FF Cost of Confession pt19 NC-17

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Adult content follows. Please do not read if not of age in your

"Very well, Captain." And the commlink ended. "It's alright everyone."
Kathryn put down her glass and waved her hands at the crowd. "It was
nothing, a minor power surge. Everything's fine, please stay, eat,
drink. Continue to enjoy yourselves." And she picked up her glass,
took a gulp, thinking just like two other people I know!


Joseph closed his eyes as he sat on the edge of the bed, feeling the
intimacy of warm skin as it smoothed across his back. From behind him
Annika's hands were exploring his chest, skimming down his chest
following the line of his hair as it darkly whorled down his stomach
to the band of his pyjama pants. She told him to proceed, but how was
he supposed to do that? He knew the mechanism of seduction, the way in
which it should be done, but the art was beyond him.

"Annik-" He was going to beg her, but his supplication was cut off by
the fullness of her mouth and the swift movement of her body as she
lay across his knees. Pressing herself against him, her nakedness hard
into his chest he knew he could no longer hide his arousal from her…
nor did he want to.

Answering her kiss, his hands slid up the curve of her back,
supporting her, feeling the static heat static of her skin against
his. His matrix quivered as she shifted under his hands. He held her,
exploring her mouth with his own, making her breathless and senseless.
His data stream cycled into a crescendo of white noise. She pressed
her breasts into him, a marshmallow softness moulding the shape of his
chest in contrast to the nubbins of her erect sensitive nipples. He
boldly slipped his hands to her hips spanning her roundness with his
fingers, squeezing and gripping her to him.

Breaking the kiss Seven huskily indicated his pyjama pants with a
lilting look. "This garment should be removed." Moving she knelt
before him, hands smoothing up his thighs to the pulsing heat of his
clothed erection. "Joseph?" She leant forward to kiss the jumping
muscles of his stomach as she snaked her hand into his pyjamas to
gently grasp his member. "Shall I assist you?"

The Doctor could not reply, his mind was fizzing with sensation. What
was she doing down there? Oh… It felt so good! In disbelief he
groaned, opening his eyes to look down on her. God only knew why Louis
Zimmerman made him anatomically correct! But who cared about that now!
She was caressing him. He could see the blurry outline of his penis
bobbing in her hands. Alternating strokes that carefully squeezed him
until he was almost overloading with strange and new sensations. This
was unbelievable! Why hadn't he done this before? He knew the answer,
because he had never trusted or loved anyone before. Not like this,
not enough for this to happen. Never would he have let anyone strip
him so bare… until her, until Seven of Nine, the woman he loved…
Annika Hansen wanted him back.

Seven's blond head dipped, he felt her breath puff out and then the
unbelievable sensation of her mouth… hot, so hot and soft, enclosing
his head. His thoughts screamed into one flat line of need as he
jerked in surprise, instantly she stopped and held him, looking up
into his face.

"I will go slower." She stated, noting his working chest. She adjusted
her ministrations, but it was almost too much. Seven paused until
Joseph wanted it all back in one almighty rush. Oh yes…. Yes… He
touched her head and trailed his fingers through her hair encouraging
her on. Oh yes, yes, yes!

A nervous thought flickered through his head, quelling some of the
pounding pleasure as she continued, her tongue doing things he could
hardly process. Was she comparing him to Chakotay? He licked at the
beads of sweat that had formed on his top lip. Would he ever live up
to the macho man's dimensions? How could he ever compare to the
over-experienced human male?

He opened his eyes again and watched as Seven, a smile playing about
her lips loved him. She was pale and voluptuous. Her breasts invited
his touch, sylph-like, an Aphrodite rising from the waves bathed in
alien starlight and he - He was behaving like a complete idiot! Did he
want to worship her or did he want her as a woman?

