Title: Gravity
Continuation of "Slide"
Author: Jesse
Contact: chartreux...
Rated: PG
Summary: Seven and the Doctor talk.
Codes: Angsty D/7, implied C/7 :op
Author's Notes: Canon written. I am NOT a C/7er.
Recommendation: You may need to read "Slide" to really understand this continuation.
Disclaimers: Voyager sucks.


The Doctor hovered over his patient in Sickbay, immersed in thought. When he was sure he had gone over every possible cure, he finally arrived at a decision and administered his treatment. Giving the lieutenant a beaming smile, he sent her on his way.

As he turned to the door, Seven came walking through it. If this had been several months ago, he would have been elated at her visit. But this was now, and he was not excited to see her.

He feigned a smile. "Hello, Seven. What can I do for you?" He distracted himself by organizing his work tray.

Seven hesitated before speaking. She licked her lips nervously. "I have begun to notice the loss of your company, Doctor. I was wondering if you would join me for some Holodeck recreation later today."

The Doctor looked up at her. He furrowed his brow in suspicion. "I don't know, Seven. I'm quite busy..."

She stepped forward, and looked at him with what seemed like desperation. "Please, Doctor."

He sighed, realizing full well that he could never say no to her. "Alright. What time?"

She appeared to relax, but did not smile. "Is 1900 to your satisfaction?"

He nodded. "I'll be there."

"Thank you," she stated, before turning on her heel and exiting Sickbay.

The Doctor watched her leave, unsure of what had just occured. He pursed his lips and wondered if maybe Seven was having second thoughts about Chakotay. He knew he shouldn't hope, but sometimes, when it came to Seven, he just couldn't help himself.


He didn't know what kind of program she would be running, so the Doctor arrived at the holodeck in his uniform. He paused at the doors for a few seconds to organize his thoughts before entering.

He was only mildly surprised to find Tom's Sandrines program running. He looked around, finding himself immersed in bittersweet memories. He spotted Seven sitting at a table in the corner, and went to join her.

She rose as he approached. "Doctor," she nodded, before taking her seat.

"Hello Seven," he said, sitting down. "Sandrines?"

Seven smiled slightly and looked around. "I thought someplace familiar might be of more comfort."

The Doctor nodded, not quite understanding what Seven meant. He decided to forgo the interrogation. "I haven't seen you in a while. Tell me what's new."

"New?" She seemed slightly taken aback by the question. "Nothing is new. Is something new with you?"

The Doctor's face fell at her inability to communicate. "No, I don't suppose there is," he sighed.

An awkward silence separated them for several minutes before the Doctor couldn't take it any longer. He stared across at her. "Look, Seven. This obviously isn't going too well. Did you ask me here for a reason?"

Her blue eyes widened, a pained look crossing them for a fleeting second. She blinked and looked down at her hands. "I miss your company," she whispered.

The Doctor's face softened and he sat back sadly. "I miss you too, Seven."

She met his eyes and smiled. "We were friends once. A difference in feelings shouldn't keep good friends apart. Chakotay told me that."

The Doctor's face went blank, and he swallowed heavily. More than anything, he wanted to be around Seven. But he just wasn't sure he could do that in this case.

"I'm sorry. I can't do this."

Seven tilted her head in confusion. "I don't understand."

"I know, Seven," he sighed, "and that's the problem." He leaned forward and took her hands in his own. "I love you. But you don't love me. I can accept that. But it hurts too much to be around you." He licked his lips and shook his head slowly. "And I don't want your pity."

Seven's face became a blank slate. Her eyes dulled at his words. She didn't say a word.

"I'm sorry, Seven. More than you'll ever know." He gently lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it softly. "Goodnight," he said, rising from his chair and making his way out of the holodeck. He didn't look back, but he knew Seven had not watched him go.