Deidara grabs the knife, not giving me the chance to think about it, and runs its tip slowly and gently down my neck.

My body tenses again and my senses become sharp, as if anticipating some danger.

He makes me stand on the floor.

"Since you already destroyed it, hmm, I don't think you would need it anymore, anyway," Deidara says and with one quick move cuts all the way through my dress. I stay motionless as he rips it from my body, alongside every other part of my outfit, leaving me just in my shoes.

Surprisingly, he didn't even grazes me, though his moves seem rather frantic. But something tells me that he's not finished with that knife yet.

I become convinced that I was right a second later. Deidara looks into my eyes with a sadistic glimpse, pressing the tip of the blade to my neck again. This time a bit harder. I can hear the strong beating of my heart echoing in my ears.

"I'm glad you're not turned yourself completely into wood yet.." he whispers, increasing the pressure.

I shiver wondering what he's going to do. My body seems to become hotter in an instant, meeting the cold blade. I absentmindedly tilt my head a little backwards. He must have taken it as an invitation for his smirk become more devious. I can see the hunger in his eyes is growing.

He's like a hunter. A wild animal having its pray cornered, and absolutely on his mercy. And I am his pray. He can do whatever he wants to me. He's in charge. Oddly I find this situation exciting. He could kill me right now. One good move and I'm just a memory. Surprisingly, I don't care. I would if it was any other person. Well, nobody else would have me in this position, anyway. But with him it's different. A mixture of strong sensations is boiling inside me. But there's no fear among them. Just pure excitement and curiosity of what will happen next. It's like.. I trust him. Even though it seems like a test. Like he wants to see when I break. After what I've done with Itachi I should be afraid. I shouldn't trust him. I see it in his eyes. This small glimpse. I can feel goose bumps appearing on my skin.

He's dangerous and unpredictable. He kills without a blink of an eye. He's a member of the infamous Akatsuki, after all. But something deep within me tells me that I'm safe. As long as I want to believe it's true. Here, vulnerable and with the sharp blade pointed at my neck, inches away from the vital point under which the main vein is pumping my blood faster and faster. I'm safe. But restless nonetheless.

I can feel the tip of the knife sinking into my flesh ever so slightly, accompanied by a shot of an inching pain and a wave of strange impulses crawling under my skin. I inhale sharply, never breaking the eye contact. There's a storm in his eyes. Dangerous. Wicked. And I feel like I'll be torn apart by it if I turn my gaze away.

The blade is moving down. Slowly. Tearing my delicate skin. My body freeze, not daring to move even an inch. I'm hot all over. How is he doing it? Every time he has me like this it's like he's transferring his vision of art into me. There's one big volcano inside me right now. The hotness is spreading into all my living cells in a flash. I can feel the endorphin cascade running through all my body. I can feel every fibre of my muscles trembling.

Time seems to stop. Space disappear, and it's only the two of us. I can feel the hot, and cold at the same time, trickle running down my neck. It brushes against my heart box making me shiver. I straighten some more as another wave of pleasurable excitement going though me, causing more goose bumps on my skin. My heart beats so fast that it seems to not beat at all. Everything merges together in a messy lump.

The blade go lower, meeting my collarbone. I'm still looking at him, but my eyes are hazy. My mouth is gaped as I'm trying to take some air into my lungs, but at the same time it seems that I'm not breathing at all. The sweet, metallic smell reaches my nostrils, making me dizzy.

I can feel more of the living liquid escapes my veins and the inching trickle meets my crotch. I shiver yet again feeling the remaining blood gather under the sensitive skin. The trickle parts. Some of it runs down my leg, tickling me lightly. Some falls down on he floor.

My senses seem to be sharpen than ever for I can hear it clearly as the drop meets the ground beneath me. It rings in my ears like a bell.

The blade leaves the shallow wound. My head falls slightly forward as I still look into Deidara's eyes. I take a few quick, shallow breaths like it was the first and best opportunity to take some oxygen. Deidara moves the knife to his mouth and lick my blood form it shamelessly. Another quivering wave of excitement runs down my body. It seems that I'm oversensitive right now.

My neck hurts. But this pain makes me feel more pleasure. The natural painkillers in my body has been fighting well, starting giving me a high.

