The Porcelain Shepherd


Author's Note: Here's the 2 day of HYAVSC! (Have Yourself A Very Spanky Christmas) and my promptwas the word 'shepherd' so here it is! I hope you like it :) Please Review!


Teyla was sitting alone in her room, cooing over her baby, then Ronon came in with something in his hand...

"Hello Ronon," Teyla said.

"Hello Teyla, I have something for you...a gift...apparently that's what these people do this time of year," Ronon said passing Teyla his gift.

"Thank you Ronon, you should not have. Would you mind holding Torran?"

"Of course not," He said taking the sleeping baby, with a smile on his face.

Teyla opened the box, and what was inside was...

"A Porcelain Shepherd. Thank you Ronon it's beautiful," Teyla said, "and thank you for holding Torran."

"Your welcome," He said giving her a kiss on the forehead, "Goodnight...Teyla."




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