AN: This is smutty yaoi fic. Meaning two guys having sex. You've been warned.

This is also sequel to "Apology" so go read it first if you haven't yet. But since it's just a smut, I think you'll get it either way ;) (Btw, it's kinda funny to write a sequel to almost-one-shot :) This one is suppose to be a one-shot too. But there is a possibility that I write some more chapters. Don't know when, if ever, it happens though so for now on I marked it as complete.)

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"Yes.. Mmm.."

My eyes are shut tight. My muscles tense under hot skin, slick from sweat. A few of my red locks are stuck to my damp forehead.


I moan arching my back. My breath is erratic. I can feel waves of pleasurable heat floating down my spine.

Just a little longer..

My toes curl.

"Dei…" I cry out releasing whitish substance from my throbbing cock. My vision become similar color as I enter the land of bliss.

That wasn't very long trip though…

Damn it all..

My hand hangs loosely from the edge of my bed. I rub my fingers lazily against each other.

They're sticky. I hate it.

I'm staring blankly at the ceiling, waiting for my breath to calm itself.

It makes no sense.. Stupid fucking pride...

No matter how badly I'm trying, it's always just my imagination. It doesn't even feel half as good as the real thing.

Why is that anyway? It only was that one fucking time. Over three weeks ago.

And yet.. I still can smell vanilla and lemons at the verge of my climax…

I lift my hand, examine it. I rub my thumb against the index finger and then move them apart. A viscous trickle connecting my digits falling slightly down in the middle forming a shape of a mocking smile. It disappears slowly as gravity pulls it down and makes the liquid flow to my palm.

I move my hand closer to my lips and lick the tip of my index finger shyly.

It's disgusting.

And yet, it tested pretty good back then. From that hot flesh.


I feel like some fucking addict. I got a little taste of heaven and now any substitute isn't able to satisfy me. Nothing completes me.

And heaven won't come either.

I feel miserably weak.

I sigh yet again and get up from my bed. I need to wash my shameful form and get a hold of myself. I still have some work to do.


"Deidara, get this stupid little sparrow out of my sight," Sasori snapped looking at the other man with the corner of his eye. He was currently sitting at his workbench mixing various ingredients for his new poison.

"It's an eagle, hmm," the blonde pouted

"Whatever. I'm trying to work here and you distracting me with this useless creations of yours."

"They aren't useless…"

"You're blowing them up as soon as they're created. They are useless."

"They're fleeting, Danna"

"I told you, art's not fleeting, Brat."

Deidara leaned his chin on Sasori's shoulder from behind. The red-head shivered instantly almost dropping the vial he was holding.

"I know, where you're going with this.." the blonde whispered, "Sasori no Danna."

The puppeteer felt a pleasurable heat spread through his body. He turned his head to look at the other man.


Deidara smiled small and ran the tip of his tongue across Sasori's lips. The red-head gasped.

"Yeah," the blonde answered standing up. "You won't provoke me this way, hmm."

Then what should I do? the puppeteer thought looking at the other artist, his lips slightly parted.

Deidara knew his partner way to well. He was the puppet master. He was Danna. Even if he enjoyed being the blonde's slave, which he knew he had, he would never admit it straight. He tried to get what he wonted the way it would look like he didn't want it at all. But Deidara knew it all and Sasori's attempts to get himself fucked by him again only made him want to tease the puppeteer more. Not like the blonde himself didn't want it, but he wouldn't be satisfied unless his Danna asked him directly for what he expected him to do. The control the blonde could feel over his master was enough to make up for waiting. He was totally at Deidara's mercy, and the sculptor knew that. The puppeteer wanted him with all his being, but was too proud to admit it.

"Why can't you tell me straight what you want, Danna, hmm?" Deidara asked after a moment as he continued to mold his clay. "You know how good it could be, don't you? All you have to do is spit it out."

"Get out, Brat," Sasori spat turning to his work.

"Whatever you want, hmm."

Deidara left the room leaving the puppeteer to his thoughts. A small smile was dancing on his lips. How long you can last, I wonder. Sasori, my slave…

---End of Flashback---

I'm watching the water streaming down my body.

Why can't I just go there and tell him to fuck me senseless? That would make things far easier.

