Over the Hedge Beginnings: RJ

Disclaimer: I don't own Over the Hedge in any way; DreamWorks owns the movie and the original characters are owned by Michael Fry and T Lewis.

Chapter 1: A Walk In The Woods

*Note: I originally wrote this story in mid November but I had to make a number of corrections.

In a forest in Montana, a male raccoon and his pregnant mate are taking a walk. The male raccoon is named Rogan, and his mate is Sarah.

Sarah: "Let's stop here and rest for a minute, honey."

Rogan: "Alright sweetie."

They both find a soft bed of grass to lie back on. After a minute, Rogan talks to his mate.

Rogan: "I can't wait to be a daddy! I'm so excited, Sarah!!"

Sarah (smiling): "Yeah! I can't wait to be a mommy! It's just a killer on my back to be pregnant. I mean, I can't walk for five minutes without having to catch my breath."

Rogan: "You're still beautiful, though."

Sarah (Giggling): "You're such a smoothie, Rogan."

Rogan (Smiling): "Come here."

They fall into a deep kiss on their lips. Suddenly, Sarah feels the baby inside of her move.

Sarah (Breaks away from kiss): "Oh! The baby's kicking, Rogan!!"

Rogan (Eagerly puts his head on Sarah's large belly where he does feel his unborn child kicking): "It's such a wonderful thing to know that you're gonna be a parent and start your own family."

Sarah: "We need to think of a name for it"

Rogan (Pulls head away from Sarah's belly): "Hey…! Don't call our baby 'it', that's not humane."

Sarah (Shrugs): "Sorry…"

Rogan (Grinning): "I'm just teasing!"

Sarah (Grins back): "I know, Rogan. If she's a girl I wanna name her…hmmmmm…Rosy."

Rogan: "If he's a boy, I think I'll just name him Jr., Rogan Jr…." (Smiles)

Sarah: "That's not very creative. At least mine's original."

Rogan: "We had a deal, dear. You pick out any girl name you want and I pick out any boy name I want-no arguments."

Sarah (Smiles and raises eye brows up and down fast): "I'm just teasing!"

Rogan (Chuckles): "I love it when you crack the whip back at me! (Looks at her more seriously) I love everything about you Sarah. And whether our baby's a boy or girl, I'll love him or her."

Sarah: "That's how I love you too."

They fall into another deep kiss.

The kiss is broken by the sound of thunder.

Rogan: "Uh-oh."

Sarah: "Oh dear."

Rogan: "Can you make it back home Sarah?"

Sarah: "I'm not sure, Rogan."

Rogan (Gets to his feet): "We'll just find a place to wade out the storm."

Sarah (Getting up): "Yeah."

They look around and spot a small alcove that is surrounded by trees that can keep water out.

Sarah: "There!"

Rogan: "I see it." (Picks up Sarah bridal style and hurries into the alcove.)

They make it in just in time before a down pour follows shortly after. The alcove is big and beautiful. Rogan puts down Sarah and takes a look around. He spots something sparkly. Rogan walks over and picks it up to find out that it's a ring. He takes it, but keeps it hidden from Sarah.

Sarah: "This is a really nice place."

Rogan (Grinning with his hand behind his back): "Mm Hm!"

Sarah (Looking at Rogan suspiciously): "What are you hiding?"

Rogan (Sarcastically): "Me? Nothing…"

Sarah (Giving Rogan a playful and seductive look): "Then what're ya holding back there?"

Rogan: "Only this…" (Shows her the ring)

Sarah (Gasps): "Aw, you don't have to…"

Rogan: "Why not? It's nowhere near as beautiful as you, but it'll be a great reminder of how much I love you, Sarah."

Sarah extends her hand and Rogan puts it on her middle finger. It's a perfect fit; not too big, but not too small.

Sarah: "Thank you Rogan."

Rogan: "Your welcome…I love you Sarah."

Sarah: "And I love you too."