It's so strange to be back. I think staying there for so long was actually a good thing, I've learnt more about myself and the world in the last few months than in the last ten years. I've gotten so used to my crappy little apartment and having no money, it makes me appreciate what I do have now. It's weird to think that even though I've been gone for so long, I'm back here at the same point I left. No-one even knows I was away!

I can't believe how much I miss Erica. I didn't even get to talk to her after the performance. How weird must it have been for her to go and talk to me and have me not know her. Looking back now, I remember that show and this weird woman coming up to me and saying it was great, that must have been Erica. She must have been so hurt if I fobbed her off, but I just walked away. I hope she's doing okay. I know she told me not to look her up but I'm dying to see her. It was great having someone to talk to about all this weird therapy crap, I'm not sure I can do it alone. Maybe I'll look her up, see how she's doing, but not let her know I've done it, at least I'd know if she was happy, god, I hope she's happy!


Kai looked down at his diary with an almost melancholy smile. He'd bought one just like this for Erica before he left and he hoped she was using it. He dreamed of one day seeing her again and discussing everything that happened in the time that had passed but he was scared. Scared of her rejection of this version of him, scared of what might have happened to her, but mostly scared she might have forgotten him. Although it was a blink of an eye for him, it had been 10 years for her, he had no idea what might have changed in her life.

He turned to a new page, inspired anew, he started writing. His head was brimming with lyrics and melodies and he knew he had to get them out before he forgot them. He wrote for hours, trying to push Erica out of his mind, but no matter what he did, she was always there, smiling at him and encouraging him, willing him to stop being scared and go out there and find her.

When he couldn't take it anymore he pulled out his computer and googled her. There were thousands of hits, mostly crappy websites that seemed to have nothing to do with her. Suddenly he realised that finding her wasn't going to be as easy as he had first thought.