I sigh. I thought that it was just temporary. It was good, so it's kinda normal than I wanted to do it again, isn't it? But now I feel like I can't function normally any more. That if I don't get what I want, my sanity will just go to hell..

I turn off the water and dry myself.

I can't live like this any longer.

I look at my reflection in fogged up mirror.

Fuck stupid pride!

I put on my Akatsuki cloak and leave my room.

It's decided.

I'm gonna get laid tonight by this gorgeous blonde of my partner no matter what.

I'm in front of Deidara's room in a few seconds.


He lets me in.

I'm glad that the leather cuffs he used last time are still hanging on the wall. It saves me the trouble to look for them. I come closer to the wall and cuff my wrists above my head.

Deidara is sitting on his bed, molding some clay as usual, watching me intently, with slightly surprised look in his eyes. A smile is forming on his lips. I know that smile.

I finish handcuffing my hands and turn around so I'm facing him now.

"Master.." I begin in a quiet voice looking down. "I need you."

His smile grows wide as he continues to look at me.

He finally puts aside the clay and moves towards me. His hand cups my chin and lifts my head so I look him into eyes.

"You need me, hmm? What for?"

"Fuck me," I state surprised how easy it was.

And to think that I've been struggling so much to do it for such a long time.

Deidara smiles tracing his fingers down my clothed chest gently.

"You're such a good slave…"

I shiver at these words.

The anticipation is making me hot all over.

"But still.." he whispers touching me gently, "you didn't entertain me for too long last time, did you?" he looks me into eyes.

"Yes, Master.." I inhale sharply as his hand slides lower.

"Are you gonna make it up to me this time?" he moves closer. His lips almost touching mine. His hand moves to my thigh.

"Wha-whatever you want, Master."

He smiles and with one motion rips my cloak open.

"Oh my.." he looks at my naked form. I'm getting hard. "You're not wearing anything, hmm. You little slut."

The next second his wonderful lips are on my neck. I tilt my head. My whole body is trembling. I've been waiting for this for what is seems an eternity.

"Too bad.." Deidara's lips are tracing the way along my collarbones. "I liked you stripping.. hmm.." He bites me gently a couple of times and moves down to my heart box, kissing it lightly. "At this rate.." kiss, "you'll have to," kiss, "try harder," he moves his tongue in circular motion, "to deserve my dick.." he licks the way up the front of my neck and chin, "inside you."

Damn this teasing blonde and his dirty talk. I'm getting so hard already, and he's barely even done anything.

This isn't good. At this rate I'm not going to last too long. I didn't wait for all this time to let it end too quickly.

"M-master…" I whisper, my eyes are shut.

His lips trail my chest. "What is it, my slave? Hmm."

"I.. I don't think I can last much longer.."

"I see.." he speaks never ceasing his ministrations. "What should I do then?"

The very thought makes my blood rush. Of course he knows what to do, but he wants me to say it. And I can't do anything else.

"Put.. the ring.. on.."

He smirks against my chest. "Are you sure?"


"Hmm… Since you behave so well.."

He moves to the drawer and looks inside. A devilish smirk appears on his face soon after. I can feel my body twitch. He looks at me with this cunning expression on his face and pulls out a ring.

No, two rings. I watch them intently. One of them is simple. It's the one he used last time. The other one has more complicated shape with some projections.

"You're gonna like it, hmm," he whispers in my ear slipping the first ring on my erection.

The coldness of the metal makes me shiver. Deidara bites my earlobe and slides another ring.

This time the feeling is different. The projections pressing down on my cock slightly and then I can feel the waves of vibrations running through my whole length. My knees weaken and I'm almost hanging on the chains of my cuffs.

"Oh.. Deidara.."

My eyes are clouded with lust. He looks at me. His hand sneaks under my cock. The next second I can feel the tongue from his hand-mouth swirling around my balls.

"Oh.. fuck.." my eyes flutter shut.

The hand-mouth's teeth nibble me gently. I can hear myself moan louder. That wonderful gifted hand moves further between my legs, licking all the way to my rear entrance. The skillful tongue massages the tight ring of muscles making my whole body spasm in pure pleasure.

I sense Deidara's other hand is moving to the drawer. He pulls out something else but I can't be bothered to think what it could be.

