Over the Hedge Beginnings: RJ

Disclaimer: I do not own Over the Hedge in any way; DreamWorks owns the movie and the comic strip characters are the property of Michael Fry and T Lewis. All original characters belong to me.

Note: Hello again fellow readers and Over the Hedge fans! Come May 19, 2016, Over the Hedge will turn 10 years old. Because I had such a great time revising the OTH Soulmates Trilogy, and want to commemorate the anniversary of my (and apparently many other peoples') favorite animated movie of all time, I have updated and revised this story as well. As with the Soulmates Trilogy, only additional dialogue, "scenes," and descriptions, have been made and typos corrected. Don't expect any new plot elements to emerge.

Chapter 1: A Walk In The Woods

In a forest in Montana, a male raccoon and his pregnant mate are taking a walk back home after visiting the female's parents and sister. The male raccoon is named Rogan, and his mate is Sarah.

Rogan and Sarah have brown fur, along with white fur covering their ventral side. Rogan has ocean-green eyes and a vertical black stripe down his back while Sarah has blue eyes and no stripe.

Sarah: "Let's stop here and rest for a minute, honey."

Rogan: "Alright, sweetie."

They both find a soft bed of grass to lie back on. After a minute, Rogan talks to his mate.

Rogan: "I can't wait to be a daddy! I'm so excited, Sarah!"

Sarah (smiling): "Yeah! I can't wait to be a mommy!"

Rogan: "Your sister seems more excited to become an aunt than you are to become a mother."

Sarah: "Lauren can be excited because she doesn't have a nine month old kit or kits inside of her. I just wish it wasn't such a killer on my back to be pregnant. I mean, I can't walk for five minutes without having to catch my breath."

Rogan: "You're still beautiful, though."

Sarah (giggling): "You're such a smoothie, Rogan."

Rogan (smiling): "Come here."

They fall into a deep kiss on their lips. Suddenly, Sarah feels the baby inside of her move.

Sarah (breaks away from kiss): "Oh! The baby's kicking, Rogan!"

Rogan eagerly puts his head on Sarah's large belly where he does feel his unborn child kicking.

Rogan: "It's such a wonderful thing to know that you're gonna be a parent and start your own family."

Sarah: "We need to think of a name for it."

Rogan (pulls head away from Sarah's belly): "Hey…! Don't call our baby 'it', that's not humane."

Sarah (shrugs): "Sorry…"

Rogan (grinning): "I'm just teasing!"

Sarah (grins back): "I know, Rogan. If she's a girl I wanna name her…hmmmmm…Rebecca. If there's another girl I'll call her Rosy. And if we have a third girl, I'll just play it by ear.

Rogan: "If he's a boy, I think I'll just name him Jr., Rogan Jr. And if there's another boy he'll be Rogan III." (Smiles)

Sarah: "That's not very creative. At least mine's original."

Rogan: "We had a deal, dear. You pick out any girl name you want and I pick out any boy name I want—no arguments."

Sarah (smiles and raises eye brows up and down fast): "I'm just teasing!"

Rogan (chuckles): "I love it when you crack the whip back at me." ("ooks at her more seriously) "I love everything about you Sarah. And whether our baby's a boy or girl, I'll love him or her."

Sarah: "I know, Rogan. That's how I love you too."

They fall into another deep kiss, which broken by the sound of thunder.

Rogan: "Uh-oh."

Sarah: "Oh dear."

Rogan: "Can you make it back home, Sarah?"

Sarah: "I'm not sure, Rogan."

Rogan (gets to his feet and talks as if giving a speech): "Well then, let's find a place to wade out the storm."

Sarah (getting up): "You sure, Rogan?"

Rogan: "Where's your sense of adventure, honey? We may be in a strange part of the forest, but we'll find shelter."

Sarah: "Alright my big, strong tour guide, lead the way."

They look around and spot a small alcove that is surrounded by trees that can keep water out.

Sarah: "There!"

Rogan: "I see it." (picks up Sarah bridal style and hurries into the alcove.)

They make it in just in time before a downpour follows shortly after. The alcove is big and beautiful. Rogan puts down Sarah and takes a look around to get a feel of the premises. He spots something sparkly. Rogan walks over and picks it up to find out that it's a ring. He takes it, but keeps it hidden from Sarah.

Sarah: "This is a really nice place."

Rogan (grinning with his hand behind his back): "Mm Hm!"

Sarah (looking at Rogan suspiciously): "What are you hiding?"

Rogan (sarcastically): "Me? Nothing…"

Sarah (giving Rogan a playful and seductive look): "Then what're ya holding back there?"

Rogan: "Only this…" (shows her the ring)

Sarah (gasps): "Aw, you don't have to…"

Rogan: "Why not? It's nowhere near as beautiful as you, but it'll be a great reminder of how much I love you, Sarah."

Sarah extends her hand and Rogan puts it on her middle finger. It's a perfect fit; not too big, but not too small.

Sarah: "Thank you, Rogan."

Rogan: "Your welcome…I love you Sarah."

Sarah: "And I love you too."