I can't believe so many things have changed at once. Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to cope, to survive all this, but then I remember my therapy and know I'm going to be okay.

Ethan moved out this morning.

Kai quit goblins.

I finished my therapy, well, sorta.

Dr Tom said he'd always be there for me, like Nadia is for him. If needed, at some point in the future, we can have another session, but, having the courage to walk through that door without him, means I can deal with whatever life throws at me and apparently that's going to include a patient of my very own someday.

This therapy is kinda like pay it forward. Someone helps you and in turn, when you find someone in desperate need of some help, you can offer them the same treatment you had and help them through the process. Honestly, I'm a little concerned about fitting that in around my new business venture but Dr Tom told me not to worry, when the time was right, I'd know, so I'm just putting my faith in him, that he knows what he's doing and that, when I find that lost soul, I don't monumentally screw up their life!


Erica Strange looked down at the first page of her brand new diary. Today was a brand new day and she wanted to capture every moment. The diary was her last gift from Kai, for now at least. He'd left it in her apartment when he'd been there the day before, with a little note,

"Don't miss a thing!

Love Kai."

The note could mean a million different things, it could just for her, telling her to live everyday to the fullest, it could and was more probably, telling her to make sure and record all the big events so she didn't ever forget them, or, she kinda hoped, maybe he wanted her to record everything so one day, ten years from now, when he looks her up, he can read everything that's happened in her life since they last met. It would be hours, maybe days for him, but for her, it was going to be at least ten long years, that was assuming he would look her up at all and that was giving her a headache.

"Don't dwell on what may be Strange, pick yourself up and get on with today!" She smiled down at the diary once more, before closing it, tying the delicate little leather straps in place and running her hand over the smooth, soft, supple leather, allowing herself to be lost in memories for just one minute longer, wanting to hold onto him as long as possible, before facing the new day, without him, without Ethan and without Dr Tom. She was facing tomorrow alone, but she'd never felt more connected in her life.