I suddenly crave for the sharp blade in my flesh again. To push my body to its limits, to squeeze as many euphoric molecules as possible.

I guess the blood-loss did this to my brain.

Deidara doesn't seem to be interested with the knife any more, though, as he throws it away carelessly, giving me the same strange look again. The blade ends up in the opposite wall, when he presses his bloodstained lips to mine. I can taste the iron as he shoves his tongue into my mouth. It makes me feel nauseous, but I can't move back as Deidara's hand at the back of my head is holding me in place. I begin to return the kiss.

My head is spinning.

I feel strangely and disgustingly good. A new wave of mixed sensations runs up and down my body with every move of Deidara's tongue against mine.

After a few minutes of breathtaking kiss, his tongue leaves my mouth and trails down my neck, caressing the fresh wound. He then proceeds to move lower, licking the life-giving liquid form my hot skin. I can feel the tongue from his palm-mouth touching my leg, running up, collecting the blood that went there.

My whole body tense with anticipation. He's coming closer to his goal.

I grip the edge of the top of the cupboard firmly, feeling his skilful tongue running around the head of my dick. He sucks at it hard, making my senses go numb again. I can feel nothing but my throbbing cock in Deidara's mouth. I don't even know how I'm even standing on my feet anymore. The mouth from his palm sucks at my balls, swirling its tongue around them occasionally.

My head falls backwards. Loud pleasurable moans leave my mouth every second. The louder I cry out the harder he's sucking me off.

I feel I'm reaching my peak again this day. He seems to notice, as he moves his hand along my shaft alongside his mouth around the head, frantically fast.

I come the second later, releasing hardly in his mouth.

"Ah.. Deidara.." I pant, trying to express how good it was.

He doesn't let me finish, though, pulling at my hand and lifting me up, lying me on my back on the table.

I can rest a bit. I'm trying to make myself aware of the rest of my body again, as it seems like it has evaporated and now is condensing again, coming back to me slowly.

"I'm not finished with you yet. Hmm," he says before disappearing from my sight for a moment.

When he's back I can feel a soft touch of fabric on my face and my sight is taken away from me. In the darkness that surrounds me right now my other senses become sharper. I can feel Deidara's hot breath near my ear and he whispers into it.

"I'm gonna make you come so many times you'll pass out."

I shiver at these words. My consciousness is back in a flash, and I am suddenly aware of every part of my body.

He moves away again. A creaking sound reaches my ears and the next thing I can feel is Deidara straddling my thighs.

He's sitting there motionless for a few seconds. He must be enjoying the situation, making me do the thing I hate the most – wait. And being unable to see him I can't even know what to expect. I'm fully regenerated, every second of this stillness is making my muscles contract and relax in pulses. I can feel them all. In this darkness I can almost see all the impulses rushing between my neurons at the speed of light.

Suddenly I can feel something cold touching my arm, running up form the elbow to shoulder.

I tense. There's no vision of twinkling nerve cells anymore. There's no vision at all. Just touch and hearing.

"You seemed to like the little cutting session, hmm," Deidara says. I can hear smirking in his voice.

"How about we go on with it?" he continues, running the blade alongside my collarbones, but still gently, not even grazing me.

My whole body becomes extra sensitive again. I'm trying to predict further path of the knife though it's rather pointless.

All of a sudden, I can't feel it anymore.

This waiting again.

I open my mouth to say something and this very second I can feel coldness on my heart box.

I freeze.

If he cuts there I'm afraid the usual bandage won't be enough to help me.

I can't bring myself to say anything though. This feeling of safety is crawling under my skin somewhere. Too fleeting to catch it, and too strong to deny it. I don't even think about what exactly gives me the right to cling to this feeling anymore.

I'm waiting for Deidara's next move. In my darkness.

He slowly runs the blade across my weak spot.

I'm so vulnerable. I don't dare to move an inch. I'm not sure if I'm even breathing anymore.

After a while, that seemed to have lasted for ages, the cold metal leaves the surface of my heart box. I let a small breath of relief leave my mouth.

I know it's not over yet though. It barely even started.

In the heavy silence my heart pounding so loud that I feel I could go deaf because of it.

I can feel something soft touching my hip. It must be Deidara's hand. He runs the tip of his fingers across my abdomen to the other hip. Goose bumps blooming on path of his touch.