Soon I can feel the toy touching my thigh. It vibrates as well. The hard and slick thing is moving up to my hip. I look down with my hazy eyes.

A vibrator!?..

I look quizzically at Deidara. He smiles.

"The show is about to begin, hmm," he says and move away his hand, unfastening the chains from the wall.

My arms fall heavily to my sides as I lean against the wall. I can barely stand on my feet.

Deidara shoves the vibrator to my hand and whispers, "entertain me, my little slut."

My eyes grow wide. He moves away and sits on the bed.


He smirks. "You've got the toy, baby. Play."

I look down at the vibrator in my hand. It's quite big. I suppose I might need some preparation before I can use it, or it could be painful.

I look at Deidara once more.

"What is it, slave? Are you afraid? Prepare yourself then, hm. Give me a show."

So there's no other way, huh?

I lick three fingers never breaking the eye contact. If it's the show he wants, it's the show he's gonna get.

My tongue is swirling around the digits in my mouth. He's looking at me with his lips parted. I can see the bulge in his pants and I can't help but smirk.

After a moment I decide my fingers are well coated and I remove them sliding my body slowly down so finally I'm laying on the floor on my back, leaning on one elbow. My legs are spread wide so he can have a good view.

I trace my wet hand down my chest and stomach, brush against my lightly vibrating cock and slid one finger inside me.

"Ahh.." the moan escapes my mouth at the feeling of my own digit penetrates me. I move it inside, getting used to the feeling. I soon add another one, scissoring them.

My eyes are hazed. I'm still trying to look at Deidara's expression. I can see his chest is moving faster due to quickening breath. The bulge in his pants grows. I add third finger stretching my hole wider.

That's enough.

I remove my fingers and thrust in the toy instead.

My eyes roll back as I hit my prostate dead on. I click the ON button and begin to thrust. I can't look at him any more. The vibrations from around my cock and from inside me are spreading up my spine. I'm going crazy. I click the next button and the toy vibrates faster. I thrust deeper.

"Ahh.. M-master.. Deidara.." I cry out as the waves of pleasure fill my whole body. "Please…Ahh.."

I don't know when he found himself right above me. He yanks at my hand pulling the vibrator out off me and tossing is aside. His lips devour mine and soon I feel his cock inside me.

He pulls me on his lap lifting my back to the sitting position never ceasing the kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. This position forces him even deeper inside me. I moan into the kiss moving my body instantly, thrusting against his dick.

"Somebody wanna ride, huh?" he speaks breaking the kiss.

"Master.. Ahh.. Yeah.."

"Since you gave me such a good show.."

He lays on his back. I place my palms on his chest and ride him faster moving my body up and down, forcing him as deep as possible. The head of his cock is hitting my sweet spot constantly. The pleasure's driving me insane.

He pulls me down, capturing my lips again in passionate kiss. His hand sneaks to my dick and the next second I can feel even more vibrations. His hips are moving with mine, slamming against each other hard with every thrust. He grips my thight helping me move.

I'm going numb. My cock is throbbing painfully begging for release, but the rest of me never want it to stop. The longest it last the better the final blow will be.

I break the kiss moving to sitting position. Deidara's legs are bended and spread wide, feet standing on the floor for balance. I lean my hands on his knees, arching my back, and tilt my head backwards.

"Dei…" I can hear myself crying out. I'm reaching my limit. There's no way to go any faster or deeper. I'm ripped to shreds already. My mind is blown out.

Deidada makes me his art.

He reaches to remove the rings form me and begin to pump my aching cock fast.

After a moment I'm done. With the one deep thrust I release hard, shooting my seed all over Deidara's upper body. If it's only possible I bend backwards even more digging my nails in his knees. My lips are parted in inaudible moan as the flood of pure bliss fills my whole body from my hair to the toes, and my vision become white.

He follows me with the next thrust. I can feel him releasing inside me, filling me to the brim. He thrust a couple more times, moaning and digging his nails in my tights.

I collapse on top of him not bothering to pull his dick out of me. I feel so complete with him inside, I could stay like this and sleep. I couldn't care less about everything around. Even if somebody went to the room and saw us like this. This thought make me smile.

They should envy me…

"See.." Deidara speaks after a while, "you just needed to say it. Hmm."