"Annika…" He managed to croak, grasping her hands in his. Pulling her
to him - off the imaginary pedestal he had put her on. Shedding his
pants, he took control. He pushed her back on the bed, her blond hair
fanning out about her head like a hazy amber sunset. "Finding your
heart…" He kissed her, moving down to suckle at her breasts. His voice
was muffled, vibrating against her smooth soft flesh, "is the surest
road to individuality…" He covered her waiting body with his, easing
her thighs open to lay between them, the heat of her sex hot against
his belly. His voice grown rough and broken, "And I have found it with
you Annika…"

"Join with me, Joseph." Her hands pulled him towards her. He complied,
his face masked in wonder.

He was so different, so right… there was no pain, discomfort or
unease. It was easy with Joseph… She trailed her hands over his
shoulders, neck, chest and taut backside lost in the satisfying
sensation of him. He did not feel so different from Chakotay, he felt
like a man, but there was something so fundamentally different about
the Doctor's way of loving her compared to the ex-Commanders and it
had nothing to do with his relative inexperience. It was the way he
was with her. She did not have to pretend with Joseph as she did with
Chakotay, there would never be any rebuke for any errors in her
behaviour. He loved her. Once she thought the word irrelevant, but its
truth had finally won out…. Love… it meant something. Joseph was
'loving' her now.

Her body was distracting her from her thoughts again. Coherence was
difficult. Primed her sensations took over; a climax was at her nerve
endings… tingling and waiting. Joseph had dropped his head on her
shoulder, grunting, shoving her hips back, speeding up, possessed, he
was getting close. Never in her wildest dreams could she have ever
imagined the Doctor like this. Lost in the wash and surge of gasps and
moans, moving to a timeless rhythm, face cast in deep inward
concentration, eyes closed and mouth agape. He was so exposed, so
different and so lost in her… as she was lost in him. "Annika!" His
voice choked. "Oh Anni…"

She soothed him, running her hands over his head and neck as he
pounded into her. He started to stiffen. She felt him loosen his hold
on the here and now, arching his back, face contorting. She felt her
own answering rise of pleasure building deep within, threatening to
burst at any moment… When he pushed into her one last time, lost,
completely lost, juddering, crying out her name, his whole body
glowing a sudden starburst of white-hot yellow she was cascaded into
the light too…

"Joseph…" She moaned finally opening her eyes, the light pulsing and
fading away. Catching his wide-eyed stare she clutched him in a panic,
Borg tubules escaping her augmented hand and inserting into his
matrix. "Joseph?"

"I-I'm fine," He breathed. "In the words of Tom Paris: 'wow!'" He
blinked out of his daze and gave her a lop-sided smile. "I believe…"
His gaze darted about for a moment, "I will have to run a diagnostic.
Yes, a long and very detailed diagnostic." He studied her face. "Are
you alright, Annika?" He touched her cheek lovingly, tracing the line
of the implant above her eye. "I didn't hurt you? I lost track of
you- I mean, was I… adequate?"

"You demonstrated the difference between 'to fuck' and 'to make love
to' very effectively, Joseph. And yes, I am functioning within my
normal parameters, thank you." Carefully he eased off her and snuggled
into her side. "However," She said, giving him pause to prop himself
up on an elbow and look down at her, his short hair sticking out at
all angles. "I believe we will need to repeat the experience to
ascertain how well you function in the future."

"Annika?" The Doctor whined his face collapsing into sadness. He knew
it! He had ruined it with his inexperience and need. "I'm sorry-" He
began, but her hand came up and fingers pressed his lips closed,
stopping him from speaking.

"Allow me to finish, Joseph." Seven smiled. "If you perform as well as
you did this evening I believe this ship's integrity maybe bought into

There was a long silent pause as her hand fell from his mouth. He
caught it and gripped it tightly, giving it a shaky squeeze. "Really?"
He said lightly, his voice betraying hidden emotion. He summoned up an
arch look, the corners of his mouth twitching. "I was that good?"

"My recollection is fading, Joseph." Seven pouted, "I believe we will
need to repeat the experience to ascertain the salient details."

"What if I resist?" He murmured, pulling her hand to his lips, his
mouth vibrating against the sensitive skin of her wrist.

"Joseph." Seven smiled, then playfully twirled a finger through his
chest hair, "I am Borg." She grabbed the back of his neck and pulled
his mouth to hers. "Resistance is futile."

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