And then he presses his hand strongly to my body, pinning me to the table.

A loud hiss leaves my dry mouth next second. The sudden sharp pain hits me from around my hipbone. The place that was just a while ago touched so gently is now the source of an unpleasant feeling.

The blade leaves my flesh. It's just a shallow cut, I'm sure, but with my body so sensitive as it is right now, it seems like a bigger wound. And it stings. The burning sensation radiates from the cut to the rest of my body.

Something is touching the graze. It's tickling.

The tongue.

It licks it for a while, keeping me somewhat distracted.

Deidara moves a bit meanwhile and the knife is running down my inner thigh.

My body become accustomed to the pain. It's self-defending mechanisms start to work again, more than ready from the last time.

Excitement grows inside me.

He increases the pressure.

The blade is sinking into my flesh again. This time it's different.

It still hurts but my body responds.

The quivering wave of heat radiates form the cuts and spread through my whole organism.

Another quick, shallow cut.

My body shakes slightly, uncontrollably. My head starts to spin.

I feel hot and cold by turns. Better with every second.

It's like having high fever. A body is exhausted having to fight the virus and mind becomes absent. It start to create it's own world to distract itself. It becomes delirious. High.

A drop of sweat runs down my temple, tickling my ear.

Another cut.

Everything merges together. My senses seem to mix.

In the lump of flesh, I seem to be right now, every sensation changes from pain to pleasure and then back again. A vicious cycle.

It feels so wonderful. Like nothing I've ever experienced.

"Aaahh.." a loud moan escapes me when I feel the cold blade touching the underside of my dick.

I didn't even notice how hard I became.

The ultra sensitive membrane covering the head of my cock intensifies every sensation.

I can feel the sharp tip of the knife pointed at the slit. It sinks in dangerously. Just a little bit.

I hold my breath.

My body is still in frenzy. I'm trying to comprehend the situation, but I'm not really able to do so.

The knife slides down my shaft, grazing my balls gently.

I exhale, relived, not feeling the coldness anywhere on my body.

I'm not able to calm down for a second though. Soon the blade is pointed under my chin.

Deidara runs it across my trembling lips.

Then I can hear the dull sound near my ear. I jump up a bit. I'm guessing he's stuck the knife in the table.

The coldness of the metal on my lips is quickly replaced with the hot breath and sweet soft skin.

I open my mouth immediately, letting him in.

My arms moving by themselves, wrapping around Deidara's neck. I entangle my fingers in his soft hair, making him move closer, deepening the kiss, that seems the most treasured caress in the world to me right now. He tastes like my desire.

I'm glad that I'm blindfolded. I don't have to distract myself with seeing. I can feel much more. With all my being I can feel Deidara. He lets me hold him like this.

It's different than usual.

I like it. Even though I can barely feel my body.

I hope he wasn't serious before. About me passing out.

Totally preoccupied with my upper body, I almost don't notice that meanwhile Deidara turned his attention to my dick, squeezing it tightly.

I moan into the kiss.

I think he does too, but it could be just echo in my ears.

It feels so good around my most sensitive area that my mind is trying to make me forget about the kiss and focus on my cock instead.

I moan once again feeling so strangely, tightly encircled.

I feels amazing.

Deidara sucks my tongue making my attention go back to the kiss.

I run my hands down his back, as far as I can reach, trying to hold him as close as possible.

My whole body is so extremely hot it seems like it's going to melt or explode any minute now. I have no idea where I get all this energy from. My chakra seems inexhaustible.

Another move around my cock makes me distracted again. But not so much to ponder about it too much. It just feel too good to do anything else than enjoying. Though I must admit it's far different form any other time.

Another muffed moan leaves my captured mouth. And this time I'm sure I hear Deidara moaning too.

I can feel his body moving against mine. He moves my arms, lying them on the table and holding them against the wooden surface.

I become more and more disorientated. My mind is still clouded.

A loud but muffed moan escaped Deidara and he parts his lips from mine.

Soon I can feel his shallow breath on my ear as he whispers, before moving up, to sitting position, I suppose.

"Now I know how you always felt… when I fucked you…"

My eyes fling open under the blindfold.

Is he…?

I can't wait. I make an attempt to get rid of the fabric that covers my eyes, but his strong grip on my wrists stops me.

