope. I fell in love with him, before I even met him. I then remembered seeing this Carlisle and Edward killing the bear, Jasper needed them as much as I did. I needed to find this Jasper before I found the two hunters who taught me what he needed to know.

When I made my decision to find Jasper first, I had a stream of visions. I saw a woman, a sad woman with bruises, she was in pain. She went to another woman who saw us as equals to the man who caused the pain. They were leaving, I saw this woman happy again as her stomach grew. I then saw her in pain, again, this was the worst pain these humans could have, I saw her jumping in this deep pain. I then saw her with Carlisle, together, just as happy as Jasper and I will be. I heard her name 'Esme' I saw her and Carlisle loving us with a way every human deserves to be loved. I saw Edward leaving, foolishly running form this kind of love. Something told me this would be a bad time to meet him. I saw him come back those, I smiled when I saw Jasper and Edward together with another strong bond.

I saw myself having this strong bond with another, I had another vision of this beautiful fair haired girl. I heard her name 'Rosalie' I watched her grow up in a single vision. I then watch sadly as she was betrayed, I watched her see the worst in humans. I watched her suffer, I then watched her as she approached those he betrayed her with the same revenged I approached the doctors with. I then saw her with me, we were laughing in a crowded store filled with beautiful clothes. I saw her happy with me as she found enjoyment in my company, we had similar interest. Yet, I knew I would never erase her pain, someone will those. Someone would make her laugh again. I then saw Edward and Jasper's bond again, with a third.

I saw a young boy growing up deep in the mountains, he won't have near as much as Rosalie will, but he didn't need much to be happy. I saw him grow up, in the simplest yet most delightful way. He would be strong, he would have to be to survive his surroundings. I then saw fear rush across his face as a creature we view as a meal attacked him. I then smiled as I saw Rosalie come to his rescue, they would save each other in every way. I then saw myself get picked up in this great unbreakable hug. I saw us all together, the vision was just too, perfect. I couldn't see Jasper and I living alone with just love for each other. It would seem empty for the both of us, when we could experience so much more love. That was when I left, it was morning when I woke up, and it was midday when I knew where I was going. I knew were I belonged.


"That is what had happen to me" Alice gave Adam a stern look. "I didn't have a vision of you, I had a vision of them. Why did you bring me here? I knew who you are now, I remember you. Every time I was happy in my human life you ruined it, you made my mother want to kill me, you made my family think I was crazy. I was locked up because of you. Anytime I was happy in my human life you ruined it. Now, you plan to do the same thing in my immortal life." Everyone stared, Jasper put her arm on Alice's shoulder. She give Adam a disgusted look. "Where you there? When the doctors did those things to me? And you did nothing?"

"Alice" Rosalie tried calming Alice down.

"Where you there when they tortured me?" Alice asked angry. "Now, I am wishing James did kill you. Leaving me when I was burning was the best thing you ever did. Hearing your voice made it a whole lot worse. It wasn't as bad as others, I suppose, thanks to you and your gift. You made me go through that pain, again."

"I wasn't there when the doctors at the asylum hurt you." Adam explained.

"You abandon me" Alice smiled. "That just makes me like you a whole lot better."

"Alice" Carlisle tried to comfort her. Alice ran out of the house, the family went after her.

"Stop" Jasper ordered. "She needs to do this alone."

Alice ran away from it all, she had her memory back. Now she wanted to get rid of it again, she had always wished she had some memory of being human. Now, she hated the idea of once being human again.

"Mary" A woman stopped her, Alice froze recognizing that voice. There she was, Edna, she was a bit taller than Alice, and her hair was longer. Besides those features they were exactly the same. For the first time, Alice was speechless.

"I've been waiting for this moment for over one hundred years." Edna said. "When I could look into your immortal self, and know you are completely safe. I have been thinking for the past ninety years what to say to you. Now, I am speechless."

"Why didn't you turn me sooner?" Alice asked not knowing what to say. "Why did you let me live in that place?"

"I didn't want you to live my life, I kept thinking there will be a day when you would come out." Edna said sadly. "Determination is what I brought with me, and I was determine you would be happy. I thought you could only do that as human. Now you are happy, not as human those."

"I thought you were dead, I thought you were an angel coming to see me every night" Alice said sadly. "I now remember the last time you came to see me. When you cut my hair, I hated it, that was when I knew what you were. That was when I figured what you were going to turn me into."

"Always good at predicting things" Edna smiled. "That was what you brought into your life. You know the future, and you deserved to know the past."

"You could of turned me then, James would have less of a shot at getting me, and my hair would have been longer." Alice pointed out.

"I thought you still had a chance at living as a human" Edna explained. "Like I said, I was determined for you to be happy, and that's what happened."

"Why did you bring me here, then?" Alice asked. "You saw me happy, why did you disturb it?"

"Insurance/" Edna answered. "I don't know, I didn't recognize Carlisle in till I found him. I had to make sure you were happy there. I knew Carlisle before, he delivered you, he didn't recognize you in till I told him. They love you just for the sake of loving you, I understand your happy with his coven. I won't destroy that. You are free to do whatever you want, that was what I promised you, from the first time I felt you move inside me. You can live with the Voltari as long as it makes you happy. You have every right to leave this island and never have contact with me again if that is your wish. I just wanted you to know, you deserved to know." Edna then felt Alice's hair and left.

"I want to live with my Cullen family, they make me complete." Alice blurted out looking at Edna's sad eyes.

"Then that is your choice, I will be here whenever you need me." Edna nodded and left. Alice sat still for awhile. Would she be able to live with herself not knowing this woman? The woman who give her life in every way possible, she has waited so long for this name to be reveled.

"No" Alice came to her. "I want to know you, too, come and visit us. We do not many vegetarian vampires like us out there. You will be like the Denali's to us. I want you to be in my life."

Edna smiled. "Then we will visit at any request."

It was sunset when they came back, Jasper was waiting for her. He didn't recognize Edna, in till he notice the similarities.

"So you're the one who captured my daughter's heart" Edna smiled as Jasper let out a little smirk. "Please to meet you, mamm" Jasper smiled as the rest of the family greeted each other.

"Now it looks like we have two extended families" Esme smiled when Alice explained the future connections.

"I forgive you" Alice went towards Adam. "I also went to thank you, for leaving me, so I could find what I wanted.." Adam smiled back. "Your very much welcomed."

Kalena then came up and give Alice a hug. "Even those you are not living with us, you still are my sister." She said sweetly.

Alice had felt more complete than ever. Everything had made since, she woke up knowing nothing about her human life. Yet, she still knew what love was, and what it was like to be loved. Adam erased every memory, including the happy ones. He did not take away the emotions with those memories. Alice did not remember, Edna, her mother in every way. She remembered the love Edna give her that drove her to Carlisle and Esme. Alice did not remember loosing Edna, it was the sense of loss Alice remembered that made her understand the sad visions of her first victim's families. Alice did not remember the Brandons, she remembered the acceptance and love from them that made Alice know it wasn't just blood or venom that made a family. It was because Edna created Kalena, and Kalena had loved her Alice knew how to love like a sibling. She knew how to love Edward, Rosalie, Emmett and Bella. Alice did not remember being Cynthia's role model, she remembered the feeling of being a role model that made Alice confident with Rensemee. There was only one live Alice had discovered for herself. Jasper, when she fell in love with him it was new and made it strong. It was because of her two families, she knew their love would strengthened because an unbeaten heart could have room for many people.