Written for the December/Holiday Prompts Challenge by Kavi Leighanna and sienna27. My prompt was The West Wing - Faith Based Initiative. Though this little fic doesn't have so much to do with the faith based, and a little more with the initiative.

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Christmas. Looking outside, she sighed silently. Still no snow. Everybody had been talking about it for days, the news reports told them of a cold front coming in – but it was nowhere to be found. It was depressing, to say the least.

She turned back to her desk, thinking of the paperwork that still needed to be completed. Holidays always made her a bit fidgety, and Christmas was no exception. This year, though, it was much worse. And it all had to do with the dark-haired man sitting alone in his office right now.

No doubt the last few weeks – hell, the last few months, if not the whole year – had been hard on him. She knew, the team knew, pretty much the entire BAU section of the FBI knew – but there was nothing they could really do.

Hotch wasn't the kind of person to share his grief with the world. He'd shown them a few tears in times of distress, and she knew that was much more than most people got, but that was it. He hadn't allowed them into his life, to help him heal.

She could understand. She'd always wanted to fight her own battles, too. If you didn't allow help, at least you didn't owe anyone.

She bit her lip. Now she was on the other side of the line.

She looked up dazedly as a wad of paper touched her head. Morgan. Sitting behind the desk across hers, he looked at her, a puzzled look on his face. Morgan had insisted Hotch keep his office. It was one of the things she liked so much about Morgan. That place was Hotch's, and no one else's.

"Anybody home there?"

Her eyes suddenly lit up. She grinned at his mischievously. "I have a plan..."


The next day, they all stood in front of his door. She was still amazed she had managed it, but once they told Garcia, the ball got rolling pretty quickly. After all, Garcia would be the first to accept such a plan.

"Thanks, guys, for coming," she told them softly, before they would go in.

Reid grinned at her, JJ winked, Morgan merely gave her a friendly push to the shoulder. She couldn't have wished for better colleagues.

She took a deep breath, then knocked on his door twice. She was hoping he was home; otherwise, the whole set-up had been for nothing.

Thankfully, after a moment, they heard the door being unlocked and then he stood there, in front of them. His little boy was on his hips; Emily couldn't help but think how adorable he was.

"Hi." She smiled at him, crossing her fingers behind her back. What if he wanted to be alone with his son this Christmas? What if he didn't even want them there?

But he greeted them back, stepped aside.

And let them in.