"What do you want to see, hmm?" he asks not stopping his movements.

Oh gods! My imagination is making me crazy.

"Please.." I start trying to focus. It's not easy though with such a wonderful friction around my dick. "Please.. aah.. I want to see you… Dei.."

"Why?" he asks breathing heavily.

"Ooh.. Because it feels so damn good… when you… nnh.."


Why the hell is he doing it? Stop with these questions already.. Please. I'm beyond thinking about correct answers right now.

He still holds my hands though, so I'm trying to produce some coherent words.

"When you… areah.. riding me…"

His grip on my wrists loosens and I immediately take this chance to free one hand and rip off the blindfold.

The view that meets my eyes is beyond sexy.

Deidara on my lap, moving up and down with my dick up his ass. His body is covered with sweat, his face showing incredible pleasure. Eyes partly covered with eyelids, lips parted, and golden locks, still a bit wet, flowing down the toned torso, picking out well built muscles.

I could come right now.

I close my eyes and inhale deeply.

"What is it?... Don't you wanna look anymore…?"

I open my eyes again, a little bit calmer.

He smiles at me.

He's absolutely gorgeous. Amazingly sexy.

I can feel the pleasurable heat gathering closer and closer to my abdomen.

I can't hold myself any longer.

I gather my strength and move my body up to sitting position. My hands move to his buttocks, helping him move a bit.

He leans on my shoulder.

"Come for me… Sasori…" he whispers into my ear. "I want you to fill me up…"

I can feel my muscles clench. Deidara moves frantically fast, slamming his ass against my hips.

I do what he wants me to, shooting my load deep within him. His moves milking me completely.

A few thrusts later he meet me in the land of bliss. His muscles clamp around my cock incredibly tight, pulsing amazingly. Another wave of pleasure runs up my body.

I'm exhausted, but remain in the same position with my arms wrapped tightly around Deidara's waist.

He doesn't seem to mind, having his legs and arms encircling me as well.

I feel so warm inside. I wrap my arms around him a little tighter.

It feels so right. So good. Holding each other like this. I am not able to produce any logical thoughts right now. And I don't think like it's necessary. Only one though appears in my head, that if I could make any moment eternal, I'd choose this one.

Deidara finally moves his head, that was lying on my shoulder, and smirks.

"You still remain conscious…"

"Barely," I respond to that, lying my back on the table, a bit disappointed that it's impossible to make any moment last for ever.

"So…" he runs his fingers across my heart box.

"You got to be kidding me…"

I wouldn't have thought that I would ever disagree with him in that matter. But I really am at the verge of passing out. The day was a bit tiresome, after all.

We finally reach an agreement that it's high time to get some sleep. He is tired as well, I can see it, though he's trying to play tough.

Fortunately Deidara has already made the bed.

One bed. And not very big one either.

"I didn't know you trusted me that much, hmm," he says when we both are lying on our backs, waiting for dream to come.

At first I don't realize what he's talking about, due to my exhaustion, but it finally comes to me.

I give him a quick look, that should be a glare if I had more energy. That brat… I won't let him think like he sees right through me.

"You're my battle partner, of course I trust you. I couldn't cooperate with you if I didn't."

He looks at me for a minute, as if he is about to say something, but he remains silent. His eyes become… sad? Or maybe it's just tiredness.

"Yeah.." He rolls to his other side, his back to me. "'Night."

My eyes linger over the bare skin on is back covered by a few long blond strands.

He's so perfect. So warm.

I can feel the heat radiating form his body even though we're not touching.

It's… nice. So welcoming.

I can't believe I never noticed. Maybe that's because we've never slept in one bed before. It's become our routine; sex and then we both got back to our own rooms. Sleeping alone.

So what if I trust you? Do I really? Was that a test with that knife?

I finally get to the temptation and move closer, burying my face in the soft hair. I like his scent after our moments of passion. Vanilla, lemons, and musk.

My hand sneaks to his front.

"'Night," I reply.

In a minute I can feel his fingers entangling with mine. He moves my hand to his face and kiss my fingertips gently. For a moment I feel like withdrawing them, but I don't. I can feel his lips curve into a small smile as I snuggle a bit more into his back.

I could get used to it…

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